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Mass Effect – Liara as a kid

Hey, hey, hey!

How you doing boys & girls? I hope very well!!!

So as I said, the Patreon site is still rocking at the moment daily new updates are coming there! But I would like to do something here on AgeArts now! How many of you know the Best Sci-fi Series – IMO – of all time? No, not Star Wars not Start Trek! It is a game and it’s called Mass Effect! Well, those of you who don’t know it, it is a trilogy with a deep universe what operates with wonderful characters all over the universe. If you are a big sci-fi fan like me you probably know it, if not check it out in Google! Trust me!

So, one of the species in Mass Effect is the Asari. Our hero Shepard met many asari during his/her journey but there is one who is special for him/her and for every player. She is called Liara. So today I would like to play a little game with all of you! Here is she, Liara:

So what is need to known about her! She is an asari and as an asari, she can live much longer than a human! That means hundereds of years – tons of options for a good AR/AP fun! She can manipulate the space around her lifting up objects or any other living creature around her and because of that, she is a great warrior! But asaris don’t know too much about the other species! At least not Liara! That means she gather her knowledge as she ages. 100 years in her spieces means a really young and we could say she is a teenager at that time but her body is fully developed at that age!
So the basics are given! But I highly recommend if you don’t really know the series to check out her profile in the Mass Effect wikia to know more! Now that it is done, I give you a question! I’m planning to make a comic for her. The question is what kind of story she needs? I have a few in my head but I give this one to for you to decide! Use the comment section to submit your idea for her! The most voted one will be made, that’s for sure! The others? Who know? 😉

If you like an idea in the Comment section, vote it up!
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  1. What a coincidence! I love Mass Effect, and I totally agree with you! It IS the best Sci-fi universe. I am currently replaying the series now, for the 3rd time!

    Anyway, for a story It would be really awesome if The Crew on the Normandy went to some Prothean world, and triggered some sort of defense mechanism, triggering different changes and transformations all over the ship! I think you could do amazing things with that concept, given your talent 😀 I love when there is many different transformations in a story. AR, TG and your newfound Bimbofication.

    I dont know about everyone else, but I would love a comic like that, set in the Mass Effect universe! Anyway, love your stuff as always, keep up the good work!

    • bela04

      Everything is happening for a reason! 😉

      The idea is great, but just as I wrote to BLZBub, the recourses are limited! But If there would be a way to work within the Normandy, GOD that would be amazing!!

  2. BLZBub

    I enjoy Mass Effect as well, I’m getting more excited for it as Andromeda gets closer. I’d certainly like to see a Mass Effect comic on this site, but the options you’re suggesting don’t really appeal to me. Some people might be into humiliation and enslavement, but not me. But I’ve got an idea for a Mass Effect story that has potential here.

    As you know, eezo releases dark energy that can be used to manipulate the laws of space, increasing and reducing gravity and enabling FTL travel without time dilation. So there might be one scientist that may wonder that if dark energy can be used to manipulate space, could it also be used to manipulate time? Obviously, a true time machine would be unfeasible. But perhaps eezo can be applied to affect time on a localized area, speeding or reversing it. This time effect field would still have limited applications, but there’s still potential. Salarians and Vorcha wouldn’t have such short lives while Asari and Krogans wouldn’t have to wait centuries for full maturity. And of course, it has plenty of use to humans.

    I hope other people will be coming up with ideas.

    • bela04

      I see your point!

      Your idea is great and the potentional is in it! However, creating such a big comic within the ME Universe is not possible! It requres a lot of content start from sci-fi interior and all the characters from ME universe. Unfortunately there aren’t many ME content out there, what can be used easy in DAZ! There are a few but they are not very easy to handle.
      An other option would be to use the program called Xnlara and play with the characters within it and than export it to DAZ. IT would take too much time and the possibility to create a comic from it could take weeks and months! 🙁

      That’s why I decided to work only with Liara!

  3. I am a huge fan of Mass Effect and Liara is my favorite female in the game, all 3 games I had Liara as the romantic interest of Shepard. I like this idea your pitching.

    • bela04

      I did play with it at least 8 times I think! 😀 It is such a great game I just can’t deny the fact! I always wanted to do an AR/AP comic or a TG with any of the characters, now it is possible!

  4. Favorite video game series, favorite character. Heck, I named one of my computers after her, and the last five after ME characters. I am currently typing on Samara’s keyboard, heh. I even did an RP once where we turned Liara into a baby… then Kelly, then Miranda, then Jack… So yes! She looks awesome too.! At least try to turn her into a baby at some point. Blue skin on white diapers, so cute!

  5. I would totally love to see Liara turn into a kid again. You could have a great setup where she is at a Prothean dig site and finds an artifact that regresses her in age.

  6. ARWander1600

    I like the idea of this very much! I think it might be interesting if she turned another woman into a baby because she can live so much longer than a human and thus even someone who is 20-30 could be young enough to be a toddler or a baby to her! I am looking forward to seeing what you create Bela04, you always make the most awesome comics!

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