Mary Christmas 2: Christmas in July – Chapter 27 – by lostandwhatever

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Continued from Chapter 26.

“Stop! I’ll do it.” Candice cried. “I’ll do it.”

“Say the words,” Mary said, her finger still on the trigger of the gun pressed to Bob’s head.

“I give Bob my glamour,” Candice said. The buttons on the stick glowed.

“Press them,” Mary said.

Bob and Candice pressed their thumbs on the buttons and the spell activated.

Candice felt a rush of energy flow through her. Then, there was a sensation like a balloon popping all over her skin, as if she had been covered in an invisible film, and now it had been ripped away. She felt suddenly free, relieved. Her whole life, she had been contained in that spell, and she had never noticed the physical burden of it until it was lifted. To feel it gone was like tearing off a layer of skin to reveal a much more comfortable layer underneath.

She sighed. It was delightful. The Gift Stick slipped out from under her fingers, but she hardly noticed.

Then, some powerful energy surged up inside of her, but not as though something new was being generated. Instead, it felt as if it had always been contained wit her. Now that her glamour was gone, that energy was set loose. It was her adulthood, she realized, and it was ready to come out.

Her whole body filled with that energy, until it felt as though it would erupt from her skin, tearing her apart. But, instead of tearing, she felt her skin stretch out to contain the energy. Her young body was too small for that energy. She needed to be bigger to fit it properly, so she grew.

What followed was like something out of a half-forgotten dream or nightmare. Her clothes became tight. Then, the seams began to tear. Her school uniform shred to pieces as her body stretched longer and wider. Her glasses snapped in half, and fell off her face, letting her elf ears grow back to their normal length and keep on growing. Her butt filled out the seat as her feet touched the floor, toes bursting out of her shoes.  Her breasts swelled, popping buttons off her shirt.

She moaned, and her voice sounded deeper, thicker. Everything about her felt thicker, heavier, more substantial. There was more of everything: more skin, more curves, more height, more weight…

And then, when she was large enough for the energy within her, the growing slowed to a stop.

She was panting, and feeling somewhat cold sitting in the remnants of her torn school-girl clothes. A woman, where a girl had been.

She noticed Mary smiling down at her.

“Wow,” she heard a boy say. “Look at me.”

They all looked at the boy.

Bob stood there in his loose fitting adult clothes, looking as young as Candice had appeared only a minute ago.

“Bobby,” Maureen said as she rushed up to him and knelt before him. “My boy, my baby, are you alright?”

He smiled and held up his hands, looking at how small and smooth they were. “Look at me,” he said again. “It’s perfect. I feel perfect.” He started to cry. Maureen pulled him into a tight hug and cried with him. His pants dropped to the floor, but his oversized shirt was draped over him like a dress, hiding his bare bottom.

Candice felt stronger, so she tried struggling to get loose from the branches again. But, the bindings were as tight as before, and all she managed to do was start her breasts shaking. It was a distracting and embarrassing feeling to have her newly mature body be so unwillingly displayed. She wished she could cover herself up, but she could barely move.

“Well,” Mary said. “Looks like our transaction is complete.”

Maureen and Bobby looked at Mary and recoiled from her with fear in their eyes.

Mary aimed the gun at the two of them and said, “Now, it’s time to tie up some loose ends.”

She pulled the trigger.

Maureen yelled, “No!” and shielded Bobby with her body.

But, there was no gunshot.

Instead, a stick had extended from the barrel of the gun with a small flag hanging from it with the word “Bang!” printed on it.

Mary smiled and held up her prank gun for the two of them to see. “Gotcha,” she said.

“You…” Maureen started to say with rising fury in her voice, but quieted down when Mary put a finger to her lips and shushed her.

Mary said, “Just because I’m not about to kill you doesn’t mean I’m not dangerous.” Mary’s smile faded. She set down her prank gun and pulled a raygun-looking weapon out of her bag. “This one doesn’t fire bullets, but it can mess you up. Get it?”

Maureen nodded.

“Now,” Mary said. “It’s time for the two of you to get out of here.”

Maureen gathered up Bobby’s discarded clothes, and the two of them swiftly headed for the door.

“And,” Mary added. “Obviously, don’t speak a word about this to anyone and never contact me again.”

“We won’t,” Maureen said.

“Thanks,” Bobby said with a nervous wave, as Maureen took his hand and led the barefoot boy out of the motel room.

Mary shut the door, turned back to Candice, and smiled. “I get why the big guy loves his job so much,” she said. “It just feels good to give to people. Don’t you agree?”

“This doesn’t change anything,” Candice said and tried to hide her surprise at hearing an adult woman’s voice coming out of her mouth.

“It doesn’t?” Mary asked. “You sure about that? At the very least, you’re going to need a new wardrobe.”

“I’m going to stop you.”

“I don’t doubt you’ll try,” Mary said. “And, you know what? I’m kinda looking forward to it. Things have been a bit too easy so far, like I’m playing chess and everyone else is playing checkers.”

“This isn’t a game.”

“Everything is a game. If you don’t realize that yet, then you’re just letting yourself be someone else’s pawn.” Mary turned to fake Chuck and nodded. Chuck detached his tree-branch arm from the floor, and his hand shrank back to normal.

Again, Candice struggled against the branches binding her to the chair. They still held her firmly in place.

“Don’t worry,” Mary said. “That wood will get old and brittle in about an hour. Chuck here can grow it fast, but it rots away just as fast.” She zipped up her bag and handed it to fake Chuck. “Start the car, “ she told him.

He nodded, opened the door, and left with the bag.

“What are you going to do with the ring?” Candice asked. “If this is a game, then you can give me a hint. Can’t you? Make it interesting. More of a challenge. Huh?”

Mary gave Candice a slight smirk and said, “Very well, then: a hint.” She put the raygun down on the bed where her bag had been. “There,” she said and walked to the door.

“What are you doing? Candice asked. “What is that?”

Mary paused in the doorway and said, “That is a game piece. If you can figure it out, then you’ll know what game you’re really playing. Good luck!” She gave Candice a pleasant wave and shut the door behind her, leaving Candice bound to a chair in the shredded remains of her clothes, sitting alone in the motel room.

To be continued…

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