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Looking For Advice (5)

Hi guys, it’s Bea again.

Today was the big day, my first day as a woman!

After I signed off last night I was just so excited I could hardly sleep. My body’s energy was just too much to suppress and I wound up staying awake well past my bedtime preparing by reading through the program primer.

I must have dozed off around midnight because the next thing I knew I was woken up around 5:00 AM feeling incredibly hot and sticky under the covers. Adult bodies sure seem to sweat a lot!

I knew I wasn’t going to get any more sleep, and I felt completely disgusting being soaked in stale sweat, so I decided to make an early start before Valerie got up and started hogging the bathroom.

I think my kinesthetic sense has begun to acclimate to my new body. I found it a lot easier to move around this morning, I was more conscious of my body’s proportions and positioning, and how much strength I was using to grasp door handles and turn knobs.

Showering was still tricky though. The bathroom I share with my sister isn’t very big and my booty kept running into things. Honestly, sometimes it feels like this new butt has a mind of its own. XD

But . . . uhm . . . I was still so curious about my body and there are a lot of angles that are hard to see even with a mirror. So I set up my phone to get some selfie shots in the shower.


I hope you don’t mind that I’ve cropped them. It’s just that I’m super self-conscious about posting photos of my naked woman’s body. Please be gentle with me T_T.

Although, as anxious as it makes me, I can’t deny I felt a little thrill of excitement taking these photos. Seeing the ravishing creature that has replaced me in my own life causes my heart to race and butterflies to flutter in my stomach. It’s a very uncertain feeling, but I also don’t want it to stop.

In fact, after drying off, I let my hair down and took this final photo while I was standing at the sink.


It feels so weird having long hair since it has been kept short since I was very young. I sort of love the feeling of it swaying freely down my back. It sort of tickles where it brushes my bottom. But it’s also a lot of work and seems to have as much of a mind of its own as my butt!

Standing there in the early morning light, I spent a lot of time examining myself and all of the changes that had occurred to my bottom. To tell you the truth, I think when I went to sleep last night I half expected the whole program was a dream and that I would find myself a little girl again this morning. Maybe that was why I couldn’t quite fall asleep last night?

But before I could think long about that, the doorknob turned and the door swung open and I was confronted by my big sister Valerie blinking sleepily at me. We both were totally frozen, like a deer caught in headlights for what felt like forever until I broke the spell by moving to cover my nakedness.

Then Valerie’s eyes grew into saucers and she started shouting at me. She was so angry!

But y’know what? It was actually sort of funny. Yesterday I would have been terrified of my sister’s anger. But now she is just a spluttering little girl!

I decided to be the bigger person, and after grabbing a towel to cover myself, I hurried back to the guest room to prepare for my day!

As I have previously mentioned, the pilot program is being conducted over our school system’s quarterly break. This is a period lasting approximately four weeks. Although the program has been calibrated to require only two weeks.

Therefore, it was extremely simple for the government to accommodate the program by utilizing one of the schools shuttered for a break. In my case, this is a high school located in the suburbs of my hometown.

A high school was a convenient choice for our subjects, as the chairs and desks are suitable for our adult bodies and the schools, are already furnished with more advanced facilities than would be found at the grammar level.

While this is the case, we are not quite a highschool students either.

Under the terms of the Program, people like Alleya and myself have been given a legal status known as ‘partial emancipation’. This means that, in many ways, we are legal adults for the duration of the program. Although our parents still retain many rights over our lives due to our temporary adulthood.

Oh, and by the way, Alleya and are in the same program group! This is how she looked this morning when we met outside the school grounds.


We caught up before going into the building together. Alleya’s mom is an executive at an imports company and apparently, she was has been exctatic about her daughter’s participation in the Program. Last night she took Alleya out shopping and then to a business dinner where Alleya was even permitted to drink some wine and was introduced to her mother’s associated as her younger ‘sister’. I think the experience really rubbed off on her as today she has been beaming with confidence.

Meanwhile, here’s me right before we went into the building :


I hope it looks okay. This is my first time dressing as a woman. My mom let me use some of her old clothes in the attic and my orientation kit came with a basic compact. I hope I did the makeup right, the instructions on youtube said not to do too much and I was afraid and make myself look like a clown!

Oh, right, I should probably answer some of your comments. I’ll do that throughout the rest of my post.

“Don’t be jealous. I think you’re way more gorgeous than Alleya. People love a thicc body, and you have a fantastic ass.”Darkghost55

Well you see, Alleya is rather exotic in my country. Her beautiful ebony skin is sure to turn heads wherever she goes. And if only you could see her in motion, she’s so lithe, like a cat.

But I appreciate the vote of confidence. 🙂

“Product of science or not, the procedure has turned you into a goddess. Hyper Puberty does a body good! And you shouldn’t feel inferior to your friend – your proportions would turn heads in the street. What’s your favorite part of your new body?” – Keyser.

Goddess?! Please, Keyser, I appreciate the compliment, but I assure you that I’m just like other girls you’ve met.

There would be much point to the procedure if I wasn’t, now would there be XD

While I may be inexperienced, I encourage you to think of me and treat me completely as a woman. 😉

But my favorite body part?

Well, if I had to say. Tee hee! It’s a little embarrassing, but it has to be my lips.

Ever since I was a little girl . . . Uhm sorry! XD . . . I’ve always dreamed of being kissed.

And now my lips are so lush and full. I think they look very smoochable!


“You should talk with your mom about what it means to be a woman, especially when you have a body like that. You should also try to find out if there’s anyone else you know in the program besides Alleya.”BLZBub


I really appreciate you taking the time to give me this advice. I think I might take it, eventually, but I want some time to figure things out for myself first.

You see, the thing is, you know how I mentioned how I’ve started to see things differently? Well, one of the things I saw differently this morning was my mother. I saw a lot of doubt and apprehension on her face even as she was helping me to pick out clothes and do my makeup.

While I know she is being very supportive. I realize now that she doesn’t entirely approve of the Procedure and has her doubts about my decision. She is not at all like Alleya’s mother in that regard. So I want to try my best, as a woman, not to overburden her.

As for other people. Yes, I actually do know one other person in my study group. And it’s good I did or I would have never recognized her.

You see, I was supposed to hear back from my friend Josenia. We’ve been friends since first grade and she’s really been looking forward to the Program. Unfortunately, she’s always really struggled. You see, this is what Josenia looks like :

Josenia has had a hard time controlling her weight for as long as I’ve known her. I think it’s because she’s raised by her grandma, who is a wonderful person but also feeds all of Josenia’s food urges. The result is that she has been tremendously obese.

In fact, she really struggled to get her weight down for the program. Sadly, a lot of our classmates only saw her fat and were very cruel to her,
calling her ‘Ms. Piggy’ behind her back. I never had the heart to tell her, but I suppose she always suspected.

And sadly, I think I probably only saw the fat too, because Alleya and I were both completely out of words when our entrance to the school was blocked by a woman in a figure-hugging dress. While the dress was clearly from a cheap store, the body it was stretched over would have looked amazing in anything.

Then she said something that left the two of us completely at a loss for words.

“Is that little Ali and Beanie Baby?”


Alleya and I look at each other. But only one person could possibly call us that.

“Josenia?” I asked.

The woman’s gorgeous face broke into a grin. “Please, you can call me Jossie.” She laughed as we threw our arms around each other. Which was harder than you might think owing to our fronts!

Both Alleya and I were absolutely astounded. Even after our own miraculous transformation, it was nothing like what Josenia had experienced and we insisted she tell us all about it as we strut through the hallways full of young and attractive men and women on our way to our designated classroom.

For now, at least, all of my doubts have been pushed well back. Whatever these next two weeks have in store for us, they are bound to be interesting!

Morning orientation found us seated in a classroom full of around thirty other subjects. Naturally, all of the women were quite fetching, giving Alleya and Jossie a run for their money. But I’ve hardly mentioned the boys, well, the men before now.

Uhm . . . So I felt . . . Tee hee . . . uhm a little different looking at the boys. I mean the men. I actually got a little breathless. They’ll also so big and hairy, sort of like my dad, but younger and much, much, much . . more muscular. And the way they move, it’s like they’ve become top-heavy, swinging their shoulders like young male gorillas at the zoo.

They were all busy posturing with one another and sort of standing off from us girl, us women. In fact, that was what was so odd, the class was sort of neatly divided with the two sides talking among themselves and trying to figure out the other side of the room.

Just two days ago, there were no sides when we’d been running around on the playground.

I didn’t have much time to think about this before class started and our teacher walked in.

This is Miss Dubois and she is going to be our teacher, or maybe our mentor, for the next two weeks. I was actually really surprised to learn this because Miss Dubois is not technically a teacher. She is an official of the Dubois BioMedical Company that administers the Treatment.

I remember seeing her when the seminar was given about the program. She spoke very passionately about it on behalf of the President and Founder of the Company, her father, Mister Antoine Dubois.

“Take your seats, boys and girls.” Miss Dubois instructed huskily. As she prowled to the teacher’s desk, every woman in the room sensed every man following her, and we all collectively gave an annoyed look.

Miss Dubois stopped, causing the men to all freeze up. She lifted a single brow and then corrected herself. “I mean to say, Ladies and Gentlemen. Please be seated.” Chairs clattered as we all sat down.

“You will find pencils and notebooks inside of your desks. You will be expected to keep a journal for the duration of the project. Please do not lose them.” Miss Dubois said as she picked a piece of chalk and scrawled out her name in impeccable cursive.

“Now then, I am Miss Natalie Dubois. Many of you may be familiar with me. I will be assisting in the orientation and mentor-ship components of the program as the school board believe I can provide a unique perspective to you all. Let me be the first to congratulate you on your transformation into fine young adults. Over the next two weeks, we will work together to sculpt and mold you into the type of people you one day wish to be. Our goal, so that when you return to school next semester, you will have a new appreciation for the adult world, and a clear understanding of the place you wish to pursue in it.”

Miss Dubois paused, displaying the cool poise of a cat. Her eyes darted to the men who all sat a little straighter and stopped giving her such longing looks. They were like puppies, eager for her attention, and that annoyed me somehow.

“Now then, let’s dive right in . . .”

I won’t bore you all with much about the orientation. Just some important notes about the program. Both academically, biologically, and legally.

Academically: For the next two weeks, we essentially are attending summer school. While we won’t spend every day on campus, we will have classes and orientations to prepare us for a variety of tasks we will participate in as adults.

A number of elective classes are also available. Of particular interest is accelerated drivers ed which awards a learners permit after an intensive one-week daily course. While I doubt I’ll be able to convince my parents to sign off on it, Alleya gleefully plucked a registration form.

At the end of the course, we will be graded, however, this will have no bearing on our normal academics and is simply for the purpose of data gathering for the program.

Legally :

We were extensively informed of our rights for the duration of the program. Legally speaking we are ‘partially emancipated’ meaning that we have many of the rights and privileges of full legal adults.

However, our parents still retain guardianship over us and the school system can take disciplinary action for misbehavior.

For purposes of the program, any crimes that are committed would be treated as being performed by a minor. However, for serious crimes, we would be sent to a specially cordoned detention center until hyper puberty wears off. We would then be tried in juvenile court.

Finally, and part that was closely emphasized, it is illegal for us to engage in sexual activities with people over the normal age of majority.

Biological :

Our class closely discussed the process of hyper puberty and how it differs from normal puberty and we were provided extensive workbooks and reference manuals to understand our new bodies.

We reviewed diagrams that showed the progression of the body under the influence of both normal and hyper puberty. Naturally, the hyper puberty diagrams showed a progression that was both faster and more extreme, ending larger more muscular men, and far more beautiful and curvaceous women.

We were advised not to be disappointed if our subsequent normal puberty does not meet the expectations set by our hyper puberty.

I couldn’t help noticing Jossie looking disappointed at that and I had to remind myself that in two weeks time her amazing form would revert to ‘Ms. Piggy’ just as Alleya and I would return to our normal mousy selves. It just doesn’t seem real, or even possible to me at this moment.

Of particular note, hyper puberty differs from normal puberty in one key respect. Due to its rapid onset and relatively short duration, it’s incredibly unusual for a hyper pubescent woman to experience her first menstruation. Which means there is no possibility of becoming pregnant due to sexual activity.

Likewise, while hyper pubescent men have large developed penises and testicles, and a powerful sex drive, they usually do not fully awaken to produce a potent amount of actual sperm in the two weeks of their accelerated development, and what sperm they do produce are usually purged or reabsorbed during an involuntary process called ‘de-pubescent ejaculation’ as the enlarged testes and penis collapse back into their dormant state.

What this means is that the chances of pregnancy from any sexual encounters are very small. However, Miss Dubois stressed to all of us that this is no excuse to pursue sex without the use of protection.

Given that I’m making notes about biology, I’ll answer this last comment here :

“I was wondering, do you feel any difference in your personality after the transformation?”Jojo93able

This was covered in class today, but I also noticed it for myself. You may have noticed that my spelling and vocabulary have improved substantially over the past twenty-four hours. Hyper Puberty develops both the mind and the body, allowing us to absorb the information that will be presented to us during the program.

It is a very strange experience, almost like there is a kernel of the little girl Beatrice inside of me, and as her thoughts flow through my brain, they change and mature into a woman’s version of those thoughts. Apparently, this process is a natural result of hyper puberty, though naturally occurring cases of PHP rarely last long enough to experience it.

Depending on how much I think, and about how many things, I should completely mentally transition in between four and seven days. Though based on the charts in our workbook Alleya is already showing signs of being at day 3!

Anyways, orientation ended around 1 PM today and we were allowed out early for our first afternoon of freedom as adults. As dependents of the project, Jossie and I received a special stipend to spend on clothes and accessories. Alleya, meanwhile, has something much better. Her mom’s credit card! Which she has been given full permission to use.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to you after shopping. Also, I hope you don’t mind, but I don’t Alleya and Jossie about you guys. Let me know if you’d like to hear about their experiences. They may be willing to give some of their own thoughts.

Well, gotta go for now.

XOXO – Bea



  1. Keyser

    Great to see more updates from you Bea! I must say, I think you’re being way too modest about your appearance… I think as your mind develops you’ll come to realise just how much more beautiful you are compared to other women, and how superior your body has become. Those pictures of you in the shower were jaw-dropping, and that view of kissing you… I’ll just say look out for the men in your class. I think your body and lips are going to attract a lot of attention, and get those guys very excited…

    Anyway I wanted to ask, do you think Alleya and Jossie could describe their transformation experiences? It would be very interesting to know what it felt like for them and what they can remember about their bodies changing.

  2. jojo93able

    glad to see you back!
    First of all I love how you write, it seems that the more time you spend the more you are getting used to your new body.
    watch out for the guys, even though I think it’s okay for you to … have some fun.
    please choose a good match!

    it would be very interesting to hear the opinion of your friends.
    one last question, are there people you knew about the project but who … don’t like them?

  3. BLZBub

    I was wondering when we would hear from you again. I can’t say I’m particularly surprised that the people in your group are not allowed to have sex, but at least it’s harder for them to impregnate/be impregnated. Still, I know your desire towards the men in your group is going to grow. I’d keep an eye on Alleya, she might possibly be the one who’s least concerned about breaking the rule. You should also keep an eye on Josie. Now that she’s lost all that weight and gained a lovely shape, she is definitely going to be coming out of her shell.

  4. Planet

    Nice to hear from you! I really wish you are doing great with your experience!

    But about the program itself… My opinion is that they are setting you for a big disappointment later in life. They are making all of you spend two weeks as perfect human specimens, and then when you grown for real you’re just be average adults? I’m pretty sure that more than one of you volunteers is going to develop grave self-image issues because even if you lower your expectations, you’ll never be able to live up to the perfection they bestowed upon you during this. And that is very irresponsible of the program’s organizers.

    But who knows… this program is so new that maybe they don’t know exactly what will happen when you all hit puberty for real. Who knows what effects the Hyper Puberty can permanently have in your body even after regressing? Maybe your genetic makeup is forever altered and when you hit puberty again your hormones will make you develop in this superior way once more instead of however you were going to be if you had never participated in the Program? I guess only time will tell, but maybe you could ask an expert scientist if this is a possibility.

    Wish you the best.

    • Keyser

      I had thought this myself Planet. The effect of muscle memory is very interesting in working out. If you develop good musculature in your teens, the body ‘remembers’ that physique and it’s much easier to grow and maintain that muscle in later life.

      The changes to the girls have been so intense with these transformations that I’d be surprised if their bodies forgot about the experience entirely. Hopefully as the girls get older naturally their bodies will still blossom into the gorgeous specimens we can see now!

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