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Mary Christmas 2: Christmas in July – Chapter 37 – by lostandwhatever

Continued from Chapter 36.


Bill and Justin were waiting on the sidewalk when Candice’s taxi pulled up to the curb. She got out and took her bag out of the trunk. When the taxi pulled away, Bill and Justin shared a confused look.


“It’s me,” Candice said and lowered her sunglasses a little to show her eyes. “I’ve put on a new glamour. Like the hair?”


“It’s nice,” Bill said. “Come on.”


Candice pushed her glasses back into place. Then, she and Justin followed Bill to the door of the apartment building. A uniformed police officer was standing inside. He opened the door for the three of them.


Justin explained, “The officer is executing the search warrant Angela got for us.”


“Let’s go,” the officer said and led them into the building to the elevator.


Candice felt nervous near him and kept glancing at his gun.


On the third floor, there was a woman standing next to one of the apartment doors. The officer approached her and asked, “Is this the apartment?”


The woman nodded.


The officer knocked on the door and said, “Police. Open up. We have a search warrant.” They waited silently for a minute. Then, the officer nodded to the woman, who pulled out a ring of keys and unlocked the apartment door. The officer drew his pistol and entered the apartment. “What the hell?” he said a moment later.


“What is it?” Justin asked.


“Hold on a minute,” the officer said. They waited, and after a minute he called to them, “Right, the place looks clear… well… mostly clear. Come on in. Check this out.”


They walked into the apartment and were immediately met by a clucking chicken on the floor of the apartment.


“What do you make of this?” the officer asked.


Candice and Justin exchanged a look.


“Um,” Justin said. “Can you give us a minute alone with the chicken?”


“What?” the officer said.


“Would you mind just waiting in the hall?”


The officer shrugged his shoulders. “Fine,” he said. “Have it your way. I didn’t sign up to be a farmer.” He went into the hallway.


Then, Candice knelt down in front of the chicken and said, “Hi. If you’re Ms. Timberlake, tap my right hand twice with your beak.” She held out both hands.


The chicken hesitated a moment and then tapped Candice’s right hand twice.


“Okay,” Candice said. “Don’t worry. We’re here to help you. Was there a woman here with a man that looked like your cousin?”


The chicken tapped Candice’s hand again.


“Did you lay eggs for her?”


More taps.


“Did she leave with those eggs today?”


The taps were strong enough to hurt Candice’s hand this time.


Candice stood up, rubbing her palm as the chicken excitedly clucked at her feet.


“So,” Bill said. “We missed her.”


“Let’s check the fridge,” Candice said. They went to the kitchen and opened it up, but there was nothing unusual inside and not a single egg to be found. “We’ve got to go.”


“Already?” Justin asked. “Don’t you want to search around more?”


“We’re out of time. Mary’s already on the move. Let’s catch up with Alice and Ken.”


“Right,” Bill said. “Let’s roll.”


As they were heading out the door, the chicken bucked anxiously at them.


“What about her?” Justin asked.


“I suppose we should bring her along,” Candice said.


Justin asked the chicken, “May I please carry you to our car?” The chicken did not object and Justin picked it up and carried it away. “Don’t worry,” he said. “Believe me. I understand exactly what you’re going through. We’ll keep you safe until you’re back to normal.”




Bill’s car screeched to a halt in front of the public works building and all three of them got out together. Justin made sure to leave a window cracked open for the chicken inside the car. There were large garage doors on the side of the building, one of which was open. They entered through what appeared to be the front door to the building.


Inside they found Alice and Ken talking to two shockingly beautiful, sexy, blonde women dressed in ill-fitting construction worker clothes. The women seemed to be totally entranced by each other.


“Ladies?” Alice said. “Pay attention.”


Ken was just staring at the women silently.


“Hey,” Justin said. “How’s it going here?”


“Oh,” Alice said. “Good to see you two. Whoa, Candice, I like what you’ve done with your hair.”


They were distracted by the sound of the two blondes beginning to make out with each other.


“Hey!” Alice said. “I told you to cut that out while I’m talking to you.”


“What’s up with them?” Bill asked.


“From what I’ve gotten out of them so far, they used to be men. Then, a woman stopped by earlier with a box of cupcakes.”


One of the blondes moaned delightfully and said, “They were soooo yummy too! We ate ‘em all right up.”


“Yeah, we did,” the other blonde concurred. “Every one.”


Candice sighed. “The bimbo spell again. Great. Did they say if Mary took anything? A paint truck?”


Alice said, “I don’t think they’ve been paying attention to anything but each other since then. They were already making out when we got here.”


“Yeah,” the one blonde said. “But, can you blame us? We’re so damn sexy now.” She began massaging her massive tits in front of them all.


“Yeah,” the other blonde said and began massaging her own tits as well.


“Stop that!” Alice said.


“Why should we?”


“Yeah?” the other said. “Why? They’re our bodies now.”


“And, we’re soooo sexy.”


“I never even seen a woman as sexy as we are now. And, like, even if I did, she’d never even talk to a guy like me.”


“Hey,” the one blonde said to the other as if she had just had a brilliant idea. “We should, like, totally fuck.”


The other blonde’s eyes lit up. “Yeah, totally, we should!” Then, she paused for a moment. “But, what about my wife?”


“What about her?”


“Wouldn’t it be, like, cheating if we did it?”


“Nah,” the other blonde said. “It ain’t cheating if you’re not you.”


“Ah!” the other blonde said and nodded her head as if she had just heard something very wise.


They kissed and the one blonde said, “Come on. My place is just down the road.”


“Wait a second,” Alice said. “You’re not leaving.”


The blondes giggled like a pair of little girls and took off through the back of the office, hand in hand.


“Wait!’ Alice said, but they paid no attention to her. “Damn it!”


“Well,” Justin said. “What now, Candice?”


“We have to find the truck before it’s too late. Come on.”


They all left the building. Alice had to drag Ken out since he was still too stunned by what he had seen to move on his own.


Candice took out her map and found where they were on it. Then she looked for the nearest line that Mary would need to draw to make her magic spell.


Suddenly, a small white speck drifted down onto the middle of the map. Candice ignored it at first until it was followed by another one. Candice looked up to see that the sky was filling with white flakes and dark clouds out of nowhere. There was a tingle in the air, a growing energy that suggested that lighting might strike at any moment.


“Oh, no,” she said as more flakes drifted down.


“What is this?” Bill said. “Snow?”


“It can’t be,” Justin said. “It’s July.”


Ken opened his mouth and caught a flake on his tongue. “Tastes like snow.”


Alice smacked him in the back of his head.




“What if it wasn’t snow?” she asked him. “Idiot.”


“This is bad,” Candice said, shaking her head, she could feel the energy continuing to grow around them. She opened her bag to find that it was glowing pink inside. Every one of her detector crystals was lit up so bright that she had to squint to look directly at them, even with her sunglasses on. “We’re too late.”


“What?” Alice said.


“Mary started casting the spell already,” Candice said, looking up at the dark sky. She removed her sunglasses, letting her hair turn red and her ears grow back to normal. There was no point in hiding herself now. “We didn’t stop her in time.”


Falling snowflakes filled the air around them and blew past them, chilling them as they drifted by. Candice found herself torn between a sense of wonder at the mid-summer snowstorm and a sense of horror at what Mary was doing to the world.


Continued in Chapter 38.



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    Glad to see more of this. Hope we won’t be left on this cliffhanger too long.

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