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Mary Christmas 2: Christmas in July – Chapter 20 – by lostandwhatever

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Chuck Timberland sat on his chair and took a sip from his coffee. It would have been a pretty ordinary sight except that the coffee cup was a thimble and the chair was a dollhouse chair.

“I’d never seen her before that night,” the doll-sized man said, pausing and wincing as if in pain. “The night it happened.”

He was wearing baggy looking gym clothes, which were, in fact, doll clothes. Most things in his little room were made for a doll house. The psychologist who had examined Chuck determined that his shrinking had been, understandably, a traumatic experience. Therefore, they had decided to give him as close to a normal environment to live in as was possible. They had converted a hamster cage into a studio apartment filled with miniature furniture, and covered all four sides of the plastic cage with opaque walls. They had removed one of the walls for this interview. Chuck did not seem comfortable sitting in front of the relatively giant pair of Carol and Candice.

“Where did you meet her?” Carol asked in as gentle a voice as she could manage.

“A bar,” he said. “The Red Rooster. Do you know the place?”

“Yeah,” Carol said and gave Candice a knowing look. “It’s in the same town as the culinary academy.”

“Yeah,” he said. “That’s just down the road. Some of the students drink at the Rooster on weekends.”

“Can you describe what happened that night with her?” Carol asked.

“Well,” he said and crossed his legs. “I was between jobs and girlfriends and looking to blow off some steam. Then, I saw her. She was dressed pretty plainly and wearing glasses, but she was, still, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in the flesh. God, she was sexy as hell, and she looked kind of familiar somehow. I wondered if she might be a model. I was a bit tipsy at that point. Otherwise, I would never have had the guts to go up and talk to her. But, I did… I did.” A faraway look filled his eyes as he seemed to drift off into his mind.

“What did she say?”

“Oh,” he said, returning to the world again. “She was all smiles. I really felt she had a thing for me. I told her I worked on farms, showed off my muscles. That usually works with the ladies. Anyhow, she told me she was curious about farming and wanted to know all about it. Man, I could not shut up after that. I told her about diaries I’d worked at and how to handle animals and milking and everything. She just ate it all up. God, she had a beautiful smile.”

“And, you left the bar with her?” Carol said. “One bartender said he saw the two of you leave around 1 a.m.”

“Yeah,” he said. “I was a bit too drunk to drive, but she said she could drive me back to my place in my truck. I just assumed she came to the bar with someone else or something. She didn’t say. We made it to the farmhouse. I told her it was what I had left of my parents’ farm after losing most of the fields. She asked me if we were alone. I said no one would be bothering us, if that was what she was worried about. She smiled again and took off her shirt, and I did the same. We made out, and I tried not to think about how unlikely this all was. I mean, she was way out of my league, but I wanted to believe that a girl like that could really want me.

“Eventually, we made it up to my bedroom. She had me put on a condom she had brought. The sex was amazing. I’ve never had a girl like her. Honestly, after all of this mess, I think it might have almost been worth it just for that. It was like a dream come true. Though, everything from that point on turned into a nightmare.

“When we finished, I lay down next to her, and the lights went out in the room. I guess she had turned off the nightstand light. I didn’t care. I just figured she liked it dark after sex or something. She said something like, ‘You ready for round two?’ and I rolled over and kissed her again. She replaced my condom in the dark. And, we got down to business again.

“Something started to feel wrong. I felt a bit weaker. I mean, I normally feel a bit spent after I come, but this was different. I seemed to be missing a lot of energy, and she seemed stronger somehow, bigger even. Then, we rolled over, and she was on top of me, and she felt so heavy. I started to feel scared. I reached for the nightstand light and flipped it on, and I saw her sitting on me, looking huge. I mean, she looked like she was even taller than me. She’d taken her glasses off, and for the first time I noticed she had pointy ears.

“I said, ‘What’s going on?’ and my voice sounded strange. It was all croaky and high, like a young teenager’s voice. Then, I saw something in her hand. It looked like some kind of toy ray gun. She pointed it at me, and I remembered hearing about what happened last Christmas. That was when I realized why she looked familiar. She was the elf that everyone was looking for. I’d seen her picture on the news. I put my hands up to block the gun, but that made no difference. She pulled the trigger, and it felt like she got even bigger as she sat on me. I was all, like, ‘Noooooo!’ but I stopped when I heard my own voice get all squeaky and kid-like.

“I pushed against her and tried to squirm out from under her tights. I felt the condom slip off of me. I was scared. I felt like a little boy, and I wanted to run away. I managed to slip out from underneath her. I think she let me go. Then, I rolled off the bed and tried to run for the door, but she grabbed my wrist. She was so strong. I couldn’t get away. I watched her point the gun at me again. I shrieked, ‘No! No more! I’m sorry!’ She pulled the trigger anyway, and I felt myself shrink even smaller. I was panicking. I felt like a fox caught in a trap. She would not let me go. I just wanted to go.”

He stopped talking and hung his head down. Candice thought she heard him sniffle as he stifled a sob.

“And then, she let me go,” he continued. “It was so sudden that I fell over and forgot to even run away. She stood up from the bed. She looked like she was over ten feet tall then. I cowered on the ground under her. I started to cry. She pointed the gun at me again, and I just started squealing. I tried to run away again. I made it all the way to the bedroom door, which she’d closed when we came in. I reached for the handle. It was eye level to me. Then, it was over my head. Then, I lunged for it, but I couldn’t stand anymore. I fell down and started crying and wailing. I knew what I had become. I was a baby. I was tiny. I was so damn weak. And, I was terrified.”

He paused again for a long while. Then, suddenly he began to talk again, “She picked me up and started to act very motherly all of a sudden. I kept on crying. She wrapped me in my own shirt, like a diaper. The she said, ‘Thank you for giving me a place to stay for a while. I promise I’ll be a good guest while I’m here. When I leave, I might even leave you close to normal again if you behave.’

“What could I do? I was tiny and weak, and at that point, she was the only one around that could help me. I just went along with what she wanted to do. She laid me on the bed and took my used condom out of the trash and looked at it like it was a test tube. She said, ‘I have an idea. You need a daddy.’ She walked out still holding the condom and left me alone in the room then, and I just quietly cried myself to sleep.”

To be continued…




  1. lostandwhatever

    Sorry for the gap in publishing. I was trying to write a new chapter, and I accidentally wrote 4. I’ll post them soon.

  2. That’s what I would call a happy accident! Keep them coming! Amazing writing, as always!

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