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Mother’s Care!

Whoooo!! It’s here! I was waiting to release this comic since Monday! I’ve just got an idea from one of my Patreon Requestor’s comic and I wanted to make it quick. As always I planned to make a 5 page long comic but well…. It happened again and voila! Here it is! Mother’s Care  with 50 page!

It is a classic Age Regression comic with some nice Breasfeeding part! At least I would like to believe that! I Worked hard to show as much as I can, since I know it is rare and many of you wanted to see some Nursing in the upcoming comics! So here we go! I hope you like it!

The basic idea for the story changed since ARWander  put his little hand on it when I shared this with the AgeArt’s Writer Group! So as for the story, please Enjoy ARWander’s  skills and don’t forget to leave some comment as a feedback! Thanks!


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