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Luigi’s AR Mansion

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Luigi’s AR Mansion
By ARColt67 aka ARWander and ARLover90

The dark interior of Luigi’s gargantuan mansion was illuminated only by the small candles positioned throughout the hallway. Luigi had been there before twice, both times had less than ideal reasons for him to go. But Professor E. Gadd had assured him that going back to the mansion was a necessity to continue his research. As Luigi crept into a new room, he clenched his Poltergeist, shaking as he called out into the dark room with only his flashlight to shine into the room.
“Alow?! Is a-a-anybody-a there…”
Besides the creaks in the house there, wasn’t a sound to be heard. ‘Everything seemed fine.’ Luigi thought to himself uneasily. He carefully crept into the room, hidden within it’s almost abyss like darkness was…an elaborate crib, a mahogany changing table with bunnies carved into the side and an array of toys that seem…familiar to him…almost as if he had seen them before…Suddenly the door behind him shut tight and the interior of the room lit up as if by other worldly magic, causing Luigi to gasp and hum to attempt to calm himself.

“Nnee, neeh neeeeeeee, neeeeehh…neeh neenah neee neeea…I-I hope it’s ah not a ghost-a!
“Well hello darling. So nice of you to co-“
The ghost cut herself off upon seeing that the guest was not her beloved nephew. Her voice echoed with rage.
“Whooooooooooo Are YOooooooooooooooooou?”
Luigi froze in his tracks, he had always had a fear of ghosts and no matter how many ghosts he had seen sucked into the vacuum cleaner like machine in his hand he still had a fear of them. This ghost seemed different though, as he looked at her, in her purple Victorian outfit with a lacy neck bodice and golden buttons coming down from her large bosoms to her embroidered long skirt and her translucent auburn brown hair and beautiful bright green eyes…he felt less terrified than he ever had of any ghost…she looked sweet and calming…nothing like any ghost he had ever seen…even with her irritated demeanor…he felt completely relaxed near her…

“Weegee…I mean Luigi, ma’am…” He said trying not to blush as he looked at the ghost before him.
“Nice to meet you, but I must ask. Do you know where my nephew crawled off to? I got here this afternoon and the house is surprisingly vacant.”
Upon hearing this Luigi began to shake he now remembered who this room had belonged to, it was an infant ghost who nearly killed him the first time he was at this mansion. He never told a lie and he would not start now, he almost felt as if he should run away but something about the Auntie’s demeanor made him want to stay…although he had been saving his brother…he now felt a wave of guilt come over him for what had happened…trapping the baby in the frame within the gallery of this great mansion. He had to tell her…he placed his Poltergeist 3000 on the ground…ready to take whatever punishment was about to befall him.

“I…I sucked him up with this a-gadget ma’am…and I put him in a frame…it was the only a-way to get my brother back from King Boo…but…now I need-a to make a mend…I can go back to the frame and release him if you want but if you wish to hurt me…I a-understand-a…I’m a used to getting punished for what my brother starts…and being in his shadow is tough…I…I am so a-sorry for what I have done…”
Auntie’s eyebrows rose after hearing what this man had done and promptly dropped at a slant with rage. She had always been told the living were dangerous, but this? This was a new low. Not to mention that this fellow didn’t even have the courage to stand behind his act, even if she enchanted herself to have men around her obey her. Ugh, how the ages have changed from her time. Auntie, then got an idea, a malicious idea, but first she’d have to save face.
“Ahh, I see. Well, just show me to the frame and I’m sure I can remedy the situation on my own. I’ll give you a nice present afterwards for being so honest.”
Luigi stood there puzzled by what she had said, while he had fought many creatures with Mario leading the charge, he had never let an opportunity for one of his former enemies get to exact revenge on him and yet…she just wanted him to show her the frame. He smiled as he walked out of the door with a smile, with a feeling that reuniting her with the ghost babe would bring a smile to her face. He looked down at his modified DS and followed the map to the gallery where the ghost baby was. He still could not figure out why he was compelled to leave his Poltergeist 3000 in the room or why he felt so calm around this ghost but he happily led her.

“This a-way ma’am! I will a-make this right! I may have a-done this to save my a-big brother but it is no excuse for what I have a-done…I must make it a right to you!”
Auntie hammed up a response, fully prepared to follow through with her response.
“Why thank you! Thank you! I appreciate your help so muc-“
The ghost froze as she finally saw the frame of her nephew. But to her horror and anger, it wasn’t just her nephew. It was also her sister and brother-in-law.The ghost hovered over to the picture with a clear sense of dismay. Her rage had reached record highs, so much so that she’d punch a hole in the wall if she could.
Deep breath
“Thank you for showing me this. Words cannot express how I feel. Now for your reward. Please darling, close your eyes, so I may get it for you.”
“Luigi closed his ocean blue eyes, he was not sure what his surprise would be but he had a feeling that it would either be really good or really bad. He remembered the husband and wife who had tried to stop him before and now that his eyes were closed he was not sure if he should have brought her here or not. He shook as he kept his eyes closed, a part of him still could not figure out why he had not tried to vacuum her up like so many other ghosts in the mansion. Why was she so different, why couldn’t he do anything but tell her the truth and leave himself defenseless…did she have some sort of power like Count Bleck? But as he kept his eyes shut… he started to feel somehow…strangely different than he had moments ago but with his eyes shut all he could do was let whatever was happening happen…
“I am a-ready for a-whatever you wish-a to do ma’am…” Luigi said, readying himself for whatever was about to happen.
Everything was going perfectly, right as planned. Auntie was regressing this evil man back to diapers like he belonged!
Knock knock!
Auntie turned her head.
“What in heavens would that be?!”
A voice echoed through the hall.
It was Daisy. Little did Auntie know that this woman had agreed to a picnic with this man and Professor E. Gad sort of had interrupted Auntie’s Daisy didn’t hear a sound, prompting her to sigh with annoyance, “Leave it up to Luigi to be distracted from our date…”
She opened the door with her own Poltergeist 3000, vacuum in hand. This thing looked ridiculous! Buuut, Prof. E. Gadd was very strict about her doing just that. The Professor had lost contact with Luigi and was concerned to say the least. Going into this mansion in his opinion was too dangerous. She had to take her own Poltergeist 3000 for complete safety. Upon entering, the house was dark as can be.
“Huh? Luigi… why didn’t you turn on the lights?”
Upon hearing Daisy’s sweet voice, Luigi began to open his eyes. His hat which had fit him perfectly moments ago, now hung from his head only allowing one of his blue eyes to see the ghost growing in size. But was she really growing or was he getting…
“Am me gettin younga…and wer es Deeeseee?! An aw yu me Mama?! Deeesee tow n-nicey!
Auntie recoiled, as she had only gotten him down to 8 months and he could still speak. She was hoping to go much younger, but whoever this Deeeseee person was, she was foiling things!
The world around Luigi looked so big and dark and yet with the pretty ghost lady before him and the thought of the even prettier Daisy he just giggled in response. His overalls and emerald green shirt which had fit him so well before now looked more like a tent or a large blanket before him. He clapped his chubby hands as baby fat had returned to him and his once magnificent mustache had vanished back into his face. His memory became a bit fuzzy as he looked around, he kept thinking about his big BIG brother and about Daisy but this ghost lady was in front of him and she seemed nice…was she his mama…or…

“Deeeseee!! Deeeseee!! Mama mama!! Yu mama owr Deeeseee?!”

He said with a toothless grin, not sure if the woman before him was Daisy, his Mama or both! He knew he had to do something for her and now that he had heard such a pretty voice he was not sure who he should follow.

Daisy heard a weirdly high pitched voice come from the upstairs left door. She couldn’t quite tell, but something about the voice made her skin crawl. She had been told that ghosts might be roaming this mansion, but of course, she hadn’t believed it. The only people who were supposed to be in this house were her and Luigi though, so where did that voice come from. With a fast heart beat moving throughout her chest, she quickly opened the door. Again, it was dark, but one of the close by doors was open and childish giggles echoed outwards.

Luigi cooed as his thoughts began to devolve into infantile bliss, was the see-through woman with the half smiling face and big breasts his Mama? Or was it the woman he was having difficulty remembering…’Da-Daisy…’ She was a woman a lady he still had memories of…was she his mommy or this lady with her arms held out to him. He kicked his legs in excitement holding his hands back out to her. She had to be his Mommy, she was right there…and seeing how large her bust was…made him hungry…but was she his mommy or was it the lady he was slowly losing memory of…who had gone on many parties…and been go-carting with…and played tennis…was this the same lady…


Daisy cautiously crept through the door way only to see…To see…She scratched her eyes in disbelief, ‘wa-was that?’ She thought to herself.
Daisy rushed forward until the ghost figure caught her eye.
“Wh-who are you and where is Luigi?!” Daisy nervously raised her vacuum at eye level. “Ta-talk or else, I’ll…”

Suddenly Luigi heard the voice again and turning around he saw a familiar figure coming towards him. It looked like a princess…a beautiful brown hair princess…a princess he had…liked and known…in her citrine dress with embroidery and an aqua blue Crest…could it be…

“Deeeseee?! Es yu Deeseee o Mama?! O es see Deeseee o Mama…Is yu Mama Deesee?!”
The little one’s response terrified Daisy. There was no mistaking it. That was Luigi. Gulp. Daisy didn’t have the nerve to talk to her lover in his regressed state. All she could do was turn up the heat and direct it at this ghost lady.
“Wha-what did you do to man?!”
Auntie chuckled condescendingly. “Why Darling, is it not obvious? I turned him back into a baby, a modest revenge considering he turned my sister and her sweet family into a picture frame!”
Upon hearing her voice once more Luigi giggled and began to slowly crawl towards Daisy. The Auntie lady had yummy looking big boobs but…he realized that he had never seen her before…he had to crawl towards Daisy…she had been with him through so much…maybe she had even seen him as this young before…he did not care though he wanted to be with her, he wanted her told hold him and as the now naked baby crawled towards her all he could say was…

“Mama Deeeeseee!!”

Luigi’s crawling however was sent to swift halt as he felt a strange force slowly pulling him back. Luigi’s eyes began to tear up as he watched Daisy go further and further away from him.

Terrified tears filled Daisy’s eyes as this evil ghost dragged him away. She had never seen her man so…so scared…and considering it was Luigi that was quite the feet. With not a moment to spare, Daisy turned on her Poltergeist 3000 and proceeded to suck in the now laughing Auntie ghost. Auntie fought bag, whirling around the room, trying her best to avoid the pull. But it was no use. For all her mystical abilities, Auntie was a bit of a pushover and got sucked into the vacuum in less than a minute.

Luigi fell back, his little chubby legs lifted up in the air and feel back onto the carpet below him. Looking around he began to cry. The spell that Auntie had cast had been lifted but he was still afraid of the dark and ghosts and he felt so alone…until he heard the familiar clanking of Daisy heels which almost instantly caused him to stop crying. With the little strength he could muster, he lifted himself to sitting up, a task that was much more difficult for him in his current state. He saw Daisy smiling at him, causing him to blush and smile with a toothless grin but…also to be embarrassed having no clothing on whatsoever…he lifted his arms up to be held by the amazing princess who had saved him from Auntie.

“Mama Deeeseee!!”

He blurted out, ‘Oh no was she going to think he was weird for saying that…even as a baby?!’ The tiny Luigi thought to himself as he watched Daisy, now towering over him, walk towards him.
Daisy sighed with a smile. “Luigi, you’re lucky you’re adorable.”
With a laid back smile, Daisy, picked up the little guy. “So, I suppose we’ll have to change up our picnic, shall we?”
A smirk passed her lips shortly after though. “First things first, let’s get you into a diaper, ya little lug. It’s been a while since I’ve seen your wee-wee.”
Daisy chuckled before carrying her little man out of the room and spotting a room just down the hall that smelled of baby powder. Luigi blushed slightly at Daisy’s last comment, it was weird hearing his manhood be referred to as a “wee-wee”. At the same time he was happy that he was in her arms. He always loved being with her and as she held him against her breasts he smiled, suckling his thumb. He knew that he was safe now in her arms. As they came into the nursery he had been in before, he blushed as he eyed the changing table and the crib. He looked up into Daisy’s beautiful icy blue eyes, turning red as a shy guy.
“Yu Diiiiaapa mee?”
Daisy took the red blush from her lover as a sign of fun prodding. “Well, it’s what Mamas do, isn’t it? Come on, don’t be scared Luigi, I’ve seen you naked before. Just consider this some fun role-play.”
Luigi body turned even more red, it was true she had seen him naked before but not like this, not this…helpless. But he was still happy, they had done many types of roleplaying before so he smiled and clapped his little hands.
“Beebee wuv Mama! Wii peeten yu Mama an me Beebee! Dis fum!
Daisy booped her lover’s nose, before laying him down on the cushy changing table. “That’s the spirit! Now, let’s see. What do we ha-”
Daisy cut herself off. “Awww, what a cute wittle wee wee ya got there Luigi. Mama Daisy will make sure you grow it to be nice and big!”
Luigi giggled and kicked his legs, the cushion of the table felt great against his sensitive baby skin and he could only imagine how being powdered and diapered by his lover was going to feel. And she laid him down he became acutely aware of her chest. He remembered seeing them as an adult and as a baby he could only imagine what would happen if she…she…it was too much for him to think about causing him to become red all over as he sucked his thumb trying to relieve his mind of what he was thinking. He knew that if he had been an adult, his body would show how excited he was. However, at the moment he could only enjoy what was going to happen.

“Bah Bah…Mama…Diapppeee!”
Daisy smirked one last time before running into the process gunning. “Okie Dokie Baby!” The young lady quickly grabbed a dispenser of baby powder and lathered its snowy contents liberally over Luigi’s rear.
“Now for the finisher!”
She slid a diaper underneath and in seconds…
Safety Pin.
“There we are, nice and clean as can be, for now at least.”
Daisy chuckled, before hoisting the baby boy back into her bosom. “So, that wasn’t too bad, was it?”
Luigi could not believe how good it had felt to be diapered by Daisy, everything from how gentle she had been with him to the incredible speed at which she changed him was unbelievable. She had not only cleaned him but powdered him as well and…He hoped that they could somehow turn him back into a baby once they got back to the professor to do it again! As she hoisted him into her arms, he clapped his hands and giggled in infantile joy. However in his excitement he slightly lost his balance and laid almost his whole body along her breasts. He had loved her breasts as an adult but now that they were so close to him at his current size they made him…hungry… He suckled his thumb…staring at them…but then he looked up, unsure if she wanted to just go back to the professor or…if he should see what would happen if he rested his hand on her massive bosom before him. He blushed as his hand rested.
“Mama…me hungwy…boo boos…”
Daisy chuckled. “My my, mama raised one hungry wungry boy. One sec, my little Luigi and mommy will feed up your tummy wummy!”
Without a second to spare, Daisy then laid her lover on the changing table once more as she removed her dress revealing none other than her casual yellow shirt and short jeans. “Well, originally I was gonna wear this for our picnic, but I suppose it looks like mommy clothes as well.”

She removed her light t-shirt to reveal her orange bra underneath, before promptly sliding it for her baby man. In no time at all, she re-lifted little Luigi. “Well, whatcha think? I wasn’t gonna leave my little man all hungry, now would I? Drink up now. I didn’t remove my clothes for nothing after all.”
Luigi blushed as he was presented with the swollen milky nipple before him. He felt his mouth open and move towards the pink nipple before him. He latched on feeling the amazingly soft flesh of his lover turned mommy enter his mouth. He began to suckle and was rewarded with streams creamy milk. It was by far the best thing he had ever tasted, almost like melted warm ice cream but even better. As he suckled more milk came out, prompting him to hold onto the beautiful tit before him. He gorged himself on the breast, kicking his chubby little feet happily as Daisy cradled him. He could not have been happier as streams of warm milk glided down his face. He quickly unlatched himself from her nipple and smiled a toothless grin with a nice milk mustache replacing his old one.
“Weegee wuvs yu Mama! Yu milkies tow nummy!”
He said as he went back to nursing, filling with joy and the most amazing nectar he had ever had.
“Well, only the best babies deserve the best milk, silly!”
Daisy cradled him further. As Daisy continued to feed, he began to rapidly fill his tummy with Daisy’s milk. She was now, 100% his mommy and if this was not permanent, he hoped that he could do this again. Suddenly he felt his eyes starting to become heavy, having more and more difficulty being able to keep his focus on both the incredible boob before him and Daisy’s loving face beaming down at him. His suckling began to slow as did his kicks of excitement…he was becoming happy and full from Daisy’s delicious mommy milk…it was true he loved her…and now he had even more of a reason to do so…he blushed as he felt himself coming closer and closer to sleep…he hoped that he did not wake up with a fully messy diaper…but…he knew Mama…would take care of it…he slowly let go of the nipple and dosed off to sleep, smiling from the yummy milk in his little tummy…

“Muh Maaaaaa…”
Daisy smiled motherly. “It’s okay, babies need a nappy wappy, when you wake up, we’ll have a mini play picnic.”
The new mommy then proceeded to rock Luigi.
And forth.
And forth.
And forth.
And forth.
“Sweet dreams, my little one!”[/vc_column_text][/mk_custom_box][/vc_column][/vc_row]



  1. I would like to see this story as a comic strip

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