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Mary Christmas 2: Christmas in July – Chapter 28 – by lostandwhatever

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Time dragged on as Candice waited and hoped that the bindings on her wrists and ankles would actually deteriorate away.


She tried yelling for help once or twice, but no one replied. She gave up once her mouth had begun to feel dry. Her stomach growled, and she realized that she had not eaten since breakfast, which felt like a lifetime ago now.


There was not much else to do but look around the hotel room and down at herself.


It was hard to avoid starting at her breasts. Her eyes were drawn to them. They were right there and so strange to her, so new. Big, round, and surprisingly heavy feeling, and the cool air of the motel room was causing her nipples to harden. She would have given in to the impulse to touch them if her wrists were not bound to the armrests of the chair. In fact, she was curious to explore her whole adult body with her hands.


It was an awkward moment. In a way, one of her fondest wishes had been granted, but the wish was tainted. She owed this body to Mary, and that was the last person she wanted to be indebted to.


Then, Candice thought about Carol, stuck as a little girl. Candice wondered what Carol would think when she saw Candice like this. How would Carol deal with this reversal? She thought. Would she be mad? She hoped Carol was really safe. With any luck, Carol was already leading the search for Candice with the rest of Department 8 and the elves from the embassy in tow.


Candice feared what the other elves would think. Would she be able to convince them that she had no choice? Would she be able to convince herself?


Her stomach growled again, and she realized she did not care what anybody thought at that moment. Right now, she was just desperate for something to eat.




At last, after what felt like hours in the chair, the wood wrapped around Candice’s ankles and wrists hand become dry and brittle. She struggled against her bindings and finally broke loose of them.


She rubbed her sore wrists, and stretched out her stiff legs. Then, she stood up… and up… and up.


“Wow!” she said, as she stood up at her full height and wobbled a bit on her long legs. She looked down at herself, and had to angle her head to see around her large breasts to her body below. The distance to her feet seemed so impossibly far that she had a moment of vertigo. “Wow” was all she could think to say.


She crouched down to her ripped apart clothes on the floor and searched for her phone, happy to feel a little less tall for a moment. She found her phone and was relieved to see that it still had a charge.


After she tried opening it with her thumbprint, which the touchpad failed to recognize, she put in her password and immediately called Carol.


“Hello?” a girl’s voice answered. “Candice? Is that you?”


“Yes,” Candice said. “I know I don’t sound like me, but it’s me.”


“Oh, I see,” little Carol said. “More age magic?”


“Yeah,” Candice said. “Something like that.”


“Well, where are you? We’ve been looking around town and the surrounding area.”


Candice peeked out between the curtains to see a sign outside of the motel. She told Carol the name.


“Got it,” Carol said. “We’re on our way. Open your door when we get there.”


“Um,” Candice said, looking down at herself again. “I don’t have any clothes that will fit me right now. Can someone bring me something to wear?”


“Of course,” Carol said. “I might need to borrow something from you now as well.”


Candice winced and said, “I’m so sorry, Carol.”


“It’s okay.”


“No,” Candice said. “It was my fault. I should have listened to you. I charged in like an idiot. Now… look at us.”


“We’ll talk about it later,” Carol said. “For now, sit tight, and we’ll come pick you up. Okay?”




Candice ended the call and thought about her nudity again. She looked back over at the ruins of her old outfit scattered around the chair. The shredded remains of her school uniform reminded her of cracked eggshell pieces. She considered draping a blanket over herself like a toga but decided that she wanted to get a look her body first. She walked past the chair and over to the bathroom to take a first look at her adult face.


She was relieved to find that she still looked like herself, only more so. There was more face to view. It was as if her childish face had been the sketch of the adult face she now wore. She felt like a finished piece of art, a complete person. Then, there were her breasts. They were enormous. At first, she thought that her perception of their size was skewed by her inexperience with having breasts at all, but she could not deny they were much larger than average. She cupped them in her hands, felt their weight, and smiled slightly. She could not decide if she wanted to laugh or cry at that moment. It was all so overwhelming. There was too much to take in. So many fresh sensations. So many things to discover and explore about herself. And, so much confusion about how to feel about it. She was happy, but she felt guilty for feeling that way because of how this had all happened.


She looked herself in the eyes and said, “You had no choice. That’s the truth. Don’t doubt yourself now.” She was starting to like the sound of her grown-up voice. It sounded authoritative. She wanted to trust what that voice said. She found a drinking glass by the sink and poured herself some tap water. She drank it down, quenching her thirst, and looked herself in the eyes again. “Now,” she said. “Go wait for your friends to come help you.”


She left the bathroom, pulled a blanket from one of the twin beds, and hung it from her shoulders. For a moment, she looked at the raygun on the other bed that Mary had left for her and considered picking it up. “No,” she said, shaking her head. There was no telling if it was booby trapped or not. She would have to be cautious with the raygun and use her equipment to examine it first.

She walked back over to the window to watch from behind the curtains for her friends arrival. As she waited, she thought about calling the embassy to talk to the other elves about what had happened but decided against it. Not now, she thought. There would be time for that conversation later. Right now, she just wanted to check on Carol to make sure that she was OK.


To be continued…



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