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My Puberty Transformation (4)

Boys, my transformation is almost complete…

I had another huge growth spurt last night and, well, it turned me into this:

I can’t describe how incredible I feel. The power, the boundless energy, the raw sex appeal… puberty has turned me into a goddess!

I mean just look at me! That perfect face, piercing blue eyes, generous heaving breasts… I have cleavage now, really DEEP cleavage thanks to these new ‘enhancements’ haha.

Just imagine how good these look out of my bra:

God, I feel so sexy! These hormones are making me so hot and horny all the time… and they’re still forcing my body to grow and enhance… I can feel my body tightening, my muscles bulging, and my breasts constantly growing even as I write this update! I’m about to reach my peak soon, I can feel it! But I can’t wait any longer! Grrrrr, somebody fuck me please!

In case you’re wondering – yes, I’ve completely outgrown Mom now – in every department and much to her annoyance. She hoped that I’d be able to live in her hand-me-downs, but my growing body had other ideas!

On the same day I posted my last update, my butt (let’s be honest though, I’ve grown a real woman’s ‘ass’ now) went through a massive growth spurt. I was wearing some of Mom’s old shorts when I felt my lower body began to quiver and shake. It took me completely by surprise and I screamed out in ecstasy as my waist caved in and my hips spread out to incredible new womanly proportions!

My body was maturing, growing fitter and stronger. My hips and legs were getting built up with some powerful, but feminine muscles. All my puppy fat started melting away and my body became extremely toned and athletic. I really felt the changes on my face as well, and I really love how mature and beautiful I’ve become:

Then my ass cheeks felt like they were on fire and, sure enough, they started exploding with growth. They greedily gobbled up my Mom’s shorts like they were groceries, and they finally snapped apart as my hips widened again. I was left only wearing my panties, which were soaking wet with my juices. It was painful, but I was also so aroused by the change… if you’d been in the room to watch me grow, your view would’ve been something like this:

I definitely need to buy some new panties, or maybe a thong so I can show off my new assets. What do you guys think? Xx

Plus you may have noticed my breasts had another huge growth spurt! They basically exploded out of my bra a few hours ago. The expansion was so violent that it ripped my top to shreds. They swelled so big and so heavy, causing my nipples to stiffen and my breasts to perk up as they grew. I thought I was big as a teen… I had no idea I’d grow so big as an adult! They put my Mom’s tits to shame and my parents have had to buy a whole new set of lingerie just for me.

Do you like what you see?

Oh, and if you’re curious I just had another Bio-Checker reading done… and it turns out you’re looking at the body of a 19 year old! Pretty impressive, right? I know women in their mid-20s who’d kill for a body as hot as mine! I also can’t believe how much I grew in only a few ‘years’ of biological ageing… seems my late teens were crucial in my body’s development haha.

Still, I think my puberty transformation will bottom out at age 20 or 21. So my growth is mostly complete, but I should expect to see a few more small enhancements before my body is finished.

Then, I’ll finally be allowed out of the house, and I can’t wait for what will happen next 🥵

I was never interested in sex as a kid, but now that I’m grown I just can’t stop thinking about it 24/7. I need a man inside me right now! I don’t want to be a virgin anymore, I need a stud to pound me furiously until I can’t move for a week!

And it sounds like I won’t have to wait too much longer…

‘Like seriously babe, over the past few days I have been checking in very few hours to see if you posted any updates. I was at work when you posted today’s update and when I saw those pictures of what you’ve grown into so far…let’s just say that I spent my lunch break in the restroom.🍆💦’

Oh Brutus… I love it when you talk to me like that. That you couldn’t even wait to get home before you started jacking and cumming to me… and at work?! Naughty boy x

I hope you’re not getting too horny at work now, baby. I don’t want you getting frisky around the other women at your job – and don’t you dare ever beat off to them! I don’t care how sexy they are or how tight their little skirts are. From now on, your cock belongs to me and only to me! But don’t worry big man, I will give you plenty of reasons to mash your cock!

I’m curious though… which of my pictures from my last update finally made you lose control and start beating off your cock, and why? And while we’re on the subject… which picture from this update is forcing you to stroke? God… just thinking about you beating off to my adult body is getting me so hot 🥵

‘Your so hot I can’t stand it!!! I can’t stop thinking about you! And the fact that you are going to get even bigger and sexier…it turns me on when I imagine what is to come. You are turning into a living wet dream!’

Wow, I don’t know what to say… it’s so sexy. You found me so hot as a teen? You wanted to fuck and pleasure me even back then… Well, what do you think of me now that I’ve grown into a woman? My breasts are so much bigger, I’m taller and stronger now. My face has become even more beautiful and perfect. Have I become the sex goddess of your dreams yet?

I have to thank you for suggesting I start taking protein drinks BTW. They’ve made me so much bigger and fitter, and they’ve really encouraged my body to firm up and enhance. I mean, just look at these muscles:

I really hope you’re fit and strong too baby… do you work out a lot? I’m really hoping you’re ripped and muscular. I need an alpha stud to fuck me all night!

‘I just can’t stop thinking about you. I’m going to be dreaming about you tonight, dreaming of sharing my large bed with you and me worshiping your body from your head to down to your toes.’

Oh yes Brutus… you’re making me so wet! My hand is down the front of my black silk panties and I’m fucking myself for the fifth time today! I really can’t wait until I receive your big manly cock…

I want to get fucked. Forget all that stuff about taking my virginity… I want you to ruin me, to pound my back walls until there’s nothing left!

This body is so fit and athletic, so go to town on it. I can keep up with the work. And my libido is insatiable. I’ll make you cum buckets all night long! And finally, I’ll let you cum inside me. Fuck the consequences! Make me your sex slave. I want you to explode inside of me and fill me with your sweet nectar!

But I think I’ll still need to wait a little longer before I can meet you in the flesh. So in the meantime, tell me how beautiful you think I’ve become. Tell me how my body makes you feel? Am I getting you hard? Are you masturbating over me right now? Wouldn’t you like to beat off right in front of me in real life and cover me with your cum?

Please don’t spare me any details – I need you to tell me about your fantasies to help me get off too! I won’t have a cock in me yet, but it’s the best a girl’s got for now!

Ah, I really shouldn’t call myself that anymore. There’s no ‘girl’ left inside me. What you’re looking at now is 100% woman, with all the cravings and sex drive a real woman should have. All packed into a body that’s pure estrogen!

‘Update: I could hardly sleep.last night. I kept thinking about you and how you talked to me directly. I kept waking up in the middle the night with a hard on no other and I had to jerk off to your pictures just so I could get back to sleep. 🍆💦’

Daaaw, poor baby X I’m so sorry I’ve made you so horny and frustrated. Consider it payback for making me so hot and sexy! But don’t worry, stud, I promise that when we finally share your bed you’ll never have to jack off again. Cuz when you’re not exploding inside me, I’ll be jacking off your cock with both hands, my beautiful mouth, or stroking it between my gorgeous breasts…

‘And when we are not doing that, I’m going to pamper you with everything your heart desires, everything from trips around the world to late night snog and cuddling…

‘I want you Bexy! I need you! I want to be your man.

‘Will you be my girl?’

Yes, with a body like this I deserve to be worshipped by men. You’re lucky Brutus that you tried it on with me so early haha, but your confidence and assertiveness are so hot to me… so yes, I’ll be your girl.

Buy me all the nice clothes, incredible trips and sexy lingerie I ask you for – and you can keep doing whatever you want to this body of mine…

‘The description of your growth is just magnificent, I hope that in the future your chest will grow with pain at the time you write. Beautiful slow and intense growth😍. You are perfect.

‘The only thing I find unfortunate is the fact that your chest grew too quickly and was not so painful. I would have loved a small sore chest that was very painful under the effect of growth of developing little by little as you write.

‘You still remain the best woman in the world, thank you for the time you give us.’

Wow, thank you Erze! I’m glad you’re enjoying my transformation almost as much as I am X

And I’m sorry for holding back the details on my massive chest growth – I didn’t know the pain would turn you on so much 😘

Well you don’t need to worry… because it has been slow and painful this whole time. Even since I was a little girl, feeling my nipples perk up for the first time. They were so stiff and sore… then my breasts started to develop behind them, stretching my chest out further and further. I went through 3 pairs of bras in one day after I shared my last post. It was painful, yes, but I was so excited to see how big I was getting. It was a good kind of pain, and when I went to touch and play with my developing breasts it always sent a lightning bolt of pleasure straight to my pussy!

Now these tits are so full and heavy… the mark of a beautiful woman… every boys’ wet dream. I hope you like them Erze? Imagine how good it would feel to take out your cock and let me titty-fuck you. I was too small before but I’m all grown up now, and I know how to use these breasts to make you love me forever X

I’m afraid that’s all I have for tonight guys. I hope you enjoyed stroking your cocks in appreciation of the woman I’ve grown into! I’ll keep you updated on any final changes to my body, but I think I shall be seeing you all IRL soon…

Time for bed – wishing I had a man here with me! In the meanwhile, one last picture for you boys. Hope you’re dreaming of my massive tits and the fantasy of spunking all over them. God… they’re so big and they’re stretching this bra so tautly across my magnificent body:

Love Bexy xxx



  1. Bigmc89

    OMG, you’re beautiful as a teenager, but you’re stunning as a woman! And, you know, you could use your body to gain some money, you understand what I’m talking about… 😏😏😏
    Before you start to have sex, do you ever think to use sex toys to learn something about? Have you ever seen something about sex on internet? Are you interested in sex with more than one person at the same time? Have you ever thought about have sex with women?

    Listen to me, forget about these kids, you need a real man to know all the pleasure about adulthood, but you’ll be addicted to this without my knowledge and experience. I’ll let you control your emotions and feelings to use them to your advantage, you’ll be in dominance with sex, you’ll become every man and every woman’s dream. They will want you, THEY WILL DESIRE YOU.

    You have to do only one thing: say me ‘yes’ and hang on my lips. What’s your choice?

  2. Brutus89

    Bexy, the sex goddess of my dreams! You have truly have become the living embodiment of my every sexual fantasy.

    Yes, you totally should wear a thong to show off that ass.

    I have beat off so much to the pictures from you’re last post, the ones of you in those bikinis were so hot! My favorite was especially the one of you the tub!

    How I wanted to be in there with you.🥵

    Those new photos of you after you latest growth spurt are the best! Each one of them got me so hard and left me needing to satisfy you! The picture of you with your legs spread had me fantasizing about being between them and eating you outand licking up your juices! 😛

    When I saw how beautiful you had become, I immediately thought that Heaven had truly fallen to Earth! But I know your no angel, your my naughty girl! You keep on fucking yourself and image how it is going feel when I fucking you. Your tits and ass bouncing as ride me, my hands kneading your asscheeks like dough and you moan my name as I bring you to total bliss and you cum all over my dick again and again until you can’t take it anymore.

    And fear not my sexy sexy goddess, my cock is yours and yours alone but keep in mind, your pussy belongs to me!

    I think your are going to be rather pleased when you do meet me. I work out everyday so I’m pretty ripped. That was where I got the idea for you to start taking protien shakes

    I’m happy to see my suggestion helped you get so big and fit.

    I know you sent that nude pic just for me didn’t you? I can’t wait to see you like that in person after I rip off your thong and to fuck you night long, pumping your pussy full with load after load of my seed. After that I am going to jack off onto your body over and over until you are totally glazed in my spunk!

    We will even record it for you justfans page and make the subs all wish it was them who was fucking you.

    Sleep tight my goddess,

    We will be together very soon and I will satisfy your womanly needs.

    Your man, Brutus 😘

    • Brutus89


      My apologies Bexy if it seemed like I lost control there, I totally did. That’s what your beauty is doing to me. It’s bringing out the beast in me lol, I want to please you so bad and truly make you mine! To take you and pleasure like the man you want and need. To run my hands across your skin exploring every inch of your womanly curves touching you slow and intimate; making you beg me to take you.

      That’s why early into your growth I knew I needed to prove myself worthy to be your man. I could see it in your eyes back when you were little, the goddess you would turn into. I’m happy to see that I have done that and to have you choose me to be your man. I know that the wait for me is driving you crazy because for me waiting to be with you is making me go nuts too! But it will be worth it! Our first night together is going to one of crazy sex!

      I know that you’re almost done growing but I can’t wait to see what one last growth spurt will do to you, especially since you are taking protein supplements. They have done wonders for you! That toned body, I look forward to sitting by the pool rubbing oil on them.

      Not much longer now Bexy, I am ready and waiting for you Queen B.

      • Brutus89

        Like I told you in your last update when you were a teen (My god you were so sexy and breathtaking as a teen), if you let me your man, you boyfriend, your king I would treat you like the queen and goddess you are and give you everything you want.

        Now that I will be, I shall fulfill your request.

        Imagine, you are lounging by the pool, I’m laying back in the chair beside you my pecs and chiseled abs on full display for you. You come over to me and straddle my hips. You can feel the bulge of my cock through my trunks, throbbing and hardening along your slit. I reach up and yank off your bikini releasing your gorgeous boobs. I sit up and bury my face into them, breathing in the smell of your skin making me even harder and you can feel it. You stand up for a moment to untie your thong and let it slide down your sinfully luscious legs before returning to me and pulling off my trunks releasing your prize. You wrap your tits around my length and work them up and down in a tit fuck while you tease the head by licking and sucking on it.

        You bring me close to the brink of blowing my load all over your tits and face…but I stop you. I beckon you to let me fuck you. You straddle my hips once more and I align my cock with your soaking wet pussy, your nectar dripping down onto my dick lubing it up for what is to come next. I grab you by you perfect hips and push you down and I enter you velvety folds…grunting as I feel your warmth surrounding me. Then I start pumping into you, slow at first and then faster and faster. Your moaning and begging me to pound you harder. I comply increasing the pace, causing you to have orgasm after orgasm. But I have not busted a nut yet…but I’m close and you can feel it, my cock is swelling bigger inside you and throbbing like crazy! Finally you can’t take anymore and scream my name telling me to fill you with my seed…I grant your request. I wrap my big arms around your waist and pull you down as I pound your pussy like a jackhammer, my balls slapping against the bottom of your juicy ass. Then with one last thrust I bury my cock deep inside and I fill your pussy with my cum with spurt after spurt until it starts to leak out of you and dribbles down to my balls. We stay there locked together while kissing exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues until I pull out of you and you move down and suck my cock clean….

        I hope this gives you enough to masturbate too and remember that this is just a taste of what awaits you.

        And if you become pregnant…just imagine how beautiful our daughter will be and what she will someday become!

        We will live like a true king and queen.

        • Brutus89

          Is this not enough to get you off babe?

          How about me having you on your hands and knees while I plow you from behind and just as I’m about to blow, I pull out and I hot dog my dick between your butt cheeks until I unload all over your ass and your back? Do you want your man to do that? To mark you with his seed?

          • Brutus89

            It gets me so hard imagining you creaming yourself to me. Know that the feeling is mutual, I have been busting loads thinking of you. I guess that means that we are meant for each other.

  3. galaxyhammer

    An amazing transformation so far, can’t wait to see the end results. Any updates on your cousin and how she is turning out or any of your other friends or classmates? Was also curious if anyone ever swaps genders during this accelerated puberty or is there a different process for those who wish to transition.

  4. Erze

    It’s really crazy how your body has evolved. and with pain I hope that the sequel will be very painful.
    You should try some cream to apply to your breasts, maybe it will make them grow more intensely.

    Also, you should take some cream and put some of your DNA and pass it on to your best friend… Maybe its growth will be more intense and painful.
    I hope your growth goes wonderfully and try to share this experience with your friend maybe her breasts will grow more painfully.

    You are and will remain the best. Kisses

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