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Miracle Cosplay

A community inspired idea! Forums can be very useful I can say that! 

Miracle Cosplay
By ARWander1600 aka ARColt67
(An idea inspired by vakhoar and gomyugomyu)


Picture 1:
Sofia: Wow now that’s what I call a cosplay contest, Katrina!
Katrina: I know, I still can’t believe how much work the guy who won put into his cosplay, almost two years of sewing and welding!

Picture 2:
Sofia: It never ceases to amaze me how much work goes into the cosplays… it still doesn’t change anything…
Katrina: What do you mean, Sophie?

Picture 3:
Sofia: Katrina, I would love to have a whole new life every time I put on a cosplay and not have to go back to my crappy accounting firm when I don’t have a con… maybe I’m too old to cosplay now…I’m going to be 30 in two years…I just wish I could be young again sometimes…
Katrina: I don’t know what you mean by “too old” I mean look at me, I’m a professional cosplayer, I’m over 30, I have a daughter and I travel around the country with my family! You’re never too old or young to cosplay and you still do it professionally!

Picture 4:
Sofia: But I don’t do it at the same level as you and don’t you wish that you could be younger sometimes? Not have to worry about anything… maybe even have your family actually take care of you? I never really had actual mom or dad to take care of me, I was raised by my uncle.
Katrina: Well, I sometimes wish I could just cosplay for fun, like when I was younger… It’s alright though. I like making the majority of the money in my household and it’s still a lot of fun to cosplay! I will say, I do wish sometimes I could have a small vacation from it!

Picture 5:
Sofia: Hmm, that’s strange one of the contestants didn’t pick up their prize…
Katrina: It’s one of the mystery prizes, now that the contest’s over, do you want to see what it is?
Sofia: Well, maybe taking a quick look won’t hurt…

Picture 6:
Katrina: It looks like just a large box filled with clothing, why was this even a prize!
Sofia: Something’s written on it, it says “Miracle Cosplay Kit: Never let your age or size limit your cosplays!”
Katrina: I wonder what that means.
Sofia: Well, there’s more. “With the Miracle Cosplay Kit, you can become any body type or age with the help of the contents of this box. Any article of clothing found in this box, once worn, will transform your body to match the clothing. After stripping down to your underwear, simply hold up the outfit you wish to try on to your chest. Imagine the cosplay possibilities! Reminder: Make sure to keep your original clothing and set yourself an hour and a half time limit or changes could be permanent.”

Picture 7:
Sofia: Want to give it a try?
Katrina: Um, I don’t know, I mean what if the contestant returns for his prize and what about that last part?
Sofia: Come on, don’t you want to try it? I don’t think he’s coming back, he seemed more interested in the cash he received than this! And just as long as we have our clothing with us, we won’t have anything to worry about!
Katrina: Okay, maybe we could but you go first!

Picture 8:
Katrina: WHAO!! I didn’t know you would start changing right here?!
Sofia: Ha-ha, you’re turning beet red! It’s like you’ve never seen a pair of massive boobies and a jiggling ass before! In my Patron pictures, I’m usually naked!
Katrina: Just hurry up and change!

Picture 9:
Sofia: … I think it’s working!
Katrina: That’s incredible, your dress just attached itself to you! You look way younger and you’re… not very “top heavy” anymore!
Sofia: I know, I know, I actually didn’t fully develop until I was a freshman in college! I used to be made fun of since I was almost as flat as a boy!

Picture 10:
Katrina: You look really cute!
Sofia: Why thank you but speaking about cute, I think you should wear this frilly Lolita dress!
Katrina: How do you expect me to wear that? The one you tried was close to your size, this looks like it’s meant for someone my daughter’s age! Although speaking about my daughter, Lisa’s supposed to be here by now… I wonder what’s taking Carl so long to bring her back.
Sofia: Well if they don’t show up in the next twenty five minutes we can go looking for them, but until then let’s continue! Now strip please!

Picture 11:
Sofia: Why do you look so bashful? You have a great body!
Katrina: Well, it’s just that I always wear more elaborate armor or full dresses, I usually only get down to my lacy panties in front of my husband…
Sofia: Well, I think your “panties” might become frillier when you put this on! Just hold the dress close to you like I did!

Picture 12:
Sofia: Aw, look at you, you’re like maybe six or seven years old!
Katrina: This can’t be happening! Everything looks bigger, even you!
Sofia: I know it’s amazing! Maybe we could have some fun with this, you said that you wanted to do cosplaying for fun again right? Wouldn’t it be fun to have me pose as your big sister and show you around your “first” con? Or maybe you’d like someone to play with who’s your own age?
Katrina: What do you mean Sofia?

Picture 13:
Sofia: As in I try on another dress that makes me around your age! We could be like sisters!
Katrina: Okay, just as long as we keep our original clothes nearby.
Sofia: Then let’s do it! I’ll go get the box.

Picture 14:
Sofia: Oooooo I found so many costumes and dresses in this box, I think some of them could make both of us into adults again if we wanted to!
Katrina: Well that’s good to know, I don’t want to be a little girl for too long!
Sofia: I found a dress that I think will work!
Katrina: I would love to see it! I bet you won’t be as cute as me!

Picture 15:
Sofia: Oh is that a challenge, you want me to be cuter than you? Then I think I’ll grab this dress and these “accessories”!
Katrina: Wait, what do you have there? That dress looks really small!
Sofia: I know, but I want to see just how “kawaii” I can be!

Picture 16:
Katrina: Sofia, you’re a-a-
Sofia: Ah beebee gurl! Yeth, eh am!

Picture 17:
Katrina: Sofia, I think you’re way too young now for us to play now!
Sofia: Wie? Et can till wok, ou coub be me bib tista!

Picture 18:
Katrina: No, I think we’ve gone far enough with this!
Sofia: Ou don fink eh coot? Ou don wike me dwess or me diapee?
Katrina: Of course I do! You remind me of my daughter when she was— the age you are now!

Picture 19:
Sofia: Wanna tak cawe ob me…mommy?
Katrina: Well, I’m not sure if I should, I feel like we’ve gone far enough playing with the Miracle Cosplay box. You’re too young now, I don’t want this to be permanent!
Sofia: Eh neba ad a mommy an ou toe goo at bein a mommy! Peas oou coub gwab a bib gurl dwess an be me mommy!
Katrina: Sofia no, this isn’t pretend, I’m going to find our original clothing and change both of us back!
Sofia: Den eh ill do dis!

Picture 20:
Katrina: Wait did you just—
Sofia: Yeth, eh dib, eh wen poopie en my diapee!
Katrina: Sofia, why would you—
Sofia: Moooooommmmmyyyyy!!! Waaaahhhhh!!!

Picture 21:
Katrina: OKAY, okay, let me just find you and me a change of clothing and some fresh panties!
Sofia: No me wan diapees!
Katrina: Okay, okay…

Picture 22:
Katrina: Now where is that box? It was just here?
Lisa: Hi mommy! You sure are cute as a little girl!

Picture 23:
Katrina: Lisa is that you?! You’re completely grown up and your dress is kind of…skimpy…
Lisa: Tee hee, yes I am, isn’t it cool?! I always wanted to be a big girl like you—were mommy!
Katrina: But how did you find out about the box?

Picture 24:
Lisa: Daddy dropped me off a little early so that he could see some “late night programming”, whatever that means! I saw you both put on the dresses and become younger, it was so awesome! Sofia looks like she’s barely a year old now, she’s so precious! I’d just love to take care of her!
Katrina: (I think I might kill Carl for leaving you alone…) But sweetie I don’t think we should mess with the dresses anymore. I think the dresses could be dangerous! We don’t know what will happen if we are not back into our own clothing soon.

Picture 25:
Lisa: But mommy, I like being a grown up can’t I stay like this for a little bit? When daddy dropped me off I heard you saying that you wanted to have a vacation and that Sofia wanted to be younger. So maybe both of your wishes could come true if I took care of you for a little bit!
Katrina: Well… I haven’t actually enjoyed being a little girl…and the dumb poopy baby there needs a change!
Sofia: Hay! Don cawl me nams Kat-Kat!

Picture 26:
Katrina: So okay, you can take care of us but only for a little bit!
Lisa: Yay! Thank you mommy, I’ll take good care of you both!

Picture 27:
Lisa: Hi Sofia! I remember when I first met you, I thought you were such a pretty lady! But now, you’re just the cutest little baby I think I’ve ever seen!
Sofia: Fank ou mommy—eh meme Wisa!
Lisa: It’s okay, you can call me mommy! Besides, someone has to change your diaper!
Sofia: Eh towwy mommy…

Picture 28:
Lisa: Don’t worry sweetie, mommy still loves you! Oh mommy—I mean Katrina, could you get me a few pairs of toddler or baby clothing, a blanket, some diapers and wipes from the Miracle Cosplay box?
Katrina: That’s a lot to get but I think I can get it all, but why do you need two pairs?
Lisa: Because I want to see which ones will look best on my little Sophie baby!
Katrina: Okay, if you say so…
Lisa: Alright baby girl, lie down for mommy!

Picture 29:
Katrina: Okay, I brought them here!
Lisa: Thank you Katrina, you’re a big help!
Katrina: You’re welcome Lisa, I’ve always liked helping people!

Picture 30:
Lisa: You’re being such a good girl for mommy, little Sophie baby!
Sofia: Yay! Fank ou fo cweanin me mommy! Eh was weewee tinky!
Lisa: You’re welcome baby, we’re almost done! And it’s okay, it was only an accident!
Katrina: Oh yeah, only an “accident”?
Lisa: Hey, don’t be mean to her she’s just a baby!
Katrina: Sorry Lisa…and sorry Sofia… (Why am I saying sorry so easily, usually I’d make Sofia say sorry first…)

Picture 31:
Lisa: There we go, all better now!
Sofia: Yay! Eh wike me nuuu diapee! Et cwinkwee!
Lisa: Katrina, could you bring me one of the dresses and diapers?
Katrina: Yes ma’am! (Wow, that’s the first time I’ve called her that, I hope we don’t spend much more time as kids, I think the outfit is starting to affect me.)

Picture 32:
Katrina: Okay, I got the dress and diaper, are you going to try it on Sofia?
Lisa: No, I’m going to try it on you!

Picture 33:
Katrina: Wait, what’s gotten into you Lisa?!
Lisa: Now hold still for me Katrina!
Katrina: No stop it!

Picture 34:
Lisa: Awwwww, look at you, mommy or should I say baby! You’re even younger than Sofia now!
Sofia: Whoa, Kat-Kat a beebee tuu?
Katrina: Wisa wie dib ou duu dat!?
Lisa: Because I want to take care of you and give you your vacation! You can’t have a vacation if you’re still helping me?

Picture 35:
Katrina: Buh eh don wanna bee a beebee!!
Lisa: But you are one now, you might as well enjoy it!

Picture 36:
Katrina: Waaahhhhhh!!!
Lisa: Awwww, don’t cry baby, mommy’s here!
Katrina: Noooo wet go da meee!! Eh till da mommy!

Picture 37:
Lisa: Looks like baby’s upset with me, but I think I know one way to make you happy… how about a little game?
Sofia: Yay! Eh wub games! Umm…mommy?
Lisa: Yes baby girl?
Sofia: Awe ou weewee mie mommy?
Katrina: (Oh no, Sofia must be losing her memories and actually believing she is a baby! I have to get our clothes back and quick!)
Lisa: Yes I am, you’re mommy’s little baby girl and I think you’re going to like this game a lot!

Picture 38:
Lisa: Okay, let’s play crawl to mama! I’m going to put both of you down over here and whoever is the first to crawl to me wins! If Katrina wins, she gets to wear her old clothing on this table but if Sofia wins then you both will get kisses and a special treat from mommy!
Katrina: Buh dat no fawr, Tophia es olba dan me!
Lisa: That’s why I made the rule of no walking, only crawling! Are you sure you don’t want to give up and let mommy take care of you and Sofia?
Katrina: Otay, eh ill du et!
Sofia: Yay! Wets pway!!

Picture 39:
Lisa: Are you ready my little babies? Then on your mark, get set, go!! Come to mama babies!

Picture 40:
Lisa: You can do it little ones! Mommy’s here!
Sofia: Yay!! Eh gonna ge ah pize!!
Katrina: Toph—ieee!! Way fa meee!! Eh canbt cwawl dat fass!

Picture 41:
Katrina: (I can’t let Sofia beat me, I have to go as fast as my little legs can take me!)
Lisa: Oh it looks like Katrina is catching up, she might actually win!
Katrina: Yeth eh can duu et! Eh gonna win!

Picture 42:
Lisa: Oh wait, looks like it’s not over yet, here comes Sofia and she’s walking!
Katrina: Wah, dat teetin!

Picture 43:
Lisa: Sofia! You won baby, mommy is so proud of you!
Sofia: Yay! Eh dib et mommy!
Katrina: Buh see teeted! See wa wawkin ah de vewy enb!
Lisa: Yes but she crawled for most of it, she just got so excited to see mommy that she just forgot all about the silly rule!

Picture 44:
Lisa: So would Sophie baby like to see her special treat?
Sofia: Yeth mommy!
Lisa: Okay, it’s gotten really hot in here all of a sudden, I think I’m going to take my dress off!
Katrina: Wisa wha awe ou doin? (And why do your boobies look…bigger…)

Picture 45:
Lisa: Just look at mommy now, she is so pretty and so curvy! You actually used to be just as pretty and I saw that you wore panties and a bra just as sexy as mine! Do you remember that baby?
Sofia: No mama, buh ou weewee pwetty!
Katrina: Ou haf ta wememba! Ou ab a Patweeon an ou was powfessiowl cospay gurl!
Lisa: I don’t think she remembers that anymore… would you like me to pick you up baby?
Sofia: Yay uppies mommy!

Picture 46:
Lisa: Ha, I see you patting my bra baby, do you like mommy’s boobies?
Sofia: Yah! De bouncie! Bib bouncie boobies!

Picture 47:
Lisa: Did you know there’s something special mommy can do for her baby with her boobies?
Sofia: Wha mommy?!
Katrina: No don du et Tophie! Ou no beebee an sea es no ou mommy or mie mommy!
Lisa: Let mommy unclip my bra and then I can show you baby girl…

Picture 48:
Lisa: Look at that nipple dripping milk, just for a little baby girl! Does it look yummy baby?
Katrina: Noooo don duu et!
Sofia: Muh-mah!
Lisa: Open wide baby…
Sofia: Goo gaa boo boo!

Picture 49:
Lisa: There we go baby, drink mommy’s milk!
Sofia: (Suckle slurp)
Katrina: (She got Sofia to drink her milk! I bet she really is a baby now! But this might be my chance, I’m going to see if I can still reach the table.)

Picture 50:
Lisa: So where do you think you’re going little lady?
Sofia: (suckle)
Katrina: (There’s a sleeve that’s hanging off the table, maybe I can reach it! Buh eh hab been crawlin a wot…ets toe hard tuu…No I will reach it!)

Picture 51:
Katrina: (Almost there, almost have the sleeve!)
Lisa: Oh, you must be trying to reach your old things, I’ll just have to put it on the other side of the table!
Sofia: (suckle)

Picture 52:
Katrina: Wisa peas gib dat bak!!
Lisa: Sorry baby, but you’re too little for big girl clothes!
Katrina: Waaaaahhhhhhh!!! Eh no wanna bee beebee!

Picture 53:
Lisa: Well, you are a baby, you both are! And look at that, baby Sofia fell right to sleep with a tummy full of mommy’s warm milk…she’s such a good girl and she even became a little bit smaller! It’s a good thing her dress and diaper shrank with her! I think I’ll put her down on the blanket I changed her on…
Katrina: (I have to gep awey—away!)
Lisa: Oh are you trying to crawl away? I’ll put little Sofia down and catch you!

Picture 54:
Lisa: Here comes mommy, I’m coming to get you!
Katrina: Ou no me mommy!!! No wan!!

Picture 55:
Lisa: I got you!
Katrina: No!! Puh me dowb!!
Lisa: My, what a fussy baby you are!
Katrina: Puh me dowb ou bib meme wady!! (Eh hab—have to get away from her or she’ll, wait what will she do again?)
Lisa: So what do you mean by “mean lady”? Don’t you know who I am?

Picture 56:
Katrina: (Wait who is she again, eh canb wememba…) A—a—bib meme wady uuu wans ta geh me! Toe wet me go!!
Lisa: I’m actually not a mean lady at all! I like to do all kinds of things to make you happy, would you like to be an airplane?
Katrina: Otay…

Picture 57:
Lisa: Brrrrroooooommmmm!!! This baby girl is spinning out of control!!
Katrina: Weeeeee!! Eh wik dis!

Picture 58:
Lisa: See wasn’t that fun?
Katrina: Yay!! Dat was weewee fun!! (Dat was toe cuwl, eh wonda wie eh foght see was meme?)
Lisa: So am I a mean lady?
Katrina: No, ou awe a pwetty wady!

Picture 59:
Lisa: Aw, thank you sweetie! Oh I see you staring at my boobies, are you thirsty my baby girl?
Katrina: Um, eh no sur…(Eh hungwy buh es see weewee me mommy?!)
Lisa: Maybe if I adjust you and give you a better look you’ll change your mind!

Picture 60:
Lisa: Mommy’s got so much yummy, sweet milk for you…
Katrina: Awe ou mie mommy?(See woks toe much wike—wike…)

Picture 61:
Lisa: Yes, I am your mommy and mommy wants to feed her hungry baby…
Katrina: Mommy!!(See es me mommy!)
Lisa: That’s right and mommy loves you so much, baby!
Katrina: Eh wub ou mommy… (Ma–mama wubs me an—an—me hungwy…beebee…)
Lisa: Now open wide, sweetie!
Katrina: Goo gaaaaa gee mama!

Picture 62:
Lisa: That’s a good baby…
Katrina: (suckle)
Lisa: What a hungry little girl you are…

Picture 63:
Katrina: (suckle)
Lisa: Are you almost asleep little mommy-baby? I still can’t believe that this happened, I just wanted to play pretend originally, but the longer I wore the dress the more I wanted to take care of both of you. I know I got a little carried away, I never imagined that my mother would turn into an infant and that I would breastfeed you, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! Now I get to be your mommy, you’ve been such a good one to me!

Picture 64:
Lisa: Although I’m not sure if I’ll remember ever being your daughter because I can already feel the effects of the dress changing my mind little by little and I’ve still got 20 minutes before I’ve been in this dress an hour and a half… oh, I see you’re asleep now my little love, let me set you down next to Sofia…

Picture 65:
Lisa: Wow, you both look so cute lying next to each other, it’s almost like you’re twins… it’s hard to believe that you two had been adults earlier today… I’m going to take such good care of you both…although, I’m curious to see what will happen if I do this?

Picture 66:
Lisa: Well, look at that, I can use your old clothing as blankets! You both look so precious, I bet that because it’s been over an hour and a half you two are fully babies now!

Picture 67:
Lisa: Well, you won’t be needing the money in these wallets anymore, wow mommy, you and Sofia’s wallets are loaded! You both must have just been paid, this should help out with starting a new life with both of you… Although, speaking of starting a new life, I feel like I should hide you both… hmm…I wonder if there is anything in this box that can make this motherly experience more “complete”…

Picture 68:
Lisa: Is that a maternity dress in the box? Perfect… It looks like you two will be leaving the con in style, I hope you both like your surroundings “womb temperature”!

Picture 69:
Lisa: So this is what it feels like to be pregnant, it feels amazing to have you both inside me…I feel heavier and my feet hurt a little but…when I rub my belly I feel so much joy…The Miracle Cosplay box granted all of our wishes… mommy you get to go on a 3 month “vacation”, Sofia you now have a mommy to take care of you and I get to be a grown up with you two as my babies!

Picture 70:
Lisa: No, I’m starting to forget…mommy…baby…Sofia…baby…mommy I love you…mommy loves you…my babies…my babies…

Picture 71:
Lisa: How did I get here…this place seems very familiar…hmm, I feel you two kicking, I bet you’re both as excited to come into the world soon! Don’t worry my loves, it won’t be but a few more months and then I get to name you! I don’t know why but I just thought of the names, Sofia and Katrina… those names sound really nice for you two…well, we might as well enjoy the con while we can! Especially with all this money I got, I bet they might have some cute baby nerdy baby things in the dealer’s room!

The End



    you did a fantastic job of incorporating that idea into this story!!! I’ll keep coming up with other suggestions and ideas hope they will be usefull to you or anyone else on agearts writers group!

    • ARWander1600

      Well, I will most certainly say that your idea was a wonderful one! I worked really hard to make sure that I got it just right, I even asked some of the other writers about making it better! I am happy with how it came out and since this is one you suggested, I feel like this one would be a good one to vote on if you wanted to. However, it all depends on which story you like the best!

  2. Miracle cosplay is one of the best ideas in the forum and i really hoped it would find it´s way into a comic. Even tho all the halloween ideas till now are good, this is without doubt my favorite.

    • ARWander1600

      Thank you very much Titus! While Babality is my favorite story I’ve written, this one is one I love because it was requested by all of you and I made sure that it had an interesting conflict and character motivations! If you want to vote for this story that would be awesome but if there is another story you want to have as the comic to be made then you chose that one! But once again thank you so much!

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