Merry Christmas Everybody!

So we finally reach this time of the year again!

After this madness year, when our world change in so many ways the least we can do is sit down again next to the fire, settle down and be think about what we can be thankful for. So many things happened, bad and good as well that it would be hard to count it. All I can say is I can be grateful for many things! Including you guys. When I decided to hold the break a little you stood by me and when I started to make more content again, you were still here. All those emails and private discord messages prove it.

Without you, without your support on Patreon or with buying one of my comics, or even just giving me feedback on any platform keeps me going and shows me that even in our changing world it’s still worth putting the effort into these comics. So thank you again! Many many thank you!  I’m grateful for you boys & girls! Thank you for being here and keeping this side of the community alive!

As for Christmas let me give you two presents: The first is this little comic called “Christmas Wish” which you can already find in the gallery! Have to say, I made most of this comic for 2020’s Christmas but the time wasn’t on my side so I had to push it to this year! At least I could say that I had a plan for this year! Haha! As for the comic, it’s more of a focus on the change rather than the story itself! Even I thought that the story is not the best on this one but please bear with me: I have forgotten most of the storyboard after a year so I had to put it together again.
The technical side wasn’t on my side either, since DAZ started to freeze constantly giving me a headache. Had to spend half a day solving the problem even though, the problem is still appearing.

Well, anyway I hope you gonna enjoy it! As for the second present: Stay tuned and check back on the 26th!


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