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New comic: “Clap” by BLZBub

Hellooooo Every AgeArter!

Welcome back on this lazy Sunday. Many things going on around my personal life, but as you can see I try to be around and answer your questions, write in the forum and of course post some comics as well! 🙂 I have to say I’ve got very good ideas what moved my mind, I just only hope I’ll find the time to make some of them so I can present them to you!

One day I’ve got this shot idea from a picture where a little girl was clapping and I thought: “I should make a comic revolved around this… I think I can do it!” . So I did it and with the great help of BLZBub, the tale got a nice story and “Clap” was born. I saw all the comments under “Changes” and I’m very happy that you loved the short tales, I want to thank again for the great feedback. I thought if you are an old time follower of me, you gonna enjoy “Clap” very much since it touches my old days when I started to make comics: simple, focusing only on the change.

In this one you can mostly witness the AR transform but I’m sure many of you will find it very familiar to the DA days! Enjoy and see you soon!


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