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Mary Christmas 2: Christmas in July – Chapter 38 – by lostandwhatever

Continued from Chapter 37.


As Candice and the Department 8 team watched the snow fall in stunned silence, their attention was drawn to an SUV that had just pulled up beside them. Candice recognized Carol’s husband at the wheel.


“Chris?” Candice said, walking up the car.


He rolled down the passenger-side window and said, “Glad we found you before you left.”


“Is Carol okay?” Candice asked, stepping up to the car, fearing for the worst.


“I’m fine!” a babyish voice called from one of the back seats.


Candice poked her head into the car and spotted an occupied baby car seat. Carol appeared to be barely a year old now.


“I thought you wanted to stay with your family,” Candice said, feeling a mixture of gratitude and worry.


“I twied to keep away,” Carol lisped. “Tried…” she correct herself and sighed. “My teef awr dissapearwin’. Gettin’ harwd to speak.”


“What about the kids?”


“Wewl,” she said. “If the worlwd’s in dangah, den my familwy is in dangah. I need tuh twy tuh save ‘em if I can… unlwess you fink ahl be a bur-den taggin’ alwong.”


Cadice smiled, happy to see that, despite everything, Carol was still Carol. “No, we could use your help. Come on.”


Chris got out of the car and walked around to detach his wife’s car seat from the vehicle.


“Where ah we goin’?” Carol asked as her husband carefully transferred the whole car seat to the curb with her still secured in it, making sure the carrying handle was safely locked in place.


Once Carol was out in the open, Candice noticed that her baby friend appeared to be wearing a onesie with a noticeable bulge around her hips. To confirm what that was, Chris handed Candice a diaper bag.


“Everything you need should be in there,” he explained.


“Wewl?” Carol prompted Candice. “Wut now?”


“We’re going to Mary,” Candice replied, shouldering the diaper bag. “I know exactly where she should be right now.”


Chris knelt down in front of his little wife and kissed her on the forehead. Candice could see he was fighting back tears. “I love you,” he said.


Carol gripped one of his fingers in her baby fist and replied, “I wove you too. Stay wif da kids. Ahl be home soon.”


He nodded and gave Candice a serious look. “I’m trusting you with her. Help her, please.”


“I will,” Candice said. “I promise.”


“Go,” Carol said. “Beforwe dis gets worwse.”


He nodded, blew a kiss to her, and got behind the wheel again. Then, he drove off. Carol watched him go until the SUV was out of sight.


“Okay, wet’s go,” Carol said. “To Marwy.”


Continued in Chapter 39.


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