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My biggest project ever! The Drone – Chapter One is out!

Hello, boys and girls!

It is time to present my long-awaited and teased comic: “The Drone!”

Many of you know that I have been working on a project with over 1100+ pictures completed in the past 1.5 years, as I teased some of the images on my Pixiv Fanbox and on our Discord server.

Well, I have finally reached the day when I can release the first chapter of this extensive comic. It is large in size, as I have never created this many pictures for a single comic, but as always, I got carried away— a LOT in this case. It started as a short idea that was never meant to be longer than the base idea you see in the first chapter, but as I worked on it, I realized I could take this story a little bit further.

At the moment, I have divided it into at least 7 chapters, but it may still change. Many things depend on you guys—your feedback, how you like it, or find it interesting

There will be Male AR, Female AP (a lot and detailed in later chapters) some minor Baby to breastfeeding, Male AP as we go. But what’s it about?

It’s here! My biggest and longest project ever is now available: ‘The Drone, Chapter One’!

What’s it about? David and Sarah, the couple in this story, find themselves in a very strange situation. Thanks to an experimental drone, their lives and their relationship change in a way neither of them could ever imagine. They both think it was just an accident, but was it really?

This multi-part series follows David’s perspective on how his life changed when he transformed from a nice-looking college-aged man to a high-school boy. In this first chapter, we witness their fateful transformation and the subsequent decline of their relationship.

Don’t read too much complexity into the storytelling, but if you enjoy girls growing up you gonna love The Drone! 🙂 I’m confident that if you liked my previous works in the past years, you’re going to enjoy this one as well!

The next part will be out in January with another Female AP and some minor “Giantness/Grow” fetish!



  1. Babel111

    Really enjoyed the 1st chapter and like how it’ll explore the changes to his life post regression. Normally it’s only a few brief scenes.

    Hope you release the future chapters sooner than later with how long you’ve been working on this.

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