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Magic Feet – Ch 4 – by lostandwhatever

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Continued from Chapter 3.

Full disclosure/confession: this chapter and the previous chapter are heavily inspired by the animation A Curse Underfoot by LeatherSFM. Check out his work. He does amazing transformation animations.


“Good,” Maggie said. “Then, we will play a game.” She smiled. “A game of hide and seek. I will count to fifty with my eyes closed, and you will hide. If I can’t find you within three minutes, then you win the game, and I will continue to pleasure you with my tongue. But, if I find you before three minutes, then you will lose the game… and something else as well.”


“I see, Mistress.”


“Will you play with me?”


“I will, Mistress.”


“Good,” she said. “Let’s begin, then.” She covered her eyes with her hands and began counting up, “One, two, three…”


Realizing that he had to hurry, John stood up and nearly fell over from the imbalanced weight of his breasts, but he managed to find his balance and start to look around for a hiding place. He saw a short but comparatively giant hallway and decided that it would be best to head for her bedroom. He took off running and stumbled as his breasts started bouncing out of control, so he lifted them with his hands to support them.


He made it to her bedroom door and found it open. Creeping inside the dark room, he searched for a hiding place in the shadows. He heard her count to 40 and crawled under her ruffled bed skirt to hide under her bed behind a box of shoes.


Then, he heard her count to 50. “Ready or not, here I come,” she declared.


He tried to calm his breath and get comfortable.


“I’ve started the timer on my phone,” she said.


He heard her footsteps approach from down the hallway. They sounded disturbingly loud from where he lay on the floor. She walked into the bedroom. He peeked out from behind the shoebox and under the bed skirt to watch as her feet approached.


“Let’s see how imaginative you are,” she said and knelt on the ground next to the bed. He hid behind the shoebox again. The area around him grew lighter, and he realized she had lifted up the skirt. The shoebox moved, and he tried to crawl away.


“Found you,” she said. He felt her giant hand grab his leg and drag him out from beneath the bed. She lifted him into the air, hanging him upside down in front of her face. “How disappointing,” she said. “You were in the first place I looked.” She sighed. “Not very imaginative of you.”


“S-Sorry, Mistress.”


She gently set him down on the ground on his back. “You lose,” she said and touched her toe to his belly. He felt himself shrink again, and it seemed that the whole world grew even larger. When the shrinking stopped, he realized that he was small enough now to completely fit under her the sole of her foot. “There,” she said, setting her foot down  in front of him. “Now, you will be harder for me to find, but you will have a harder time putting some distance between us. Ready for another round.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“Good,” she said. “I think I’ll give you to a count of one hundred this time, since you’re half the height that you were before.” Again, she covered her eyes and started counting.


Once more, he stood up, stumbled, and took off running. He ran out of her bedroom, past her enormous feet and legs, and headed back into the living room. Everything seemed much larger and much further away from him, and he realized that there were not many good hiding places in there that he could reach. He wondered if he could hide in the forest of her houseplants, but he realized that was not a very “imaginative” choice. Briefly, he considered hiding behind her TV, but then he saw his clothes on the floor. Maybe he could hide in his old pants, he thought, but he decided that might be a bit dangerous since she could accidentally step on him. A large metal disc on the floor caught his attention. He recognized it as the coin she had dug up from the beach earlier. It must have rolled out of his pocket when he shrank. Seeing the manhole-sized coin only emphasized how small he had become. When he heard her count to 70, he turned his attention back to searching for a hiding place.


He noticed his shoes by the door. He ran up to the nearest one and looked inside. It seemed to be about the same size as a small car. It would be tight, but he was sure he could hide inside. He climbed into his shoe but lost his balance and ended up falling face and tits first inside of it. “Ow,” he moaned in response to his sore tits. He massaged them for a moment and then started to crawl deeper into the toe of the shoe. He had not accounted for the smell when picking this hiding place, and now he found himself faintly nauseated by his own foot stink. Still, there was no time left to look for somewhere else to hide. He would just have to deal with it.


“Ready or not, here I come!” she called from the bedroom. Time was up. He waited quietly in his stinky shoe and listened, trying to hear if she was getting close. Time dragged on, and he imagined that she was checking the bedroom first. Then, he heard and felt heavy footsteps approaching him. “Where are you?” she asked the room. He kept quiet and pulled his legs up closer to his busty chest. He could hear her crawling around the room, moving furniture, and checking everywhere. She paused. “One minute,” she said. Her footsteps came closer, and he thought he heard her lifting some things off the ground, which he guessed were his clothes. “Hmmm,” she said. Suddenly, the shoe moved, and he felt himself rising into the air. He looked out behind himself at the opening of the shoe and saw her enormous eye looking inside of it. “There you are,” he heard her voice say from somewhere beneath the shoe.


Her huge hand reached inside of the shoe and took hold of his leg between her index finger and thumb. She pulled him out of the shoe just as the alarm on her phone went off. She set down the shoe and shut off the alarm. Again, she held him upside down in front of her face. He was struck by how huge her head was now. It was taller than he was, and her mouth seemed large enough to fit his whole body inside of it. He felt particularly naked all of a sudden.


“Almost made it,” she said, “but not quite. Sorry.”


He said nothing, feeling a bit too afraid to reply.


“Again?” she asked.


He nodded.




She lowered him to the floor and rested him on his back again. Then, she rested her giant toe on his middle, and he shrank again. Her already enormous toe became even larger than he was. She let him go, and he looked up at her. She was the size of a skyscraper, so giant that he could hardly believe that she was actually a living person. He realized that he must look like a bug to her now.


“One more try,” she said, ominously. “You’ll get a count of one hundred, and I’ll get 2 minutes to find you this time.”


She covered her eyes and began counting. He sat up and scanned around the enormous room, seemingly larger than an aircraft hangar. There was no way he could make it to the bedroom now. He would have to find a place in here. He considered the TV again or behind the couch. Then, he had an idea. He ran up to the coffee table leg. It was as thick as a tree trunk now. He could hide his whole body behind it. Sure, he would be out in the open, but as long as he kept an eye on where she was, he could circle around the cylinder of wood to keep out of sight from her. It would be the last place she looked, he hoped.


He waited while she finished counting. Then, he peeked around the side of the coffee table leg and watched silently as she uncovered her eyes and said, “Ready or not, here I come.” She started the timer on her phone and walked past him. He focused his attention on her enormous feet as they touched down on the ground, shaking his whole world. He watched as she shifted her weight on them one by one, looking at how the bones and muscles tensed and flexed beneath her thick skin. It was hypnotic, like watching an elephant walk. He made sure to keep the table leg between him and her as she circled around the room checking under all of the furniture.


“Hmm,” she said after checking under the couch and chair. She even looked under the coffee table, but he kept out of sight. She walked around the room again to check the TV stand, while he peeked at her from his . Time was running out, and he was sure he would win. Then, she turned around suddenly, and he ducked back behind the leg. He worried that she might have seen him, but he doubted that she had noticed his face peeking at her. He heard her walk nearer to him and held his breath. Suddenly, her enormous face appeared next to him and said, “Boo!”


He shrieked and took off running across the room away from her. He heard her chuckle and looked back to see her begin to slowly chase after him. Taking one leisurely step after another, getting closer and closer each time. Every step shaking the floor like an earthquake with each quake getting heavier than the last one. Then, her foot swung over him, casting its shadow on him before coming to rest with a boom in front of him, blocking his path. He turned around but found the other way blocked by her other foot. He was trapped between them now. He looked up at her towering legs above him, joining together at her crotch, then beyond that to the hills of her breasts. Then, past them, he saw her face, smiling down at him. Her hand swooped down to him, and he felt his whole body pressed between her finger and thumb, which lifted him into the air like a rocket.


He was held up before her face, but at this size it was hard to even recognize it as a face. Her eyes were as large as he was. Her nose was larger. Her mouth, large enough to swallow him whole. All of them were spaced so far apart that it was hard to think of them as part of a face. Each feature seemed to be its own separate location. The vast curved expanses of skin between them seemed like the scenery between towns as viewed from an airplane. When that enormous mouth smiled, baring its massive teeth, he wondered what she would do to him now.


“I win,” she said with her booming voice as the alarm on her phone when off.


The game was over, and he was worried.


“Well now,” she said as she shut off the alarm. “What next?”


She lifted up her other giant hand and set him down belly first on the tip of her index finger, letting him slide down the back side. He gripped her fingernail with his hands and hung down with his chest resting against the nail and his feet dangling next to the joints of her fingers.


“I suppose I could just crush you flat under my foot now,” she said. “Set you on the floor and shrink you until you were nothing but a red dot on the wood. I might even leave that dot there as a memento of you. The police could even come and test it. I wouldn’t mind. You have my DNA now after all.”


He could not believe what he was hearing. Was she seriously thinking of killing him?


“Or, maybe I could let you do a little cave exploring… down there,” she said. “It’s where you wanted to go anyway. I doubt you would survive the journey, but what a way to die, huh?”


He swallowed, picturing himself suffocating or being crushed to death inside of her.


“I could just eat you instead,” she said. “I wouldn’t even need to chew. I could swallow you whole, feel you slip down my throat, wriggling and fighting helplessly to survive. Then, you would be digested, melted away into nothing, absorbed into me, made a part of me.”


He felt his grip getting weak and wondered if he would die from a drop to the floor below.


“Well?” she said. “What shall we do with you? Have you had enough for now?”


“Enough!” he cried. “I’ve had enough, Mistress!”


She nodded. “Good,” she said. “I think I’ve had enough for now as well. Time to end this.”


He felt himself rushing through the air as she lowered him to the floor. He let go of her fingernail when his feet touched solid ground. Then, she stood up again, lifted her foot, and hung it above him. She lowered it down on him, and he lay flat on the ground, preparing to be crushed. When her foot made contact with his skin, he felt himself changing. He was surprised to feel himself growing larger this time. Soon, he was the size of her foot again, then he was larger than it. He grew until the room was back to its normal size again and her small foot was resting gently on his belly. She lifted it up from him and stepped back.


He looked down at himself and saw that his breasts were gone. He was his regular male self again. Everything was back to normal.


“Well,” she said, crossing her arms and smiling. “How was it?”


He sat up and looked around the room. It seemed so small now. “Wow,” was all he could think to say.


“Did you enjoy it?”


“Yes, Mistress,” he replied.


“You don’t need to call me ‘Mistress’ now,” she said.


“Right,” he said, still feeling as though he wanted to say it.


She sat down on the floor next to him with her knees hugged up to her chest. He was a bit taken aback to realize that he was larger than her again. It seemed wrong for her to be small in any way. “Did I go too far?”


“No,” he said. “Actually, that was amazing, like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I was a little worried at the end.”


“You thought I was going to flatten you?”


“No,” he said. “Well, maybe,” he admitted. “You could have.”


“Yeah,” she said. “But, I’m not a killer. I would never hurt you. Never.”


“Good,” he said. “Still, I did enjoy you playing with me.”


“So did I,” she said, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Do you like me?”


“What?” he said. “Yeah. Of course.”


“Could you…” She bit her lip. “…love me?”


He nodded. “Yes.”


“Good,” she said. “And…” She hesitated.




“How do you feel about children?”


“I didn’t mind being one earlier if that’s what you mean.”


“No,” she said with a chuckle. “How do you feel about being a father someday?”


He thought about the idea for a moment. “I’ve never really considered it before,” he admitted. “But, I’m not against having kids.”


“Good,” she said.


“You want kids,” he guessed.


“Yes,” she said and gently rested her foot on his.


He felt his body shrink again and sensed himself returning to childhood once more. This time, his hair grew longer, and he felt his crotch shift to become female again.


When he had stopped getting younger, she tenderly brushed his girlish face with her finger and said, “I want to have a little girl, like me, or at least, I want to pass on my gift to a grandchild, like my busia did.”


“I see,” he said, hearing his tiny high voice and realizing that he was the embodiment of all her hopes at that moment.


He felt his body grow again, becoming mature and masculine once more.


When he was his normal self again, she said. “I need a man who can love me and my gift. I don’t expect you to make a choice about it today, of course. We’ve only just met, after all. But, I don’t want to get serious with you unless you might consider starting a family with me one day. Do you think you could?”


He thought about it all for a moment. Tonight had been the most interesting night of his life. The thought of sharing the rest of his life with this amazing woman put a smile on his face. “Yeah,” he said. “I could, someday.”


She smiled back. “Good.”


“So, what now?” he asked.


“Now,” she said. “You’ve earned the right to choose what you want to be next. Anything you want.”


She stood up and motioned for him to join her. He stood up in front of her, feeling strange to be looking down at her again. She rested her foot on top of his, and he felt himself growing taller, thicker, his muscles swelling. Soon, he was seven feet tall and muscled like a bodybuilder.


“You can be large and powerful,” she said.


Then, he felt himself shrink smaller, again he felt his body turn female, his breasts swelling larger, his hips spreading out. He stopped shrinking when he was just shorter than she was.


“You can be soft and feminine.”


He changed again. This time, only his dick and balls grew back while the rest of his body remained female.


“Or, you could be anything in between.”


She kissed him, her lips pressing against his own feminine lips, her breasts pressing  against his own breasts. He felt his dick getting hard between them.


She stopped kissing him, and he felt himself grow back to his normal, wholly-male body again.


She said, “Anything you want, I can make you that. Every night can be something new with me.”


“How about you?” he asked. “Will you change yourself?”


She looked a bit sad for a moment. “No,” she said. “That, I can’t do. It’s the limit of my power. I can change other things or other people, but I can’t use my magic to change myself. It won’t work on me.”


“Oh,” he said. “Well, that’s fine.”


“Am I enough for you as I am?”


“More than enough,” he said. “You’re beautiful. You’re wonderful. You’re amazing.”


She smiled. “Good, then,” she said. “I will share my gift with you in the ways that I can. All I ask is that you keep my magic a secret and stay faithful to me. Will you do that for me?”


“Yes,” he said. “Of course I will.”


“If you should decide to leave someday, then you may go. It’s your choice, but I will ask for you to let me make you forget. Do you agree?”


“Yes,” he said. “If I decide to go, then you can make me forget you.”


“Good,” she said.


“But, I never want to leave you. I never want to forget you.”


She kissed him again. “Thank you.”


“What now?” he asked, pulling her into a hug with him.


“Well,” she said. “I was going to invite you to bed with me, but…” She sighed.


“What?” he asked, letting go of her. “Is there a problem?”


“No,” she said. “Not really, only…”




“It’s my fault, really, but… would you consider taking a quick shower?”




“Yeah,” she said and chuckled. “You smell like a foot right now.”


“Right,” he said and took a sniff of himself. “I do, don’t I?”


“When you’re clean,” she said, “you can come join me in bed. I’m curious to see what you can do with your normal body. Unless, of course, you’ve had enough for tonight.”


“No, Mistress,” he said, smiling. “I doubt I’ll ever have enough of you.”


The End

(Or, maybe not the end. Check out the sequel here: “Magic Feet: The Morning After.”)



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