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Mary Christmas 2: Christmas in July – Chapter 26 – by lostandwhatever

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Mary opened the door, and Candice was surprised to see an ordinary couple of adult humans walk into the room. The woman was slightly overweight, and the man was balding. Otherwise, there seemed to be nothing particularly notable about either of them. They were dressed as if they were on vacation and seemed slightly apprehensive about entering the room.


“Come in,” Mary said and waved them into the room. “She’s waiting for you.”


The man and woman stepped into the room and Mary shut the door behind them. They stood there staring at Candice.


“Is she really an elf like you?” the woman asked Mary.


“Why is she tied up?” the man asked, after seeing the branches binding Candice to the chair.


“Don’t worry,” Mary said. “She is an elf, and she’s going to give you what you want. She’s just hiding her ears to pretend to be a human girl.” She turned to Candice and said, “By the way, I love the glamor spell on your glasses. Very elegant. I have a pair just like them. Great minds think alike, I suppose.”


“But, she’s tied up,” the man said. “Did you kidnap her? I thought you said she would trade it with us.”


“She will,” Mary said. “We can’t take it from her. She has to give it up willingly. That’s how the magic works. Right now, she’s just feeling a bit reluctant. In fact, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s get introductions out of the way first.” Mary gestured to the couple and said, “Candice, these two are Maureen and Bob. Maureen and Bob, this is Candice.”


“Help me!” Candice said. “She’s captured me. She’s attacked thousands of people. You need to run and get help!”


“Oh,” Maureen said, appearing slightly embarrassed. “We know who she is and what she’s done. Not that we approve of it all, but…”


“But,” Bob continued. “She’s offered us a chance to live out our wildest dream.” He held Maureen’s hand affectionately.


“What?” Candice said.


“You see,” Bob said. “We tried to find one of the Youth Guns that Mary made, but most of them had been confiscated, and the others that were on the web for auction were too expensive for us to afford. We were ready to spend all of our savings for one, but we were outbid every time.”


Mary said, “That was until I noticed them begging online for a way to make a person into a kid again.”


Maureen said, “Mary told us she could make Bob a child, permanently.”


“What!?” Candice said. “You want to turn him into a child… on purpose?”


“It’s my fondest dream,” Bob said. “I want to be a boy again. I’ve always wanted to return to my childhood. I felt weird about it for a long time until I met Maureen. She loved the idea of mothering me. We used to role-play a lot, but it always felt a bit dissatisfying. Then, last Christmas happened, and we realized we could make our dreams come true. We thought I might get one more chance at a return to my childhood if we could get one of the Youth Guns, but they would only turn back the clock. I would grow up again. The idea that I could stay young forever… well… That was more than we could have hoped for.”


Mary said to Candice, “You see what they want from you. Don’t you?”


“My glamour?”


Maureen said, “Mary told us that its a glamour spell that causes elves to always look like children. It was exactly what we wanted. We were worried about dealing with her, but she has been upfront with us. We know she’s caused problems for people, but she’s hardly dangerous.”


“So,” Candice said, not really believing what she was hearing. “You’re fine with her assaults and her kidnapping and all the rest?”


“If she can get us what we want…” Bob said. “Yes. Yes we are.”


Candice sighed. She had imagined what it might be like to meet Mary face to face, but this was a far weirder experience than she could have conceived.


Mary pulled a short stick out of a bag. It looked something like a magic wand. Candice recognized it immediately. “The Gift Stick,” she said.


Mary smiled. “It’s one of my finest works,” she said as she held it up and admired it. “Simple, elegant, easy to use, and, best of all, one-hundred percent fair. You can have whatever you want with it so long as everyone agrees to the trade.”


Candice had been briefed about The Gift Stick by her superiors. Although it had not been explicitly stated, Candice had suspected that Mary had gotten rid of her childhood glamour using the Gift Stick. Mary could have traded it away to the poor teen girl who had ended up stuck in childhood as a result. The elves had eventually managed to remove the glamour from the girl. How they did it was kept top secret, though. Even Candice had no sure idea how to remove an elf’s glamour. That was Mary’s secret.


Mary handed The Gift Stick to Bob and instructed him, “Hold the stick in one hand and put the other side in the elf’s hand.”


Bob did as he was told, sliding the other end of the stick under Candice’s palm on the armrest. Candice did not grip the stick at all, but it was still in contact with her skin.


“Good,” Mary said. “Now, say what it is that you will give her.”


“I give you three inches of my height,” Bob said. “I want to be small.”


“Very good,” Mary said and turned to Candice. “Now, you say that you will give him your glamour.”


Candice simply said, “No.”


“Explain,” Mary said, frowning. “Are you just being stubborn, or do you really love your glamour that much?”


“I’m not playing your game,” Candice said. “Like you said, everyone has to agree. I don’t.”


Bob said, “Please. I want this more than anything. I’ll give you anything for it. You can have all my money, everything I own. Anything. Just let me have this, please.”


“See,” Mary said. “Poor Bobby here is desperate to have that glamour of yours. You can’t tell me that you enjoy looking that way, feeling so small and helpless around the humans. Do you?” Mary leaned forward and gave Candice an eyeful of her cleavage.


“I don’t mind it,” Candice said. “I’m used to it. ‘We look like children…”


“‘…so that we might serve children best,’” Mary said, finishing the quote. “Yes, you have dutifully memorized the propaganda well. Good job. But, you don’t really believe it. Do you?”


Candice wanted to deny what Mary was saying just because it was Mary saying it, but Candice could not deny it to herself. Of course, she hated her glamour. Deep down inside, every elf did, if they were being honest with themselves.


“Fine,” Candice said. “Maybe I might want to get rid of my glamour. I can admit that. But, I have a duty. There are rules. Unlike you I don’t break them just because I don’t like them.”


“And,” Mary said. “Just why do they have those rules anyway? Huh? You ever wondered about that? They keep us as helpless children, put us to work in jobs we can’t escape, and control our ability to even reproduce. For what? Free toys for kids? Doesn’t that seem a bit unfair to you? A bit despotic even? Don’t you yearn for the freedom to live as the adult you’re supposed to be?”


Candice hated that she was starting to agree with Mary. The rules seemed fundamentally wrong when she thought about them that way. She kept her mouth shut, though, too stubborn to give any more ground to Mary.


“Just a few simple words,” Mary said. “‘I give you my glamour.’ Just say it, and you will be free. If you’re worried about what everyone else will think. Well, you can just tell them that I forced you to do it. You had no choice. They’d believe that. They’d probably forgive you right away for it.”


The temptation to speak the words was getting hard to resist. Mary was right. It would be so easy to just say it. Candice was tied up. She did not ask for this. It was being forced on her. It was justified. Every moment she felt small raced through her mind, from her feet dangling off of chairs to sitting in the back seats of cars to being mistaken for a human child again and again.  She wanted to be a grown up. She wanted to feel that power. All it would take is just a few simple words.


Candice looked up at Mary.


Mary was smiling.


That was all Candice needed to see.


“No,” Candice said, staring Mary down. “I’m not helping you. Giving away my glamour will only put the spotlight on me and pull it away from you temporarily. It will buy you more time. It will slow down the investigation. I’m not giving you that. No way.”


Mary stopped smiling.


“Fine,” Mary said. “Since you are so intent on playing the hero, I guess I’ll have to play the villain here as well.” Mary reached into her bag and pulled out a large, shiny revolver. She grabbed Bob’s head with one hand and pressed the barrel of the gun to the side of his head with the other.


“Bob!” Maureen cried.


“You shut up!” Mary yelled at her. “Or, I’ll put a bullet in Bobby’s head right now.”


Tears rolled down Maureen’s terrified face as Bob began to whimper.


“Now,” Mary said, turning back to Candice. “I’ve made it all very simple for you. Either you do what I say now, or I kill Bobby.” She cocked the hammer and rested her finger on the trigger. Bob whimpered even louder. He nearly dropped the stick. “Keep your damn hand on the stick,” she told him. He gripped it more tightly. Sweat rolled down his bald forehead.


“Mary,” Candice said in a calm tone. “You’re not a murderer. You’ve never killed anyone in all that you’ve done, even when you easily could have. Put down the gun and let’s talk. You don’t want to do this.”


“Just because I haven’t done it, doesn’t mean that I can’t,” Mary said. “I’ve been trying a whole lot of new things lately: baking, milk production, egg production, burglary, kidnapping. Why not add murder to the list?”


“You won’t shoot him,” Candice said.


“You willing to bet his life that you’re right?” Mary said.


Candice quietly prayed that Mary was bluffing.


“Fine,” Mary said. “I’ve always wanted to try this. Here goes. I’m going to count to three. Then, I’ll pull the trigger.”


“Mary,” Candice said.


“One…” Mary said.


“Don’t do this,” Candice said.




Bob was crying now.



To be continued…




  1. I think Mary is bluffing.. But I’m not sure Candice will take that chance. I’m guessing there is an ulterior motive behind this.

    Mary doesn’t seem like the person(elf) to just take the time to help out two humans out of the kindness of her heart. I wonder what Mary will get out of this..

    Superb writing as usual!

    • lostandwhatever

      Mary is pretty simple. When the opportunity to mess with people reveals itself, she takes it. Also, Candice might be in trouble if she takes off her glamour. I’m sure Mary wouldn’t mind having one less person chasing her.

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