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Mary Christmas 2: Christmas in July – Chapter 2 – by lostandwhatever

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Mary Christmas 2: Christmas in July – Chapter 2
By: lostandwhatever

Continued from Chapter 1.


At the fourth floor checkpoint, Corporal Miller, a stern looking woman in her late 30s, waited impatiently for the new guard to return. He had gone to the restroom a while ago and not returned.


Finally, he appeared around the corner. “Sorry,” Private Jones said. “That took a bit longer than I expected. Must have been something I ate.” He was young, barely even 20, and, like most young people the corporal had known, he was too unserious for his own good. That could be a real problem for a soldier on guard duty.


The corporal knew she had some work to do to get the kid disciplined. “Next time, Rookie,” she said. “Save it for when you’re off duty.”


He smiled sheepishly. “Right. Sorry, ma’am.”


She did not return his smile. The two of them took up their positions flanking a locked double door entryway into a secure area.


The private kept glancing behind his shoulder at the doors. “Um, Corporal?”


She looked at him, but remained quiet.


“You ever wonder what’s back there?” he asked.


She sighed. Neither of them had ever entered the area. They both lacked the clearance. Corporal Miller made sure to never even peek past the doors when people with clearance had entered. She stood at attention with eyes forward.


“No,” she said. “I never ‘wonder.’ My orders are to make sure only the right people can get in, not to ‘wonder’ what’s inside.”


“Right.” He sounded a bit disappointed.


“And, if you want to keep this post and avoid facing disciplinary consequences, you need to stop your ‘wondering’ and keep your mouth shut. You hear me, private?”


“Yes, ma’am,” he said. “I know my orders. It’s just… all of those people who rushed out earlier… They looked really worried about something.”


“None of our business,” she said, but if she were being honest with herself, it had worried her a bit as well. Whatever the scientists and specialists were doing behind those doors was top secret and likely dangerous. If they were worried, then everyone else should be worried as well.


“Oooh,” he said, rubbing a hand on his stomach.


“What now?”


“I think I need to hit the restroom again,” he said.


The corporal sighed. “Go,” she said. “Take some of that pink stuff next time when you come in with a stomach ache.”


“Thank you,” he said as he hurried off to the restroom again. “I’ll be right back.”


“Rookies,” she said to herself as she stood there alone.


Just then, the elevator door in front of the corporal opened. A person stepped out holding a stack of large white boxes. The person turned the boxes to the side to peek at the corporal. There was a moment when their eyes met and there was a look of surprise in the eyes of the woman holding the boxes.


“Um, hello,” the woman said.


Corporal Miller recognized the uniform, but not the face. It must have been one of the new guards downstairs. Everyone in the building was new, seeing as the building had only been opened weeks ago, but there were people being added to the workforce everyday.


“Can I help you?” the corporal asked.


“No,” the woman said. “I was just heading…” She looked left and right down the hall. “That way,” she said turning her boxes to the right.


“To the bathrooms?”


“Yes… that’s right,” the woman said and hurried off to the restrooms. She made it to the women’s restroom door and set her boxes down next to it before entering.


The corporal stood there wondering if there were some stomach bug going around. Then, a strange sensation hit her. At first she thought that she might be getting sick as well. There was a sort of tingling sensation that crept over her skin that lasted for a few seconds before the sensation spread deeper into her muscles and bones. She felt a bit dizzy all of the sudden as though she had begun to fall over. Her body seemed to be moving down even though she was standing still. Even stranger, her clothes seemed to come alive and shift over her body. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, the tingling stopped, and Corporal Miller tried to steady herself.


She leaned back on the wall and looked down at herself. Her clothes were too large and hung loosely on her body. She could feel her pants slipping off her hips, and grabbed her belt to hold them up. “What the hell?” she asked and gasped at hearing the girlish voice that had come out of her mouth. When she looked over to the restrooms with the intention of calling on the rookie for help, she noticed the women’s room door open just a crack with some kind of silver pistol pointing out of it. It was being held by the woman with the boxes.


Corporal Miller’s training kicked in. She reflexively reached for her side arm but missed it on the first grab as it was now hanging down by her knees. On her second try, she grabbed the handle and unholstered it, but she struggled to lift it above her waist. It seemed incredibly heavy and much larger now.


The woman stepped out of the restroom with her weapon still trained on the corporal and walked toward her. The corporal let her pants drop and gripped her pistol with both hands and managed to level it at the armed woman approaching her. “Stop!” she shrieked, as she tried to flip the safety lever, but her finger could not find it on the oversized gun. The woman was only a few steps away and looming larger and larger with each step. She was gigantic, the tallest person the corporal had ever seen! She smirked down at the corporal who felt so terrified that her hands were shaking as they held the giant gun. The corporal panicked. “Go away!” she shrieked and pulled on the trigger, but the safety was still on and the gun did nothing to help her. The woman grabbed the corporal’s pistol with her free hand and effortlessly pulled it from the corporal’s shaky grip. The corporal leaned her back into the wall with her hands pressed against it at her sides as if she were trying to escape through the wall itself.


The woman looked dispassionately at the pistol she had just grabbed and then casually flung it behind her down the hallway. All the while, the woman’s weapon stayed pointed at the corporal. In the midst of her terror, the corporal tried to identify the weapon, but it was like nothing she had seen before. It almost looked like a toy raygun.


“Hello, again,” the woman said. “You may be wondering what just happened to you. Care to guess what I just did to your body?”


“Y-you,” the corporal said still surprised the the high voice coming from her mouth. “You shrank me?”


The woman shook her head slightly. “Try again… kid.”


The corporal’s eyes went wide. “You made me younger!”


“My best guess would put you at about seven years old now.”




The woman smirked again. What a cruel smirk. “I am going through those doors,” she explained and gestured to the secure area. “But first, I need to figure out what I’m going to do with you. I can’t have you setting off alarms while I’m in there. I have to be honest: you were not part of the plan. My source never mentioned a guard at this door.” She tapped a small object in her breast pocket, and the object seemed to move a bit in response.


“Please!” the corporal said. “D-don’t hurt me.”


The woman ignored the corporal as she lifted her pistol up higher and started pressing buttons and turning little knobs on it. “I have an idea,” she said. “This is actually an interesting opportunity. You get to be the first test subject of a new experimental feature on my gun here.”


As the woman fiddled with her gun, the corporal regained her composure a bit and decided her best bet was calling on the rookie for help. “Jones!” she shouted. “Help! I need…”


She was suddenly cut off by a distracting light flashing in her eyes. She looked at the flashing coming from the woman’s gun and felt her mind clear out. Although she wanted to blink or look away, her eyes would not stop watching the flash. It mesmerized her. There was a foggy sense that she had something important to do, but what was it? She knew that there was something she was trying to do a moment ago, but she could not remember what it was now. In fact, she had trouble remembering anything at that moment. Every flash seemed to blast through her thoughts clearing them away as soon as they formed. Deprived of thoughts and memory, she was left with questions: What was happening? Where was she? How did she get here? Soon even the questions faded away and she just stood there, motionless and empty, her mind a total blank.


A voice appeared from out of nowhere. “Listen,” it said seemingly from a great distance and from within her mind at the same time. She listened.


“What I say is your new reality,” the voice said. “My words are all that is true to you now.” The words were real. The words were true. As she heard the words, they immediately became thoughts in her head.


“You are a scared little girl,” the voice said. Her mind repeated it, I am a scared little girl.


“You are a crybaby.” I am a crybaby.


“When you get scared you just want to hide and cry.” I want to hide and cry, she thought. She felt tears welling up in her eyes.


The flashing stopped. The corporal’s thoughts crept back into her mind. She knew where she was. This was her post. She was guarding a door. Her tears confused her, at first. Why was she crying? Then, she looked up at the woman in front of her. She squealed and crouched on the ground. An uncontrollable terror overwhelmed her. She had never felt so scared before. She knew she had to defend herself. That was how she had been trained, but at that moment all she wanted to do was cry.


“Corporal Miller, did you call me?” a voice said from the hallway. “What’s going on?”


The woman with the raygun turned to face the private as he approached them from the restrooms. “You must be Jones,” she said and aimed her gun at him. He reached for his pistol reflexively but stopped when the flashing light strobed into his eyes.


The corporal watched this happening through her tears. She realized it was a perfect opportunity to stop the woman somehow, but she struggled to work up the courage to do anything but cower in fear.


Meanwhile the woman addressed Private Jones. “You are a naughty little boy,” she said. “You like to think about boobies when you touch yourself, and you like touching yourself a whole lot, don’t you?” With vacant eyes, he nodded in dumb agreement. “You would do just about anything to get a peek at a pair of real breasts.” The woman flipped a switch on her gun, and the private began to shrink. His muscles dissolved as he became shorter and skinnier, leaving his clothes looking baggier. His face rounded out, and it became clear to the corporal that the private was growing younger too. “You horny little boy,” the woman said and shut off her gun again, leaving him just old enough to be showing the first signs of puberty.


The boy Private Jones had become shook his head and blinked his eyes. He looked disorientated. “What happened?” he asked in a boyish voice that matched his body. As if in response, his pants dropped down to his ankles. He squeaked and pulled them up again.


“Easy, private,” the woman said. “Keep your pants on.”


He looked up at her through his confusion and found himself immediately entranced by her. He stood up again and kept a hand on his belt. “Hey,” he said and gave her a nervous wave. Then, his eyes locked on her chest. He could see the roundness of her enormous boobs. He practically drooled.


The woman beckoned him over with one finger. He stumbled toward her leaving his oversized shoes and socks behind. He nearly tripped over his own pant legs, but he managed to reach her.


“Do you like how I look?” the woman asked.


The private nodded, while not looking away from her chest.


“Do you want to touch them?” she said, indicating her breasts.


The private let his pants drop to the floor again and reached out both of his hands for her body. The woman pushed him back with one hand on his forehead.


“Uh uh,” she said in a scolding tone. “I asked if you wanted to touch them. I didn’t give you permission yet.”


“B-but…” he stammered and whimpered. The two most important things in the world to him were just tantalizingly out of reach.


“First,” the woman said. “I need you to do something for me. If you help me with this one thing, then you have permission to touch my breast all you want.”


“Really?” he said. His face lit up as he hopefully looked her in the eyes. He let his arms drop. “What you want me to do? I’ll do anything.”


She released his forehead. “I know you will, you little sweetie,” she said and gave his nose a playful little boop. “I need you to babysit for me for a little while. Can you do that?”


“I-I guess,” he said.


“You see your little friend here,” the woman said, indicating the corporal. “I need you to make sure she stays here and keeps quiet.”


“Corporal?” the boy said to his 7-year-old superior officer. “Is that you?”


Corporal Miller summoned up all of her remaining courage at last and said, “Jones, don’t do it. W-we have to stop her somehow. Look what she did to us!”


Private Jones looked down at his little hands. “Why am I so… small?” he muttered through his lingering confusion.


“Don’t worry about it,” the woman said. “I don’t mind if you’re small. Anyway, just think about how big my breasts will feel in your little hands. Huh?”


The boy turned his attention back to her breasts and smiled affectionately at them.


“Jones! No!” the corporal cried. Her tears had started again. She realized that the private was lost now. There was no other option. She took off running on her bare little feet, leaving her pants and shoes behind. She nearly made it to the stairway door before she felt the tingle hit her again. It was the raygun! She was becoming younger again. She stumbled and tripped over her own shrinking legs. Leaving her laying face down on the floor.


“Get her!” the woman said. A moment later, little Private Jones had dutifully grabbed the corporal by the wrist and dragged her back to the woman. The corporal struggled to escape, but the boy was too strong for her. When they reached the woman, he stood the corporal up on her feet, and she realized just how much she had shrunk again. She was eye level to the woman’s stomach now. She shuddered at the feeling of powerlessness, and warm tears poured down her cheeks again. “What a pity,” the woman said. “You don’t even look old enough for kindergarten now.” She holstered her strange raygun at her hip, confident that she had both of them under control. “Well, at the very least, it should be much easier for Jones here to keep an eye on you at this size. Right, Jonesy?”


“Yes, ma’am,” he said dutifully. He even saluted her.


“Good boy,” she said and patted him on his head. “You both wait here for me to come back. Oh, and, in case she acts up again, don’t be afraid to give her a little spanking. That should keep her in line.”


Private Jones nodded and turned to look down at the little corporal. “Did you hear that?” he said. “I’m the one in charge now. You follow my orders. Got it, kid?”


She nodded and cried some more and then sunk down against the wall and just wished that all of this could be over.


Meanwhile, the woman swiped her stolen keycard by a panel on the door. Then, the lock on the doors clicked. She opened one door and went through it into one of the most secure areas in the building.


To be continued…



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