New Premium Comic: “Bimbo Tales” – by bela04

Here it is! Something special I made in the last couple of months. Well… not all the time but it took me a while until I was done with it! I’ve done it at the top of my Bimbo inspiration but I decided to share it a little bit later. Lot’s of things happened in the last couple of month both in my personal life and both in my carrier as a Digital Artist. The Bimbo transformations were a huge impact in my personal development as an artist what I can’t deny! I created lots of comics in many forms what I decided to not share here, since I’m the only one on the site who is posting, and I don’t want to ass to much on the Bimbo Comics!
Your opinions, feedbacks and votes gave me a clue how to deal with all the stuff and thanks to that I know how I will handle the things! I can’t say enough how much your feedback means to me so keep them coming!

Thanks for that, I’m proudly announce that a New “SELFIE” will come in IRAY as a comics!!!! Whohooo!!! Is it will be a second part or a remake? Or a totally new tale? I haven’t decided yet but I will keep you updated!

But now, what we have here today is the “Bimbo Tales” ! What is it about? Let’s see the short Summary:

Probably the last Premium Bimbo Comic from bela04! In this one you can get the unadulterated bimbo experience, one of the best so far from bela04. In this three part story, we can follow four different girls short journey, who’s destiny will be the same. As they starts to work, study or even just know more about the secrets of this strange “magical” private university, they fate are already settled.

Cathy is a fresh member of the board what directs the University until she meets someone “special”.
Jenny is a freshman, a stork in the University who isn’t very popular in the community. She meets with a girl called KiKi who will be her best friend.
KiKi is the “School’s” slut but her newfound friendship with Jenny brightens her mind to a dark secret about herself.
Jade is a very successful Investigative reporter who is very close to find out the dark secrets of the University.”

I worked hard to put all my inspiration into these three short tale what I’ve already shared with the Patreon Supporters back in the day. Except the third part what is now added into this comic! This comic has no Age Regression or Age Progression in it, just pure Bimbo stuff with some sex! Hope you guys will like it!

More news coming this week, including new comics in AR/AP!



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