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New Premium Comic: Change your Mind + Easter Sale!

Hey there folks!

First Happy Easter for Everyone! I hope you all can settle down or just at least sow down for the weekend and spend more time with the things you enjoy the most! I also would like to add a little more to it by having an Easter Sale in the webshop! Grab your favorit comic for a lower price until 17.04.2017.!!!

Other great news is that my latest Premium comic is now up! Change your Mind  is something what I worked on for some time but I’m happy that it id finally out! A few month ago, I had the privilige to change some mails with the great Tainted Sins and because of that I thought I want to give away something what is more like him. In this thinking Change your Mind  was born. I really hope you guys gonna love it!

The summary: 
“It all started with a sleepover party. Or at least, it would have started with that if John, the older brother would let his little sister, Megan to have it at his place. But when he prohibits not just the sleepover night but also gets hard on her little sister, her friend, Amanda feels she needs to intervene. We learns that the young Amanda, is more than a kid, more than a human in fact. She “helps” John to change his mind in the most unique way as he could image by putting him into his own mind, where bad things starts to happen…”

Other than that, updates are still coming here to AgeArts just as well on my Patreon page, where you can get my comic: TimeReversal if you choose to suppot me at least for 7$! New ideas are coming there in the next week also as well as here!



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