New Comic + Sales in the Store!

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Hello my dear Friends!

I’m here again to bring you some news! First of all I have a new tales for the ones who are not following me on Patreon, a comic what had been released there before. It’s now available here on AgeArts as well and it’s called: “Unexpected changes”. Something I played with back in the day and could be called the first Dfroce comic I made in my life. If you are in to AR & AP in a slow way… well I’m sure you’ll like this one! Check it out in the gallery!

Other news is that I’m having a little sale in the store so if you like something what you couldn’t buy before, now your chance is here. I made most of the new comics off at least 50% so you can browse from those stuff if you like what I’m doing.
Now let’s talk about some of the progress. As you can see Lost is really thriving and give us many many new tales what makes the AR/AP community richer and as far as I can see you guys like the new stories so I’m happy for him and for everyone else. On my end, I’m working on some new tales and experimenting. I would like to relese a new short comic myself this month but I have some technical difficulties – mostly hardware – what stops me to continue many of my work. I can only work in a slow process, but I’m almost sure that a new comic will land on my Patreon page this week.
I have a really… strange 2019 behind me so far. I’m curious what will the future bring to see how things will work out. Our collab work with Lost is also in progress, mainly this is the one what is my priority. I’ve also started to work on some ideas mentioned in the forum just as some fresh and long waited ideas from the creator group. I would love to say release dates but seeing where I stand now… I think I’ll have this difficulties for at least a month…

But keep it up I’ll do my best and bring you some new stuff as soon as I can! Thank you! 🙂




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