New Premium Comic – A Last of Us Tale – Joel’s Dream, now in the Shop!

Merry Christmas Boys & Girls!

I hope you all got what you wished for this year and are still having an excellent time with your loved ones! So don’t worry, I’m not going to hold you up too long, I’m just here to present to you our latest Premium Comic: A Last of Us Tale – Joel’s Dream!
Yes, it’s finally here! I know many of you waited for this for a long time, patiently and now you can put your hands on it!

This is one of those special projects, that I always wanted to make and it is not even the first version of it! I started to make it at least two times until I was finally happy with the result, of course it was necessary to get the most recent and good-looking models for the comic. I think I had possibly the best-looking outcome with this version.

I’m a real fan of the first part of the LOU and even though I’m not fully happy about the second part, I always wanted to change the dynamic between these two so we could get something that we always dreamed of.  The Ellie what we deserve, but we never get… So now, I present to you her – from my hand. GET IT HERE!

Story summary:

Joel and Ellie are on their way home, to  Jackson when they got attacked by a bloater. The two are unprepared to the sudden attack, but maybe not the bloater itself is their biggest problem. Joel’s worst (?) nightmare just about to take some interesting turn.

I can only hope, that all of you gonna enjoy this short idea of mine! And then again, have a wonderful end of the year! I’m logging out until next year! See you soon and a Happy New Year!




  • I have a few questions. What will the seller’s name appear as on the charge? Will it just say AgeArts, or something more discreet? Also, I thought the point of paypal was to be an independent third party for internet transactions; why am I required to provide AgeArts with my personal information as well? And finally, I’m curious as to whether any of the premium comics make use of mosaic censoring, as I much prefer more organic censoring such as is found in the recent Christmas Wish comic.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my questions.

    • Hi there Cheese!

      You’re not the first one who asks me this!
      So for everybody who has concerns about the online statement: What you’ll see on your statement is this:UKARTTHREE
      I updated again the checkout part so now you don’t need to add any address info just name and mail. Unfortunately, I need some Infos to my site as well.
      As for the censoring, I didn’t use any blur effect like on my recent free comics! 🙂

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