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New Comic in the Gallery and a new Author on AgeArts!

Another day, another comic!Mom

Mindswitch  is one of the patreon comics what was posted a month ago on Patreon for those who are supporting me! Now you can find it in the gallery! Mindswitch is a little and cute short story about a daughter who though she could be an independet “woman” who can decide her own fate. But what if Daddy has some other plans?

The second comic is a really fresh one with 3 pages! Instagram  is just a short story about a sudden change where are sisters stand against each other!
Also we have a new story from one of my favourite author: TGTrinity !
Those who are into TG stories may be familiar with TGTrinity’s work. You can find most of his stories on the BigCloset  site where you can read a huge amount of great stories from his pen! In the last couple of month I was lucky enough to speak with Trinity a lot and we could also make a great deal and gave me the opportunity to make covers for his stories, as I mentioned it on my Patreon  site!

Now he honored me that as part of the growing community of AgeArts, I can publish some of his exclusive work for the site! There will be 3 stories coming up and the first is an AR story just for us!

You can find Mom Jeans  on the Stories site!



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