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Movie Star

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Movie Star

by Planet


“Congratulations. Your daughter really stood out in the casting, and she has been selected!” the Producer announced.

The Andersons squealed in joy and they hugged their 10-years-old daughter Jean. She was very nervous, but she smiled, even as tears of joy came to her eyes.

“Sit, please,” the Producer pointed courteously to the chairs around the meeting table on his office. “She was really good, and she was our director’s top choice, as well as mine.”

Mr. Anderson proudly ruffled his daughter’s hair.

“Now, before you sign, we need to discuss certain conditions for the role. If you’re not satisfied by them, we’ll go with our option B, but we’d much rather have Jean. But as you know, this is a high profile project for the studio and we need to get sure you can accommodate to the requirements of the production.”

The Andersons looked at him attentively, but their smiles didn’t wane. The Producer then started.

“You’re probably aware that since the discovery of the AgeWarping technology, Hollywood has been one of its main users.”

Mrs. Anderson nodded. She was an avid reader of celebrity magazines after all.

“Yeah, Matthew McConaughey is doing children roles this year and Nicole Kidman is back to her prime.”

“Exactly. You can understand the appeal this has for our industry. Take for instant the classic flashback scene. The character remembers his younger days. Of course, the only thing we could traditionally do was cast a child actor who usually didn’t look too much like the main star. It was awful. Now we don’t have that problem. We simply pay for an AgeWarp process to regress the actor and he can play his own younger version.”

“It’s amazing, yeah,” Mr. Anderson said. “So is Jean starring alongside a regressed older actor?”

“Not quite. We decided to go in the opposite direction for this project. It’s never been done before. You see, there’s a time skip in the movie… a few years pass within the narrative. And we’d like Jean to play her own adult version.”

The three Andersons went quiet like stones. The Producer continued.

“As I’ve said, it’s never done within the context of a Hollywood production, but the technology allows for it, free of risks. I know what you must be thinking. Why choose a kid in the first place? Why not an adult actress and then regress her for the childhood scenes? The thing is, the character has a bit more of screen time as a kid than as a woman, but that’s not the only reason. We’re talking story here. As we’ve explained you, the character gets stranded on an island. She grows up in there, with no adult role models around her. She’s essentially still a kid inside. So we wanted a real child actress to convey that in her performance.”

“But, but…” Mrs. Anderson struggled to articulate. “Don’t AgeWarps take a full year to wear off? I mean, that’s why McConaughey is still a kid after the film he was originally regressed for, isn’t he?”

“You’re right, indeed. I know it’s a lot to ask, but that’s why the payment is rather more substantial than usual for a child star.”

“How old would she need to get?” asked Mr. Anderson.

“The script calls for 30. But maybe we could arrange for something in the vicinity of 24 or 26 if it makes you feel more comfortable. I’m sure nobody will notice the difference.”

The parents looked at each other.

“I’m not sure…” said Mr. Anderson finally. “I don’t think we’re ready for this.”

“Yes, she’s too young for it,” nodded Mrs. Anderson.

The Producer sighed.

“That’s all right. We’ll talk to our second candidate’s parents, then.”

“Just out of curiosity,” asked Mrs. Anderson. “How “substantial” was this role’s payment?”

The Producer wrote the figures and the woman opened her eyes widely.

“Well…” she said. “I don’t think a year as an adult would do her any harm after all…”

“Oh, not at all, dear!” agreed her husband. “After all, this is all for our little actress’ future. It’s too good an opportunity to pass! Professionally, I mean… So, where do we sign?”

Then, they heard movement behind them. They had all but forgotten Jean was there.

“Uhm… Didn’t anyone thought to ask me what do I think about this?”

“Oh, right, dear… What, don’t you want to do it?”

“Of course I want to do it! But it would had been nice if you’d asked.”


The shooting of the first half of the film went on for four months. Jean tried her very best on each take, not only because she wanted to impress, but also because she was anxious to get rid of the childhood scenes. She couldn’t wait to get AgeWarped.

Then, the day finally came. They filmed the final shots of the childhood timeline. Both the character and Jean would spend the remaining of the film as adults.

As soon as she left the makeup chair, she was called to Wardrobe.

“They told me to come here,” she said to the assistant she found in there. “Why is that? I thought we were done.”

“The AgeWarp technicians have just arrived,” explained the assistant. “We’re supposed to give you stretchy clothes for the process.”

“Oh, right,” muttered Jean, starting to feel nervous about the whole thing, yet incredibly excited.

“They’ve instructed us to keep your arms and legs unobstructed. Here, this one-piece was prepared for this day.”

Jean took it apprehensively and the assistant left immediately to give her some privacy as she changed. The garment fit her small and thin body rather well, but she could see the fabric was truly stretchy, and that it should hold even after a significant augmentation on her size, if it came to that.

“Follow me this way, Miss Anderson,” said the assistant as she stepped out.

She conducted Jean to a smaller set where they had shot the previous day, and which was currently devoid of film equipment and personnel, save for the Producer and the Director. Her parents were there too, as well as a couple of unknown people who were setting the AgeWarper in the middle of the set.

The machine looked a lot like an optometrist’s chair, with a telescoping eyepiece and all. The technicians were connecting it to one of the power terminals that was usually utilized for the set lights.

“Everything is almost ready, Jean,” said the Producer enthusiastically as the assistant left. “We’re all set for you, dear. Just relax, this is perfectly safe. I’ve been to more AgeWarps than anyone else in Hollywood, and I’m glad to be present for our very first progression! The first of many, I’m sure.”

“We’ll stay here with you, honey,” said Mrs. Anderson. “How are you feeling?”

“I want to do it, but I’m very anxious.”

“It’s ready,” said one the technicians, a male, unceremoniously. “Please sit on the machine.”

Jean turned away from her parents and walked apprehensively towards the seat. It was a bit high and she climbed onto it with some difficulty. A digital display marked the number 10 as soon as she was up, as if she had been measured by the cushion. The man then clocked a few buttons and the 10 was replaced by a 26, the age that had been agreed on the final contract.

The female technician put the optical apparatus over her eyes and adjusted its size so that its lenses would align with her pupils.

“Please don’t close your eyelids,” said the woman, a bit more sweetly than her partner.

“Okay, just wait a second,” said Jean, and she blinked several times, then she tried to keep her eyes open as long as she could. She then saw a rapid series of lights and felt a slight prickle in her eyes.

“It’s done,” said the other technician.

“W… What? That was all? I was waiting for… I don’t know… A longer process.”

Jean didn’t feel any different. Even the brief tingle on her eyes had already passed.

“That’s all, dear. Within the next eight minutes, your body will completely reshape into that of a 26-years-old. We’ve sent an electric message to your brain to do just that.”

“Can I get up from the chair?”

“Certainly. The process is done and it can’t be stopped now. Most people prefer to wait out the changes comfortably on the seat, but you can do as you please.”

Jean couldn’t keep quiet anymore, so she got up with a jump. She was shivering furiously.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” asked her father.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a bit shaky, but I think that’s because I’m nervous. So, should I…? Wait. Is it suddenly hot or it’s something happening already?”

She was suddenly sweating like mad.

“This is normal. Your body is feverish, but it’ll pass soon enough,” said a technician.

“I hope so, because I feel like I’m burning!” her voice was different, she thought. She suspected it wasn’t because it was changing already, but mostly because her throat had gone very dry.

Jean then noticed something strange, like if the crotch of her one-piece was tensing. She was also pretty sure her flesh was swelling slightly everywhere.

“Something is happening!” she said, sweat starting to moisten her hair and attire. “I don’t know…. what… but it’s… Oh, wow, I feel sooooo hot!!!”

As her temperature elevated even more, she had shrieked frighteningly. Her parents squeaked and tried to approach her, but the male technician held a hand.

“No need to worry. She isn’t in any pain, but yelling helps releasing the excess adrenaline that is building within her.”

“Yes… Yes, I feel like screaming! There’s… so much energy… inside!”

Her dark ponytail started to grow a bit longer, and she felt as if the roots of her hair were burning. Her nails, too, were lengthening radically by an inch or so. But all of that was minor when compared to the steady stretching of her body that started just then.

She touched her nipples, which were burning and suddenly popped large underneath the fabric, tripling their size in just a second. The warmth spread to her insides, as her mammary glands started to develop, her hands and the clothes being pushed forward as her chest filled with tissue. She was also getting taller on the spot, and particularly her legs were growing at an alarming rate, and as she looked at them, she could see them getting not only longer, but also shapely, and her calves and tights were building muscle tone.

“This is beautiful to see!” said the Producer.

Jean’s hands went to her rounding buttocks, which were taking the behind of her suit for quite a ride. Things then sped up as the changes became more intense. Puberty was on full fledge now, and her newfound soft curves were becoming quite serious.

Her new breasts went from conical to very round as they enlarged dramatically, and her arms and legs were getting thicker. She no longer was shaped like a toothpick, as she could feel the raw power that was making her muscles grow. Her feet and hands cracked longer and womanly, and her hips swayed as they widened.

“Aaaaaaaahhhh, this is so strong!” she yelled, and everyone could listen to her maturing voice every time she screamed. Her throat wasn’t dry any longer, as saliva had emerged suddenly and in good quantities. She actually felt quite moist as her tongue enlarged.

Her face was finally changing too at least. It had been childish, round and cutesy, but now it was getting quickly womanly and somewhat mischievous, as she had lost her innocent features. She now sported deep cheekbones, an angular chin and marked eyebrows.

She was taller than her mother by now, and was quickly overcoming the Director and the Producer, though not her tall father. Her shoulders broadened and her collarbones emerged as she arched her back and her breasts swelled even larger, now threatening to pop out of the one-piece bathing suit.

Her lower body tingled as her womanhood finally developed, and now more than ever, she felt like she was on fire.

“Oh, yes…!!!! This feels… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh”

Jean dropped on her knees and panted.

“What is happening?” asked the Producer, a bit worried. “I’ve never seen this reaction.”

“You’ve only witnessed regressing subjects,” said the woman technician. “This one is maturing sexually.”

The Andersons blushed, but Jean had no time for modesty. She was fighting to get back up, even as her legs became slightly longer with a final wobble and her backside inflated once again, stretching her clothes as much as her breasts were.

It seemed like it had ended, something that the technicians confirmed. Jean just stood there, her hands up to the level of her chin and her face looking downwards, taking on what had just happened to her. In just a few minutes, she had been rendered into a woman, and she was looking in wonder at her grown physiognomy.

“Ohm my… What… What do you feel, dear?” asked her mother, her voice almost drowned.

“I feel… Wait, sorry…” she cleared her throat. Her voice was so deep! “I feel very good, actually. I’m still warm, but I’m not burning any more. It feels… pleasant. And I feel so large! Everything is sticking out.”

Meanwhile, the Director was walking in circles around her, looking very intently at her changed figure, and talking mostly to himself.

“This is great,” he commented. “Really, really great. She’s in such a great shape. Look at that muscle tone. It really sells the idea she was grown in the wilderness. We couldn’t have done better. In any case, she may be a little too voluptuous, but maybe we could work that angle…”

Jean felt like a museum exhibit, her personal space invaded. To make matters worse, one of the wardrobe department ladies entered the set.

“Woah, she got big,” she commented, then she started measuring her.

“We know you’ll be wanting some privacy, dear,” the Producer commented. “But we need to know your sizes right away, since we need to start designing your wardrobe for the next scenes as soon as possible.”

“You’re going to be… uhm… already are, I guess… a large woman,” the costume lady said. “5’10”, if you’re interested. You took after your father, it seems. Well, not these…” she added, encircling her breasts within the measuring tape. “34DD-27-38. Most of the actresses I know would kill for those curves, sweetie. Congratulations.”

She left with her tape and notepad and the Producer clapped enthusiastically.

“So, that’s another thing done! Now, Jean, we’ll leave you to get better acquainted with your new self. As you know, the shooting will halt for the next month. We’ll have everything ready to start filming your adult-timeline scenes. In the meanwhile, of course, you’ll have homework. Experience tells me that AgeWarped actors don’t feel immediately at ease with their forms, and this must be even more the case for you, since unlike them, you’ve never been this age. So this month is for you to get a bit more comfortable in your skin. When you get back on set, you’ll have to act as if you had that body for years.”

Jean nodded, and the Producer and Director turned back. Jean’s parents stood there, still looking at her in awe, but the Producer pushed her mother gently towards the exit.

And finally, Jean was alone with her newfound adulthood, ready to look at what she had turned into. She already knew she was tall, but walking with her long legs was a new experience. Breaking free from her ponytail, she approached to the tall mirror that had been left next to the wooden house set.

“Oh, my gosh!” she heard herself saying in her womanly voice.

Womanly was very much the best adjective that could be used for all of her now. She had the best body she could have ever dreamed of having. Her muscles were strong and toned, and the curves in top of them were amazing. Her round breasts had all but burst out of her one-piece, and she felt their weight pulling her forward. Her longer hair framed a face that was unmistakably mature. She wasn’t sure if she liked it. It was undeniably sexy, but a bit harder and, well, more bitchy-looking than she would have preferred.

Still, it quickly grew on her, and she didn’t part her eyes from her reflection while she changed into the shorts and t-shirt that the wardrobe assistant had left with her.

“This is something else,” Jane thought as her firm body stretched her clothes. She put on her pink baseball cap and, glancing once more towards her reflection, she left the set to look for her parents.

Once they arrived to their hotel suite, Jean discovered just how effective the film’s production was. As soon as they had measured her, they had sent some clothes in her new size to her room, as well as assorted products she would need now that she was a woman.

She marveled at the make-up and beauty products that filled her bathroom, all there for training purposes. She looked at her tampons with apprehension yet certain excitement, wondering how many days would pass before she needed them.

The next few days were as challenging as they were fun. First, she needed to master her balance, a difficult deed considering her current voluptuous state. The production sent an instructor every three days to help her learn to move her body correctly, as well as a stylist to teach her to take care of her appearance. This part was very enjoyable to her.

All this encouraged self-discovery had awakened a new side to Jean, one where at least part of her mind felt very adult. This side of her was more aggressive and dominant than she had ever been, and she was very intrigued by it and the tremendous amount of confidence it brought to her.

Once basic training was over, she started to prepare for the most physical aspects of the role. Jeans body had matured to be much more athletic than the production ever imagined it would, and they gleefully adapted the script to add a bit more action and stunts to her part.

Jean was delighted. They had hired yet another trainer to exercise her and prepare her for the stunts, and she loved the power that surged through her well-developed muscles during workout.

Once her little break was over, filming resumed, and she walked into the studio like a natural, not one tiny stumble on her step, even though she was wearing high-heels. This was the first time most of the crew had seen Jean after the transformation, and all eyes were on her. She felt a bit nervous inside, but she didn’t let it show. She just smiled confidently, ready to act like the adult star she looked like.

Her new costumes were ready for her, and she was shocked by how revealing they were. Not surprising, she thought, considering how hot her body had become. The idea that she would soon display it in front of millions of people on a giant screen was bewildering.

Still, she kept her composure and started with her first scene. She arched her back against a tree and stretched her long legs, her calves and powerful thighs screaming for the camera’s attention.

From there on, everything returned to normal, and she felt pretty much like she had during the first part of the shooting, except this time, people treated her differently.

It looked like the Director was getting the results he wanted. He told Jean that her acting was exactly what they intended when they first thought of AgeWarping a little girl, for despite her grown-up looks, she still conveyed a lot of childish innocence in her scenes, and that was exactly what they needed.

Jean was glad to receive these compliments. She also privately felt that her acting skills had improved a lot since she had started in the business, and she was hopeful that she had a future in the business. Also, the Producer had told her that no matter what, she would turn into an instant celebrity once the movie was released and everyone knew she had been the first child to adult AgeWarped actress in history.

But things happened much sooner than they had intended.

Just four days after filming wrapped, one picture of Jean on set leaked, along with the story of who she was. Entertainment news were immediately full of Jean Anderson, the 10-years-old child actress who had gotten a 26-years-old body for her first film role.

At first, the studio tried to silence the story, but then they realized it was futile and decided to bank on the unexpected publicity. The film was currently in postproduction and wouldn’t be released for six more months, but the public’s interest had to be quenched, and so they decided to go public with Jean, who indeed became an overnight celebrity.

Suddenly, she was being sought by every important news network. Interviewers had a hard time with her, treating her as both a kid and a woman at the same time, and Jean herself was very nervous, but she soon got the hang of it and managed to give a very self-poised and confident image of herself.

Of course, controversy materialized almost instantly. Some were very critic of what the studio had done, and they found it inappropriate to give such a young girl an adult body and role.

“Did you see the teaser trailer? Look at the way they dressed her!” one detractor said on Fox News. “They’re obviously trying to turn her into a sex symbol, and that’s outrageous. Think of all the people who will find her desirable, despite knowing her real age. It’s just plain wrong, and it’s not even the poor girl’s fault. She is too young to be held accountable for agreeing, but the production and her parents are obviously unhinged…”

For some reason, these criticizers seemed to make the Producer very happy.

“Nothing is as good as controversy for free publicity! This film will be huge!” he told Jean and the Andersons during a dinner.

And indeed, despite the fact that so many people seemed to find Jean’s transformation questionable, they still seemed very eager to invest on its popularity.

Since she had become such a recognizable personality, many a brand wanted to make her into their new face. And soon after her eleventh birthday, she signed up to become Victoria’s Secret first underage model ever.

Of course, there was another outrage. The campaign oversexualized her even more than the film had. There were talks about banning it. Yet, it was a trending for weeks and the line she was promoting was Victoria’s Secret most sought after in years. Jean Anderson was officially a bestseller.

Jean didn’t want fame to go to her head, and she tried it as well as possible, but it was a very changing experience, even more than her sudden physical alterations. Soon, she was attending all the parties and events from the rich and famous at Hollywood, who welcomed her as one of their own. Her public image was very influential already, and then she became even more famous when she started dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

The actor’s powerful lawyers managed to officially declare Jean an adult until her AgeWarp wore off, and thus he stayed away from the legal ramifications, if not the moral ones. Still, like the Producer, he shrugged at the public’s indignation. Both he and Jean were even more popular as a couple than ever before.

They broke up after just three months. Jean had always known it would happen. She had known about DiCaprio’s reputation with women and, in any case, she wasn’t mature enough to have a man in her life, at least mentally. But she had gone with it because, of course, now she could say that her first boyfriend had been freaking Leo DiCaprio. She knew her former school bullies were probably crying their eyes out since they heard the news.

The film was finally released. It met with mixed reviews but, as expected, it was a box office success. As promised, millions of people were watching her on the big screen all around the world.

Her performance was met warmly. Most film critics applauded her for holding her own despite her young age and unfamiliar body and circumstances. Rotten Tomatoes’ consensus on the film read:

“Despite its controversy and the paper-thin, sometimes ridiculous plot, the film heralds the arrival of Jean Anderson as a talent to behold. Balancing childish wonder and adult charisma in a situation never faced by a young actor before, you can almost excuse the questionable use of the AgeWarp technology when you see the results.”

Now that the film was out, her contract with the studio was over and she could film other projects. But despite the interest from so many, the effects of her AgeWarp would be wearing off in about two months, and she didn’t have enough time to get another main role.

She managed to get a secondary part in a smaller movie that only would take her three weeks to film. She was very pleased to discover that her costar was the very first actress she had ever worked with, back when all Jean had done was TV.

Of course, that time she had played Jean’s mother, but now the girl towered over her, as she did with most women. Her costar was amazed by her changes and she hugged her as soon as she saw her, despite the fact that they were playing rivals this time around.

“Last time I saw you, you were just this high and full of nervous questions,” she said fondly. “Now look at you! A big international celebrity! Now I feel nervous around you!”

Jean laughed confidently. This was what she loved the most about this. She was starting to be treated as an equal by all adults around her, instead of protectively or condescendingly. And that was why it was so hard to accept losing it.

It happened without warning. She was working out in the basement of the big Hollywood mansion her parents had bought with her money when she suddenly felt her body shivering. She laid her weight against the wall, fearing she would fall.

There were still five days to go before her year was over, but she had been notified that some AgeWarps would wear off a bit later or earlier.

Jean’s stature started to wane slowly, as her bones shrank back to their preteen size. She felt immediately weaker as her muscle mass decreased, and her large thighs and buttocks were sucked back into a skinny frame. She could feel her face’s structure changing into a kid’s, and even her hair and nails reduced their length. Her generous breasts retracted way too fast into her chest, leaving her flat and knocking her breath away.

She wasn’t exactly back to how she was before. After all, a year had passed since she had last being a child, and her body had changed accordingly. She was just a bit taller and her face was slightly more mature, but that was all. There were no real signs of puberty on her yet, and even the tiny clothes she had been wearing were now baggy on her.

Jean sobbed. She felt unbalanced, and she knew she had to learn to move again, now to account for her smaller form. She looked at her reflection. She had forgotten what a cute kid she had been, though after learning to see the world from a womanly perspective, the girl on the mirror seemed like a distant memory.

The next days were hard on Jean, who felt she had lost so much. Then she saw on a movie news site that the poster from her second film had been released. Despite having a secondary role, her name was big among the protagonists’, and her curvy adult figure adorned one side of the poster, much larger than any other characters.

At first, she felt even worse looking at this image of what she had been, but then she realized what this meant. The marketing campaign was using her over the other actors with bigger roles simply because she was more famous. And this was a film which also starred Idris Elba and Guy Pierce. Jean was still a celebrity, and she would always be.

She dried her tears. Yes, she would miss her adulthood, but she was a big name no matter what, and her career would advance normally now. She still could be a child actress for a few years, and then her world-renowned body would return naturally and she would have casting offers raining all around. As the Producer had said once:

“Now everyone has seen how you’ll look and what you can do. Believe me, you won’t have to hunt for a job ever again. You are IT. What many wannabes wish they could be and never will.”

A very confident smile came to Jean Anderson’s lips. And though her reflection said she was 11, her eyes told a different story. She had gained so much maturity during the past year, and it showed through. She was forever a superstar.[/vc_column_text][/mk_custom_box][/vc_column][/vc_row]



  1. BLZBub

    Very nice story. Rather creative use of age-changing technology here. And obviously the pictures add even more to the story.

    • bela04

      Thank you very much. This idea came to me naturally after the devices in “An Offer” and “The Graduation”

      Neither of them happen in the same universe, of course.

  2. Would you think in make all these stories into comics in the site?

    • bela04

      Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t think I’d tackle these same stories again. If I make more comics they’ll be original stories or, at the very least, spin-offs.

  3. Only complaint I’ve got is the background, it makes it hard to read the text. Other than that keep plodding on, you do good work.

  4. Cheers bela, it’s easier to read now.

  5. It might be interesting to have the now taller, stronger, and with her following more powerful Jean arrange/force the regression part on her mother. She could go over the money involved with her father and make the mother rue the day she made HER decision based on money. Oh well, she would have 20 years to think about the decision, unless of course the studio tries to capture lightning in a bottle the second time around with Jean’s later in life’s daughter — or would that be third time around with Jean’s granddaughter.

  6. I would definitely like to see more stories similar to this one.

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