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Mary Christmas 2: Christmas in July – Chapter 22 – by lostandwhatever

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“The next day,” Chuck said. “She showed up with a giant hamster cage and put me in it. Then, she pointed that gun at me again. Wait… No, it was a different gun, like she had added some things onto the original gun. Anyhow, she pointed it at me and pulled the trigger. I was surprised when I started to get bigger. I felt my strength coming back as I got taller, and soon I was standing again. Then, I became an adult again. When she saw me back to my normal age, she let the trigger go.

“I didn’t know what to do. I could move, but there was nowhere to go. I was still too tiny to get out of the plastic cage. I tried to be diplomatic. I said, ‘Thank you!’ She just looked at me with a blank expression on her face. She put the cover on my cage and put me on the dresser in my bedroom. Then, she left me there without saying a word.

“She came back again hours later to feed me. She gave me a giant paper cup full of milk and some bread crumbs. I tasted the milk and recognized it as her breast milk again. I ate the bits of bread and drank some of the milk. When I stopped eating, she replaced the milk with water. ‘Good boy,’ she said and kind of petted my head with a fingertip. When I finished, I said, ‘Thank you!’ again. Then, just like before, she left without any reply.

“Days went by like this, and I started to realize I had gone from being her baby to her pet. She would feed me and change out the bedding in the cage, but she never responded to me when I talked to her. She might say what she was going to do or call me a good boy or something like that, but there was no conversation with her. She acted as if she couldn’t hear me. Eventually, I gave up trying to talk to her. I was so lonely. I felt like I was in prison, in solitary. What’s worse, I had no idea how long my sentence would be.

“I lost track of the days after about a week. Nothing much changed, so there didn’t seem to be much point in paying attention to time anymore. I wasn’t waiting for anything. I just kept hoping it would all end eventually… one way or another. She would disappear for days at a time, my giant double would be by to feed me then. Sometimes, I could swear I heard a cow or a chicken even though I don’t have any livestock on the farm.

“Then, she started experimenting again. One day, I drank the milk, and I turned into a little boy. I mean, I was already tiny, so it didn’t affect me much. Still, that was weird. At least, it wore off the next day. Another day, I drank the milk, and I turned into a woman. That felt really weird. I could hardly think straight. She gave me a funny look, and then she took me out of the cage that day and gave me a little bath in the sink. I remember how she ran her soapy fingers over my curves, my ass, my breasts. It felt nice. I enjoyed it a bit too much, to be honest. When it was over and she had toweled me off gently, she… licked me. She kept on licking me until… I…” Chuck blushed. “I don’t want to talk about that.

“Anyhow, she would do that: test things on me. Some things worked and some didn’t. She gave me something white and rubbery that must have been an egg, but nothing seemed to happen. She made me a chicken one day and another day she made me a cow.

“I heard a noise at the window one day, like someone was tapping on it, and I saw her face looking into the bedroom window. She was even more gigantic than normal. Her face took up the whole window. Another day, my double came by holding her in his hands, and she was the same size as me. She just smiled at me, and I really wished I could switch places with the other me.

“Then, one day. She carried my cage downstairs into the kitchen and left me there for the morning. In the afternoon, she returned with a friend for me: a cow. It was my size, and it smelled. I missed smelling stuff. Everything in the cage smelled like wood shavings. That cow was so musky. It really started to wake me up. ‘I thought you could use some company,’ she said. She was right. It felt good to not be alone. I named the cow Bessy. I loved that cow. Is she alright?

Carol said, “I’m told it’s in good health. It’s actually back to its normal size now.”

“That’s good,” Chuck said and smiled. “I want to see her later, if that’s alright.”


To be continued…



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