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Mary Christmas 2: Christmas in July – Chapter 21 – by lostandwhatever

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Chuck continued his story, “I woke up the next morning with her brushing the little hair I had on my head. I wanted to believe that the night before was just a nightmare, but it wasn’t. I was actually a baby. I cried again. I was doing a lot of crying.

“She said, ‘I’m going to check on your daddy to see how he’s coming along. But, don’t worry. I’ll have breakfast ready for you when I get back.’ She left me alone on the bed again. A while later, I heard two sets of footsteps on the stairs, and the most fucked up thing yet happened. I saw her walk back into the room with myself next to her. I mean it was just a perfect copy of my regular adult body following her. I just stared at the copy of me standing above me, like a giant, and he stared back with this blank look on his face. I shivered. It was so creepy. I mean, it’s one thing to see your own face in the mirror. It’s another thing to see someone else wearing your face and looking at you like you’re an ant. I tried to ask what the hell was going on, but all I did was babble and drool on my chin. She seemed to understand, though.

“She put a hand on my double’s shoulder and said, ‘This is your new daddy. I want to thank you again for the seed I needed to grow him. He’s going to be a big help for me. Aren’t you, dear?’ My double nodded his head and kind of grunted. She said, ‘Looks like talking is a bit too much for him, but the strong silent type is good enough for what I have in mind.’ She turned to him and said, ‘Make me some breakfast, please. I need to feed the baby.’ Without even a nod, he turned and left the room. I heard him walk down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“‘Now,’ she said. ‘Time for your breakfast.’ She pulled off her shirt, and her breasts looked huge. I mean, I knew I was smaller, but they seemed even bigger than they had been last night after she had made me a baby. She lifted me up and cradled me in her arms. She sat on the bed, and angled my mouth closer to her nipple. Then, my lips touched it. ‘Drink up,’ she said. I wanted to say no. I wanted to fight back somehow, but what could I do? What could I do? I was stubborn enough to keep my mouth shut at least for a moment. I gave her a dirty look, but that just made her smile. ‘This is all I’m giving you to eat. You can have it, or you can starve.’

“I gave in. I started sucking. The milk tasted okay at first. After a while, it started to seem thicker and creamier. I hate to admit it, but it tasted good. I kept drinking, and my mind wandered back to all the countless times I’d milked something in my life. I realized that this was the first time I could remember doing it with my mouth. Funny, huh? She switched me to her other breast, and I kept on going until I felt full.

“She put me on her shoulder and burped me, and I puked a little. I felt gross, but she cleaned me up and checked to see if I’d made a mess in my makeshift diaper. I had pissed myself. She cleaned that up as well and turned another one of my T-shirts into a makeshift diaper for me to ruin.

“She turned the radio on and left me alone on the bed again. She would come to check on my once in a while, but most of my time was spent just laying on there listening to the radio. It was boring, but what could I do? I just had to hope that she wasn’t planning on hurting me.

“The day went by like that. She showed up a the end of the day after I woke up from a nap, and now she had actual diapers and baby clothes for me. She fed me again and changed my diaper again, and I started to realize that she was planning on keeping things going like this for a long while.

“The next day was the same, but while she was feeding me in the morning, she said, ‘It’s really interesting isn’t it that I can do this. I mean, make milk for you. I never even cast a spell. I just willed it to happen. I wanted to lactate, and I did. It seems like I can do some magic with my body if I focus enough.’ She paused for a minute as I kept sucking on her nipple. ‘I wonder…’ she said and I saw her get a real faraway look in her eyes. Then, she smiled. ‘I just had an idea,’ she said. ‘I’m going to try a little experiment on you later.’ I stopped drinking and started to cry again.

“Again, I lay around listening to the radio, waiting for her to try her ‘experiment’ on me later. The hours dragged on until it was time for me to be fed again. I tried not to drink again, and she said, ‘Not hungry? Fine, I can wait.’ She left again, but eventually I started to feel really hungry and thirsty. When she tired again, I couldn’t resist. I drank her milk and waited for what the ‘experiment’ would do to me. When I stopped drinking and nothing had happened, I felt relieved for a moment. Her ‘experiment’ had failed, or so I thought. Then, I felt my body changing again. I was shrinking again. I felt the diaper get loose on me as I got smaller and smaller in her arms. She looked even more like a giant than before. Then, she was holding me with one arm. And then, just her hand. When I stopped shrinking, I was laying in the palm of her hand like it was a bed.

“I wailed and cried again. She’d shrunk me. Not only was I a baby, but a tiny baby. Through my tears, I saw her lift me up to her face, and I realized she could swallow me whole now in her giant smiling mouth. Her fingers curled over me, and I felt like she might crush me like a grape. And, there was nothing I could do but cry and feel terrified. ‘Oh, Chuck,’ she said. Her voice sounded so loud. ‘This changes everything. Thank you.’

“She lay me on a pile of tissues on the dresser, and I wondered what the hell would happen next. I listened to the radio, and looked around at my giant bedroom, trying to wrap my head around how a place could be so big. It all seemed so impossible. Of course, it was impossible, or at least it should have been.”

To be continued…



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