My Puberty Transformation (Epilogue)

Hey boys,

I think this will be my final update before moving to JustFans. I say this because my transformation is finally complete!

Puberty worked her magic on me, and now I have achieved my peak adult body.

Feast your eyes on the new me, and welcome your new sex goddess!

As you can tell, I had one last big growth spurt since my last update. Turns out puberty wasn’t done with me yet… she helped me grow another couple more inches, and she made my body even stronger and fitter!

And of course, I hope you’re getting hard at my enhanced tits and ass… I can’t believe it, but somehow they’ve swelled even larger.

My breasts are so large and painful, and my booty has become perfect! I guess this is what a peak adult body looks like…

Cardi B has got nothing on me lol. Black girls tend to have the horniest bodies, but puberty has given me the beauty and body to conquer the world! There’s no way men can resist me!

Just for fun, I thought I’d try on my old school uniform to see how much I’ve grown. But actually, I think the outfit now looks really sexy on me:

Can you believe how great my ass is? This skirt used to go down to my shins – now they show off every inch of my incredible legs, hips, and ass! Maybe I’ll wear this little outfit to school next week… help some of my younger classmates hit their sexual awakening!

Plus here’s a t-shirt I used to wear when I was a little kid and just starting these posts.

Hard to believe I used to be that small and have gotten so big in only a couple weeks.

So what do you think of my final form? I’ve grown so much over the last few weeks – I’m completely unrecognisable from that excited little girl who started this thread all that time ago!

She grew up. She filled out. Her body grew gleefully and reacted beautifully to all those sex hormones coursing through her veins.

Wouldn’t you agree? What do you think of the woman I’ve turned into? Do you like me? Do you want me?

Mom is sooooo jealous of the woman I’ve become! She’s nothing compared to me lol. I tower over the poor woman, and my growing body has already ripped through all of her old lingerie. Even my full womanly breasts put hers to shame.

And I’m so much fitter and stronger than she ever was in her prime – even better than her Sports Photographed days. I couldn’t have wished for a hotter body!

My hormones are starting to calm down too. Yes, I still need to get fucked right away… but I’m better to control my urges now – thank god! Besides, now that I have a woman’s body I have other goals and priorities…

‘OMG, you’re beautiful as a teenager, but you’re stunning as a woman! And, you know, you could use your body to gain some money, you understand what I’m talking about… 😏😏😏’

Why thank you Bigmc89! I have grown beautifully, haven’t I? Well, of course I intend to use this body to make a living, but I’m not going to be some prostitute! I’m definitely going to be a slut (I mean, how can I not be when I look like this) But I have more business sense than that haha.

‘Before you start to have sex, do you ever think to use sex toys to learn something about? Have you ever seen something about sex on internet? Are you interested in sex with more than one person at the same time? Have you ever thought about have sex with women?’

Oooo, you’re asking the kinds of questions I like bad boy. But yeah, I’ve been obsessed with internet porn since puberty triggered my boobs to start growing… and as for sex toys, I’ll let this pic answer your question

Hopefully I won’t need to use it for much longer now that men are queuing up to jam their cocks in me!

‘Listen to me, forget about these kids, you need a real man to know all the pleasure about adulthood, but you’ll be addicted to this without my knowledge and experience. I’ll let you control your emotions and feelings to use them to your advantage, you’ll be in dominance with sex, you’ll become every man and every woman’s dream. They will want you, THEY WILL DESIRE YOU.

‘You have to do only one thing: say me ‘yes’ and hang on my lips. What’s your choice?’

Well that’s quite an offer… would you like me to be your business partner in this? A business partner you get to dick down and fuck on the side? 😉

My answer to your proposition is… maybe 😜I’ll need to think about it.

Truthfully though, there’s already a guy I want to own and possess me… Brutus baby I can’t wait until we’re together. All those things you’ve said to me are making me so hot and horny. I want you to do all those things to me and more… but there’s one thing in particular you said that I want to focus on;

‘And if you become pregnant…just imagine how beautiful our daughter will be and what she will someday become!’

OMG Brutus… I’m choking up… I’ve only been grown a few days and you already want to make me a mother? That’s so sexy!

Don’t you want to give me a baby? I mean, just look at these wide, child-bearing hips. I was made to carry your child:

Keep jerking for me baby. Soon you won’t need to use your hand, you can use my tight virgin pussy to help you cum. Don’t stop stroking, keep tugging that huge manly cock. God I want it so bad. I want you to rip off my clothes and fuck me without mercy. Don’t worry about hurting me, just pump me until you explode inside me and give me all your seed!

I badly want you to put a baby between my hips. I’m extremely fertile now and my body was made to be bred! Just look at this fitness and these proportions!

Mom had me soon after her transformation. Turns out guys just couldn’t keep their hands of her after she hit puberty and dad couldn’t wait to knock her up as soon as he could. With a body like this, I think my experience will be the same!

After puberty, a woman’s body is at its peak and stays there for a few years. I’ll never be so fit, beautiful, and fertile ever again. That’s why I want a baby now, so I can give birth to a healthy child able to grow up perfectly like me!

You’ve gotten me so hot Brutus… I can’t wait to meet you IRL. And if you’re really as much of a stud as you claim to be, then we’ll definitely be fucking and I’ll seriously consider having your babies. And if you get me pregnant, just remember that it’ll trigger my breasts to grow even bigger – I’ll become even more of a goddess for you xxx

‘An amazing transformation so far, can’t wait to see the end results. Any updates on your cousin and how she is turning out or any of your other friends or classmates? Was also curious if anyone ever swaps genders during this accelerated puberty or is there a different process for those who wish to transition.’

Thanks galaxyhammer. I hope this woman was worth the wait. What do you think of me now? 😉

As for my cousin, she’s doing awesome! She’s already got tonns of modeling gigs lined up, and she’s offered to help me get started in the industry too. Obviously she could see my pretty big ‘potential’ haha.

Funny you should mention gender-swappers… it’s rare of course but it does sometimes happen that a little boy will grow into a gorgeous bombshell of a woman, or a little girl will transform and bulk into a fully grown man.

Maybe someday a gender-swapper will think about posting their story here… would you like that galaxyhammer?

‘It’s really crazy how your body has evolved. and with pain I hope that the sequel will be very painful.
You should try some cream to apply to your breasts, maybe it will make them grow more intensely.

‘Also, you should take some cream and put some of your DNA and pass it on to your best friend… Maybe its growth will be more intense and painful.
I hope your growth goes wonderfully and try to share this experience with your friend maybe her breasts will grow more painfully.

‘You are and will remain the best. Kisses’

Haha thanks Erze, though I think my tits have grown to a perfect size already, don’t you think?

As for helping my friends to grow up like me… you bet your cock I will! I’m not sure donating my DNA to them will help them become as hot as me… but I’m willing to try!

And you best believe I’ll be encouraging my classmates to post their puberty transformation stories here too! Sharing my body’s growth from little girl to sex goddess with you guys has been just incredible. At first, it was an amazing boost to my confidence to see fully grown men tell me how beautiful I was becoming, then it made me so frustrated and horny to hear how you guys were furiously masturbating to my body’s growth and falling in love with the sex goddess I’ve become. Seriously, I won’t forget these last few weeks for the rest of my life!

Boys, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m so grateful to Bela for letting me post my story here and I feel I should apologise to you guys as well because I’m kinda the reason Bela didn’t post for a while… he’s been so distracted by my development and was obsessed with my teenage and adult body. Good thing is he’s back now and should be posting more hot and sexy content for you guys in the future.

Still, you guys need to look me up on JustFans – you can find me under ‘queen_b_sexy_bexy’. You can look forward to my first video, which should be Brutus taking my virginity and filling my newly adult body with his cum…

Bexy signing out – I’ll see you boys real soon!

Oh and one last picture of me before I go… hopefully this will keep you boys busy until my big debut… just imagine that we’re in bed together, you’ve ripped off my panties and now I’m about to let you cum inside…

And if you want to see the uncensored versions of these photos… remember to find me on JustFans 😉

Love Bexy xxx



  • Oh yeah Baby, you turned beautifully!

    I’ll be around to pick up very soon, just wait and until I get you into my bed tonight…you’ve been a good girl and I’m going treat you to hours of tantric sex and I will have you screaming the top of your lungs in pleasure as I fill you up with my baby batter!

    I’m heading out now,.
    See you soon my Queen, your King is on his way!


  • Yes definitely worth the wait, you turned out so gorgeous and sexy. It seems like you already have your fair share of suitors so I don’t mind following you and your cousin’s modeling careers from the sidelines.

    I would very much like to see a gender swapper posting their story. Definitely would offer my support to any boy or girl going through that process especially given the rarity of the situation. Probably harder to relate to.

    Whatever the situation I am happy to help. You, your cousin or anyone else is welcome at my place for cuddles and coffee and whatever else might we might stir up.

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