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Magic Feet – Ch 3 – by lostandwhatever

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Continued from Chapter 2.

Full disclosure/confession: this chapter and the following chapter are heavily inspired by the animation A Curse Underfoot by LeatherSFM. Check out his work. He does amazing transformation animations.


“Do you trust me?” she asked him, standing up.


“I think so.”


“Close your eyes,” she said as she walked up to him.


“Okay,” he said, realizing he was handing his life over to her. He shut his eyes. “Do it,” he said.


Her toes brushed against his hand for a moment, and he felt his clothes shift on him. Then, he opened his eyes and found himself to be the same height as she was.


“Wow,” he said, looking down at their feet and back into her eyes. “How old am I now?”


“The same age,” she said. “You’re just a bit smaller now.” She hugged him close to her and they kissed. “Want to take it a little further?” she asked.


“I think so.”


“When it gets to be too much, when you’ve had enough, just let me know. Okay?”


“Okay,” he said.


“I’m going to keep going until you’ve had enough. You understand?”


He nodded, feeling a thrill run up his spine. “Do it.”


She stepped back and lifted her foot high into the air above him and rested her big toe on his forehead. She pressed down gently, and he felt his body give way under the pressure, shrinking away beneath her touch. As he shrank, his clothes seemed to grow on him and began slipping off of his body piece by piece until only his shirt remained, draped over him like a dress. When she let up the pressure, he was looking up at her now. From his new perspective, she appeared to be over ten feet tall.


She smiled down at him, looking both satisfied and excited. Then, she began stripping off her clothes. When she was down to her underwear, he decided to pull off his huge shirt, and they were both naked. He stared up at her face past the hills of her breasts and then down at her crotch, which was eye-level to him now.


“Like what you see?” she asked him.


He nodded, feeling a bit too scared of her to speak. He felt like a boy again, only smaller than he had ever remembered being, and she seemed so mature, so powerful. Even without any magic, a woman of her size was too powerful to resist physically. She could do anything she wanted with him, he realized, and that idea thrilled him.


She lowered herself onto her knees, and he stepped back to avoid her crushing his feet. Then, she sat on her heels and was nearly at eye level with him again. “Kiss me,” she said. He followed her command and approached her, straddling her enormous thighs to get face to face with her. He felt her warm breath on his face as he drew closer to her enormous lips. Then, they kissed, and he felt those lips pressed against the whole of the bottom half of his face. Her large hands rested on his back. Without thinking about it, his small hands cupped her breasts. She moaned gently as he fondled her and felt himself getting hard as her nipples got hard.


Then, she stopped kissing and gently pushed him back from her.


“W-What?” he asked.


“If you take care of me,” she said, and smiled knowingly. “Then, I’ll take care of you in a way you’ve never felt before.”


He was not entirely sure what she meant, but he said, “Okay.”


She pushed him back further, so she could stand up again. Then, she walked backwards until her back was against the wall. She spread her feet a little more and beckoned him to her with a finger. He walked up to her, seeing her wet pussy waiting for him at just the right height for his mouth. He grasped her thighs and buried his face in her. He felt her shudder as his tongue found its spot, and he began to pleasure her enormous pussy to the best of his ability, pausing only for an occasional gasp of air. He heard her moan and felt her large hand rest gently, approvingly against the back of his head. He kept eating her out, and she kept moaning. In time, the moans increased and he felt her building up to an orgasm. Then, she came, and he felt a brief flood of warmth followed by her body relaxing. He stepped back and wiped his face on his arm, and waited for her to recover.


Her breathing calmed, and she looked down at him. “That was great,” she said, smiling. “Now, it’s my turn. But first, tell me, have you had enough, or are you ready for more?”


“More,” he said, without hesitation.


She lifted her foot, and rested her toes on his chest.


He felt himself slowly shrink again and watched as her already large foot grew larger and larger against his chest. Then, something new happened, several new things at once, actually. He felt a pulling sensation on his crotch and a swelling on his chest. His shoulders narrowed as his hips spread out. His scalp tingled as his hair grew down to his shoulders. All the while, the giant toes against his chest kept on growing relatively larger.


When she let up, John felt the changes stop. He looked down at his body and realized that much more had changed than just his size. Most obvious to him were the breasts on his chest, not only were they new but they also appeared to be particularly huge. He cupped his new breasts in his hands. They felt soft and heavy and sensitive all at once. He looked past them down to his crotch and saw what he had expected. There was no sign of his dick there anymore. He was a woman, a particularly curvy woman.


As he was about to ask Maggie why she had done this to him, he was struck dumb by the sight of her. He was no longer even knee-high to her now. She smiled down at him and reached down a giant hand towards him. Instinct made him want to escape her, but he froze, feeling too terrified to move. She wrapped her thick fingers completely around his female body and lifted him into the air. Holding him just in front of her chest, she said, “You are so pretty, my little one.”


He just hung there in her hand, too stunned to respond. Her fingers felt strong, but they were not crushing him, only supporting him safely.


“Do you see what I’ve done to you?”


“N-No,” he said, hearing a female voice come from his own mouth. It sounded familiar, somehow.


“You are just the same size as a Barbra doll,” she said. “I used to love my Barbra doll when I was a little girl.”


“I’m doll-sized?” he asked and gasped. “My voice! I sound like…”


“Me?” Maggie said. “You do. You see, I used to customize my dolls with my magic. I always liked to have a doll that looked just like me, or, at least, the way I wished I looked.”


“I’m a doll version of you?”


She nodded. “How does it feel?”


“It’s…” He lacked the words to describe it. “…different.”


“Do you like it?”


“‘Like it?'”


“Do you like being my doll, being a sexy little toy version of me?”


“Um,” he said, feeling himself blush. “Yeah, I think so.”


She smiled, and the relative size of her teeth worried and thrilled him all at once.


“You know what else is nice about you being a little me, being my doll?”


“What?” he asked.


She smiled. “Well, I know just how to make myself feel good,” she explained, “which means I now know how to make you feel good. Should I show you, doll?”


“Um,” he said. “Yes?”


She lifted him up to her face and angled his crotch towards her open mouth. For a moment he feared that she might take a bite out of him. She could easily swallow one of his legs. Instead, her tongue slid out, looking all glossy with saliva. John spread his legs as she turned him onto his back, and her tongue touched his newly feminine crotch. Immediately, his pussy felt warm and wet. The stimulation made him gasp. He mind struggled to make sense of feeling pleasure in a place that had not even existed only moments ago. She licked between his legs, and then her tongue drifted upwards to John’s new breasts and began licking them as well. He found himself squirming and moaning uncontrollably due to the pleasure her tongue was giving him, and he found himself enjoying the sensation of being so small in her hand, so powerless. Just the idea that a tongue the size of a body pillow was licking him like a candy was turning him on. His whole body became damp with a mixture of sweat and her saliva. He was covered in her. He was controlled by her. He was filled with her. She had remade him in her own image. He had a momentary sense that it was a goddess, not a mere woman, that held him and pleasured him with her mouth, leaving him feeling both terror and reverent awe. The whole experience was ecstasy, and he never wanted it to end.


But, then it did. She stopped licking.


He lay on her palm, waiting for her to continue. The saliva grew cold, chilling him, and he shivered.


“Have you had enough, doll?” she asked. “Do you want more?”


“More,” he said.


“I plan to get rough with you.”


He considered her words for a moment. He wondered if he trusted her enough to agree. “Okay,” he said, deciding to trust her. “Do it.”


Suddenly, she lowered him to the floor and set him on the carpet at her feet. He could feel her saliva drying on him, leaving a sticky residue.


“Beg for it,” she demanded.


“Um,” he said. “I beg for you to continue? Is that what you mean?”


“Call me ‘Mistress,'” she said.




“I am your master,” she said calmly but firmly as if stating a simple fact. “You do what I say when I say it. You answer ‘Yes, Mistress’ when I command you. Do you understand?”


“Um,” he said, confused. “Yes? I think so.”


She lifted her foot slightly and gently touched her big toe to his belly. It did not hurt him, and he did not seem to be changing, but he did sense the gesture as a threat. “You say, ‘Yes, Mistress,'” she corrected him.


“Y-Yes, Mistress,” he stammered.


She set her foot back down in front of him and said, “Now, lick my toes.”




Again she pressed her toe to his belly, and this time he felt himself changing. His ears grew larger, and he felt something long snake out from the base of his spine. He looked back to see a fleshy tail covered in a dusting of grey fur that was hanging from just above his ass. He touched his equally furry ears to find that they had become very large and rounded.


She set her foot down again in front of him and said, “This is your punishment for your disobedience, mouse.” She crossed her arms. “Will you comply?”


“Yes,” he said, or tried to say, but the word came out sounding like “yeth” and he discovered that his two front teeth seemed to have grown along with his ears and tail, giving him a bit of a lisp. Then, he quickly added, “Mistress,” which ended up sounding like “Mithtweth.”


“Lick,” she said sliding her toes closer to him.


He knelt down and did as she commanded. He pressed his tongue to her big toe and licked it, but he recoiled from the foul taste.


“More,” she said.


“I feel like I’ll be thick,” he said.


“Would you prefer I made you completely into a mouse?” She asked, flexing her toes.


“No, Mithtweth.”


“I could keep you in a cage as my pet, or, if you would prefer, I could set you free, toss you out into the world. A small, helpless little woodland creature at the mercy of every animal that stalks the streets.”


“No, Mithtweth!”


“Is this your limit then?” she asked. “Have you had enough?”


He hesitated, realizing that there was very little left of him now. Still, he was willing to trust her. “N-No, Mithtweth,” he said at last.


“Then,” she said. “Lick my disgusting toes, mouse!”


“Yeth, Mithtweth,” he replied. He did as his master commanded. He licked her toes.


He felt a vibration through her toes. Then, he heard it getting louder above him. He realized that she was chuckling, and the chuckling was growing into open laughter. He stopped licking to listen to her cruel laugh. Again, he felt terrified and thrilled.


She looked back down at him and said, “Did I say you could stop?” She knocked him back with her toes and rested the sole of her foot on his chest and abdomen, pinning him to the carpet. She pressed down on him almost to the point of pain but not quite. He squirmed and tried to escape, but there was no chance he could move with so much weight on him. She was too powerful to resist.


She clutched his breasts like grapes beneath her toes and squeezed them making him wince. “You still think you’re a person, don’t you? You think your thoughts matter here?”


“Um,” he said. “N-No, Mithtweth?”


“Enough of your silly, lisping,” she said, and he felt his teeth and ears and tail all shrink down to what they should be on a human woman. “Now,” she said. “You need to be trained. You need to learn your place.”


She lifted her heel and rested her weight on his breasts, which began to swell beneath her toes. Soon they were twice the size they had been, and they kept expanding. Their increasing weight spread out across his chest and down over his abdomen. They blocked out the view of his lower body. Soon, all he could see of his body were a pair of fleshy mounds covering him from the chest down. Then, just when he feared that she might crush him to death under his own breasts, she let up her toes, and his breasts stopped expanding.


She smiled down at him as he tried to sit up. He kicked his legs in the air and tried to roll his weighty boobs forward, but they would not budge. He pressed his hands against them, but his fingers only sank into the soft tit flesh without moving them at all. He was trapped, unable to escape from beneath the weight of his own tits.


Again, she chucked. “How does it feel?” she asked, mocking him. “How does it feel to know that your body is mostly tits? They weigh more than the rest of you. You’re more tits than woman now. How does that feel?”


“It’s… heavy,” he said and quickly added, “Mistress.”


She flicked one of his enormous nipples with her toe, sending a shock wave of pain and pleasure through his body and causing him to moan.


“You see how little and powerless you are?” she asked.


“Yes, mistress!”


“I could walk away and leave you there for as long as I wanted, and there is nothing you could do to stop it. You would just be a pair of tits on my floor, with a tiny woman trapped beneath them. You are a helpless toy. Say it.”


“I am a helpless toy, Mistress!”


“You are nothing without me.”


“I am nothing without you, Mistress!”


“Do you want me to free you?”


“Yes, Mistress!”


“Then, beg me. Beg me, toy.”


“I beg you, Mistress. Please free me from my tits!”


She smiled. “Good,” she said.


She rested her foot on his tits and they shrank away beneath her toes until they were small enough for him to move again, but when the shrinking stopped and she removed her foot, he noticed that they were still considerably larger than they had been earlier. He sat up, and his weighty breasts hung down to the bottom of his rib cage.


“Now that you know your place,” she said. “I feel that it would be fair to reward you. I might be willing to continue with pleasuring you as I did before. Would you like that?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“First, though, I want you to entertain me. You are my plaything, so you will play a game with me.”


“I will, Mistress?”


“Yes, you will,” she said. “Unless you’ve had enough. Have you? Are you done?”


He shook his head.”No, Mistress. Give me more.”


Continued in Chapter 4.



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