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Mary Christmas 2: Christmas in July – Chapter 10 – by lostandwhatever

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Mary Christmas 2: Christmas in July – Chapter 10
By: lostandwhatever

Continued from Chapter 9.


Much like with the previous video, the junior high video was a silent pixelated security camera view of tables. Though, in this case, the tables were full-sized with attached benches, and the cafeteria room was much larger than the playroom had been. Children of various sizes walked into the frame holding trays of food and began to sit down at the tables. Most welcomed friends and started chatting. Others looked to be loners.


As with the previous video, the first change occurred a few minutes after the students had sat down. It was hard to spot at first. A relatively smaller boy who had been eating alone on the side of the screen stood up from his table. He looked down at his hands and his body as he grew taller and his clothing became tighter, much like what had happened with the kids in the other video.


Then, something new happened to a girl at the table behind him. She began to shrink. At first, she had looked to be in 8th grade. Now, she appeared to have regressed to 6th grade and looked to be still going down. Her shirt hung loosely on her flat chest as she looked around frantically for some kind of help.


Other students backed away from the changing kids, but then a few of the retreating kids began to change themselves. As with the first two students, some grew older, and others grew younger. In a few minutes, at least a dozen kids in the frame had either entered adulthood or passed back into early childhood. The rest of the students had escaped the cafeteria, leaving behind trays full of partially eaten breakfasts.




“Thoughts?” Angela prompted again.


Someone asked, “Why were some of them growing older and others getting younger?”


“There must be two spells going on this time.” someone else suggested. “They were probably eating different things,”


Candice was about to challenge that idea, but Angela spoke up first, “Carol?”


Carol checked her notes again. “The menu for breakfast today was a bit long if you include all of the sides and drinks and snacks for sale. The options for the main course were either waffles or pancakes.”


“There’s way too many variables to narrow down what they were eating,” someone said. “Is anyone interviewing them about what they ate.”


Carol said, “We have the police covering that, but it might take a little while considering how many students were affected.”


“Keep us posted on what they find,” Angela said. “Did anyone notice anything else?”


Candice held her tongue. She suspected that only one spell could be responsible for both changes, but she was far from sure.


“Let’s see the Yootoob video,” Angela said.


“This one is trending around the world right now,” the analyst at the projector said. “Wow, already 5 million views, and its only been up about an hour. Unfortunately, the girl didn’t turn her phone sideways. High school kids… What can you do?”


As the video started, Candice decided to keep a close watch on what everyone ate.




Sound filled the room, the murmur of a cafeteria slowly filling with students, and the screen showed the shaky vertical video of a cell phone camera, which focused on a girl sitting by herself at the end of a cafeteria table. She appeared to be a bit small for high school. The fact that she was hunched over her sandwich and trying not to be noticed made her seem even smaller.


“Hey, is that her?” said a girl’s voice from near the phone. Based on how loud it was, it probably belonged to the one holding the phone.


“That’s her,” said a second girl, offscreen.


“So, that’s Little Amy, the freshman?” said an unseen third girl. The camera quickly turned to face a pair of teen girls on the opposite side of the table. Both of them were as scantily clad as the school dress code would allow and had their makeup carefully applied. “She looks like a 6th grader,” the blonde girl on the right said and took a sip of her milk.


As the second girl, the brunette on the left, picked at her salad, she said, “Yeah. Fuck that girl.” She took a bite of lettuce and glared in the direction of Amy as she chewed.


The blonde asked, “You want to go mess with her?”


The brunette took a sip of her milk and said, “Hell yeah!”


The camera swung back around to Amy, still sitting alone. This time, Amy noticed the phone pointed at her. She blushed and looked back at her food.


“Come on,” said the brunette off camera. She walked back into frame in the direction of Amy followed by the Blonde.


The video shook wildly as the camera girl stood up and approached Amy. The two girls stood on the opposite side of Amy’s table as the camera girl lined up her shot to document what was about to happen between the three of them.


The brunette said, “Hey, freshman? What’s up?”


Amy took a nervous sip of her milk and set it down. “W-what’s up, Jen?” she said to the brunette.


“Well,” Jen said. “Brittany and me were just talking over there.” She pointed back to where they had been. “We wanted to know if you would like to go to Adventure Park with us this weekend. We’ve been planning to go all week.”


“Me?” Amy said incredulously.


“That’s right,” Brittany said.


“Um,” Amy said, cautiously. “I guess so… if my mom says it’s okay.”


“Oh, wait!” Jen said, feigning disappointment. “I can’t go now.” Her voice filled with anger. “And, it’s all your fault, you bitch.”


“W-what?” Amy stuttered. “W-what are you talking about?”


Jen crossed her arms. “I’ve got a detention after school today, and I’m grounded this weekend, all because you snitched on me to Mr. Morrison.”


“Snitched? I-I never…”


Jen rested her hands down on the table and stared at Amy. If looks could kill… “You caught me looking over your shoulder during the test yesterday. I know you saw me when you looked at the clock on the side of the room. Then, you ratted me out after class.”


“I didn’t. I swear. I…”


“It’s not my fault you’re such a midget of a freshman that I could see your answer sheet without even leaning over. And, you’re such a teacher’s pet for Mr. Morrison. You’ve got to have your hand up after every stupid question he asks. The rest of us sophomores are just trying to make up Algebra 2, while here you are trying to get a year ahead. You preppy little bitch.”


“Jen, listen,” Amy said, holding her hands up defensively. “I didn’t say a thing to him. I swear.”


“Well, I know he didn’t see me during the test. He’s was too busy grading stuff to notice anything. But, then I get called down to the office this morning, and Mr. Monroe is there with the vice principal, and he’s holding two answer sheets in his hand, yours and mine.”


Brittany said, “Uh oh.”


Amy was silent.


“He’s all like, ‘You and Amy had the same answers.’ And, I was like, ‘Well, that’s just a coincidence or something.’ And, he says you couldn’t have cheated off of my test ‘cause I was sitting behind you.”


“See,” Amy said. “He just figured it out himself. It’s not my fault.”


“Then,” Jen continued, “Mr. Morrison said that you and me both had three questions with the same wrong answers.”


Amy blanched and said nothing.


Brittany pondered aloud, “When was the last time Little Amy got less than an A on anything in Mr. Morrison’s class?”


Amy remained silent, but she had begun to sweat.


“I’ll tell you when,” Jen said. “Never. You knew all the right answers, but you got those three answers wrong on purpose just to make sure I got caught. Didn’t you?”


Amy started to slide off the bench to get away from Jen, but Jen screamed, “Answer me!” and knocked over Amy’s carton of milk, soaking the front of Amy’s white T-shirt. The transparent wet fabric clung to Amy’s skin, revealing her bare chest and small nipples to everyone. Amy stood up and grabbed a napkin to try to dry herself off.


“Oh my God!” Brittany said, pointing at Amy. “She’s not even wearing a training bra.”


Amy crossed her arms over her wet shirt, but already other students around her had begun to laugh.


“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Jen said, sardonically. “You poor little girl. You spilled all your milk. How are you gonna to grow up big and strong now?”


“Did you get that?” Brittany asked the girl with the camera.


“I got it.” The camera girl said.


“You hear that, Amy?” Jen said. “If you try anything like that again, or if you even look at us funny, we’ll put your itty bitty titties up on Yootoob for everyone to see.” Then, Jen coughed and rubbed her throat. Her voice had started to sound different, almost as if it had gone up an octave higher than it normally was.


“Jen, what’s happening to you?” the camera girl asked.


Jen’s face took on a more youthful appearance as her body became gradually shorter. She looked down in horror as her breasts shrank away, deflating her tight shirt. Next, her jeans started to slide down her narrowing hips, but she held them up with one hand. She dropped down in height quickly as she passed through a growth spurt in reverse, leaving her looking like a young middle school girl wearing her big sister’s oversized clothes.


“What’s happening to me?” she squeaked in her girlish voice.


“Oh my God!” Brittany said, but her voice cracked up an octave as well. She gasped and looked down at her own chest as her breasts disappeared as well along with inches of her height.


The small crowd that had formed around the girls had begun to mutter to each other in low tones. Then, someone said, “Look at Amy!”


The camera turned to focus on Amy again. Unlike the other two girls, Amy was growing taller. Her skirt popped a button as her hips and ass spread out wider. Her hands gripped the waist of her skirt, revealing her milk-soaked chest again, where her once immature little nipples grew larger and darker as a pair of breasts swelled beneath them.


“No!” Jen cried, the camera swung back to her again. Now, she looked as young as one of preschool kids from the first video. “Make it stop!” she wailed like a kid throwing a tantrum. “Make it stop!”


The video became more shaky now, but a few things were briefly visible. Brittany was only a little older than Jen now. Other gasps and cries came from the surrounding crowd as more students started growing younger as well. Only one other student was visibly growing older, a boy rapidly becoming a man. The crowd grew louder as panic spread through the cafeteria.


Again, the camera whipped back to Amy. She now looked old enough to be a teacher herself. She stood there, her mouth open in shock, looking down at her large breasts, which stood out clearly under her tight wet T-shirt.


Someone shouted, “Run! Get out! It’s spreading!” and the recording became a screaming blur in the middle of a stampede of students.


The video ended there.


To be continued…




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