Mary Christmas 2: Christmas in July – Chapter 4 – by lostandwhatever

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Mary Christmas 2: Christmas in July – Chapter 4
By: lostandwhatever

Continued from Chapter 3.

Just a short distance away from Angela in the bathroom, a team of analysts and researchers were filing reports and completing other boring but essential work. Ken Yeong took a moment to look at the clock and sighed. “I’m starving,” he said. “Wasn’t someone going to order food? It’s getting near lunchtime.”

“Everyone’s been too busy,” Alice Jefferson replied.

“I’m hungry too,” Bill Johnson said.

“Same here,” Justin Richards agreed.

Just then an older gentleman emerged from his office. “Well, how are we doing? Situation report?” he asked.

“Hi, Dr. Schultz,” Alice said. “Things seem to be under control for the moment. We haven’t detected any new cases, and officials are on scene for the ones we have found.”

“Hmm,” Dr. Schultz replied.

Ken sighed again and stood up from his desk. “I’m going to check the breakroom,” he said. “Maybe someone brought in cookies or something.”

“What’s that?” Dr. Schultz asked.

“Ken’s hungry,” Bill replied.

“We’re all getting hungry,” Justin said.

“Didn’t anyone bring a lunch?” Dr. Schultz asked.

“We were all planning on going out to eat for Alice’s birthday,” Bill said.

“Oh,” Dr. Schultz said and then turned to Alice and said, “Happy birthday.”

“Thank you,” Alice said.

“Of course,” Bill continued. “Those plans were cancelled after the mess this morning.”

“I see,” said Schultz.

“Hey! Guys?” Ken shouted from the breakroom door. “Good news! It looks like someone ordered cake and cookies for Alice’s birthday. They’re all laid out in here.”

Everyone went to look at the food in the breakroom. There were open white boxes containing many frosted dessert treats including colorful cupcakes, oddly shaped cookies, and even a few drinks.

“When did these come?” Alice asked. “I didn’t notice them earlier.”

“I bet Angela ordered them for your party,” Justin said. “Anyway, who cares? Let’s eat.” He picked up a cookie.

“Shouldn’t we wait until the team in the field returns?” Dr. Schultz said as he examined a pink frosted cupcake.

“We can leave them something,” Ken said. “I just need a snack to keep going. I’m getting hungry. You don’t want to see me when I’m hungry.” He grabbed a pink cupcake and a bottle of some cold coffee drink.

“Hey, Alice,” Bill said, smiling. “Look at these two.” He handed her a cupcake that had the words “EAT ME” written on it in frosting and a bottle with a tag on it that said “DRINK ME.” “I think these were meant for you,” he said. “You know, because of Alice in Wonderland?”

“Yeah,” Alice said. She had heard the reference before at least once. “I get it.”

“Well,” Justin said. “Do what it says. Eat it.”

“Oh, alright.” Alice took a bite from the cupcake. The frosting was very rich and creamy. “Delicious,” she said.

“Happy birthday, Alice!” Ken said, toasting her with his bottle and taking a swig from it.

“Happy birthday!” everyone else said, and then they sang the birthday song. Alice thanked them, and they all started eating some treats. The doctor had his pink cupcake as did Ken, who kept drinking his creamy cold coffee. Bill and Justin started munching away at cookes, ignoring the cow and chicken decorations on them.

“Oh,” Alice said. “I’m feeling a bit funny.”

“What’s the matter?” Bill said.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I just feel a bit… strange.” A feeling of pressure built up inside of her as if her whole body was filling up with something. It was like feeling bloated, but the sensation was all over her body. Her clothes started to feel tight. The pressure felt as though it would burst out of her skin, but, instead of bursting, her skin stretched. Her whole body stretched, and she felt herself growing taller and larger in every way. Buttons popped from her shirt. “Oh, no!” she cried. “What’s happening?”

Everyone else stopped and stared at her as she grew. She quickly went from just over five feet tall to nearly seven feet tall, and her growth showed no signs of slowing down. Seams tore on her clothes, and her shoes burst apart. Soon, she was over eight feet tall and standing nearly naked in the tattered remains of her outfit, leaving more and more of her dark skin visible to everyone as time went on. She moaned as her underwear gave way to the pressure at last and snapped off her now ten foot tall body. Her head bumped into the tiles of the ceiling, and she crouched down as her growing continued. The walls seemed to close in on her as if the room wanted to crush her, but, just before panic caused her to scream in terror, the growing slowed to a halt. Although no one had a yardstick or tape measure on them, they could all see she was over 15 feet tall now and totally naked.

“Oh, my God!” said Bill. Everyone else was too shocked to speak.

Alice noticed her nudity and pulled her knees up to her and hugged them to her chest as she sat on the floor in the corner of the room. She looked ready to cry. “W-what do I do?” she said.

“How did this happen?” Dr. Schultz asked. “This is powerful magic.”

“The food!” Justin said in a flash of insight. “That cupcake. It’s like the story. She ate the cupcake, and she grew larger.”

Alice looked down in horror at the empty wrapper of the cursed cupcake on the floor.

Bill picked up a bottle from the table. “Does that mean this would make her smaller?” he said as he held up the “DRINK ME” bottle.

“Maybe,” Justin said. “But-”

Before Justin could finish, Alice had snatched the bottle from Bill’s hand with only her finger and thumb. It felt smaller than a little energy drink shot bottle now.

“No,” Bill said. “Alice, wait! We don’t know-”

“I’m just going to drink a little,” she said as she opened the cap. “Just a little drop.”

She put the little bottle to her lips and tried to take a small sip, but accidentally gulped down most of the milky liquid inside. She waited a moment. No one dared move as they watched Alice to see what would happen to her now.

“Hey,” said Ken. “We all just ate some of the food here. Doesn’t that mean we should have grown too?”

Justin thought about it. “Well, she had a different type of food than we had.”

“And,” Bill said. “She ate hers before we did.”

“But, I had my drink before she ate her cake,” Ken said. “And, nothing hapPEneD tO mE.” His voice cracked up an octave as he finished his sentence. Everyone looked at him and were shocked to see that he now appeared to be only a young teenager. Ken held his throat and felt his Adam’s apple shrink and all traces of stubble vanish from his neck. He sprouted in reverse through a growth spurt, leaving him at just over four feet tall. His clothes hung on him loosely as he looked up at his coworkers fearfully. Thankfully, he did not appear to be getting any younger, but he was not exactly thrilled to be eight years old again.

Anyone who was still holding their food immediately put it down. They all waited and watched each other nervously to see if they would be next.

“Oh!” Bill said. “I feel strange.”

“Me too,” Justin said.

Bills ears grew pointy and became covered and black and white fur as a furry tail burst out the rear of his pants. It too had the signature black and white pattern of a Holstein cow on it.

Meanwhile, Justin’s skin was rapidly being covered by brown feathers.

“I feel it!” Alice said ignoring the rest of them. “I’m changing again.” She could sense her body pulling in on itself, as if her skin were shrinking and compressing her body beneath it. It was almost painful, but strangely relieving as well, as if she were using the bathroom. She became shorter and smaller. Soon, she was small enough to stand up again without bumping her head. “It’s working!” she said, relieved that she was no longer too big for the room.

“Oh, God!” young Ken squeaked as he watched his friends transform.

“Just stay calm,” Dr. Schultz said to calm the boy. “We’ll figure out something.” Unfortunately, his comforting words were overshadowed by the newly blonde hair that sprouted from on his formerly bald head, which grew longer and longer. Also, there were the pair of lumps swelling on his chest. “Oh, my!” he said in a decidedly more feminine voice.

“Wait a minute,” little Ken said as he realized that he had eaten the same type of pink cupcake that Dr. Schultz had eaten. He could feel his hair starting to grow longer as well. “Shit!”

Alice sighed happily as she reached her original height again. Then, she started to look worried as the rest of the room seemed to grow around her. Everything was getting taller, and all the furniture seemed to be expanding. “Oh, no!” she said. “I took too much.” As she shrank below three feet tall and kept on going, she cried, “Help me!” But, no one was paying any attention to her or each other by that point. They were all too focused on their own transformations.

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