New comic: “Growing up”

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Well hello everybody!

It’s been a while again but I’m still here, but it looks like the spring dreaming got me and made me a little slower than usual! But as always nothing stopped, in the background comics are happening… even if it is slower than usual. I had a little bit smaller time than usual to create and think what to do next.
But I’m here to give you a new tale, which is different a little than the usual. It’s more like an emotional drive what maybe a few of us experienced during our life. I wanted to make something more “life-like” even if it happens in a strange way! But as always, it’s on you to decide how much you like it. It is definitely a darker comic with a depressing feel and humiliation so it’s not for everyone!

Other news is, if you experience that you can’t find TGTrinity’s comics in the gallery, the error is NOT in your computer! TGTrinity searched for me in the last couple of days and he asked me to remove the comics from here. The reason is that Trinity wants to try something new in the AR/AP scene what is different than the comics here and wants to start to make it with a new, clean sheet. I won’t stand in the way of creativity even if I do this with a sad heart, I’ll do it as he asked!

The site starts to pull itself together, however I still see some big problems what is under constructions, so don’t worry! See you soon!



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