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New Comic Series: “The Bet”

Hellllooo on this hot Summer Day!

Or maybe it is just me, but I have to say I love being home! This 27°C is much more my type than the UK weather, but for work it is a little bit hot! But work is work, and till I’m doing what I’m happy
with it I’m just fine! 😉 Especially if it means I’m creating value for you guys.

So today, I’m starting a brand new series called: “The Bet” where we can see what is going on behind the scenes in our Age Changing Universe! Women and Men were always against each other, at least a little bit if we are talking about power, and todays world shakes it up a little bit!The bet!

In The Bet we can see how the things going in beetwean two colleague when they are disagree in a question: Which SEX is the truly leading figure in our society? Interesting question if you ask me and I’m sure lot of us could talk about it for hours to discuss this topic but today we try to turn the things into a funnier and AR/AP-er (is this a word?) road to see, what happens if two “god-like” human try to find out the true with changing people’s life!

So our Prologe and the First Short Part is up in the Gallery! Check it out and leave a comment!


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