Looking for Advice (4)

Hi guys, it’s Bea again.

Just wanted to respond to some of your comments before turning in for the night.

“Well, I’m glad you’re not alone among your friends who is going through this program. And if Alleya is any indication, you’ll be looking quite beautiful yourself after the procedure. You’ll have to be sure to check on your other friends who are in the program.” – BLZBub

The Program selected students by lottery from all around the area. Unfortunately, not many of my close friends were chosen. And due to the Program’s guidelines, I am prohibited from interacting with any of them until I change back. This is part of the Program’s policy of separating our ‘normal’ and ‘adult’ lives to reduce psychological stress.

And yes, Alleya’s adult body did turn out quite lovely. It is not uncommon at all for Hyper Puberty to produce superior physical specimens. In fact, she sent this to me just a little while ago.

“Just wanted you to see some of the Pajama’s I bought. Feels naughty! XOXO” – Alleya

Honestly it has me a little worried again to see my friend acting suddenly so bold as to wear something so adult. Does she not realize what her body looks like now? I think she might be a little intoxicated by the effects of hyper puberty. But then, her parents have always been the kind to spoil Alleya rotten. With her newfound confidence, she no doubt intends to experience every aspect of being a woman.

“Good luck. Don’t forget who you are. You’ll be a great adult” – Ashmander

Thanks so much, Ash. I have to admit that this has weighed heavily on my mind since I met Alleya this morning. I was sort of afraid that the Procedure would turn me into a different person. In a way, I think it has. My body has been transformed into a grown woman’s body. My mind certainly cannot remain the mind of a young girl.

“now you can compare yourself with Alleya au pair!
I’m glad the process went perfectly, I hope you can teach your sister a lesson in humility.
in my opinion you should hear if you have friends who have participated in the project, go out together and have fun” – jojo93able

I have to admit, when I looked at Alleya’s e-mail I did feel compelled to measure myself against her and I was a little annoyed by how confident she seems. I guess I might be a little disappointed to be honest. This body is not bad at all, but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I’m rather short for one and somewhat on the ‘thicc’ side as they say online. I have a rather fat bottom. I don’t know, perhaps I am being selfish wanting more?

“Wow Beatrice you grew into a real beauty. And your body is incredible! Did you expect to become so attractive or was it a complete surprise? Would you say your great new body is a side effect of the procedure, or genetically were you always destined to grow into this? If the procedure takes a while to come into effect, do you think more changes might happen to you?” – Keyser

Why thank you, Keyser! It feels quite incredible as well!

While I’m not exactly surprised how I turned out, I can’t exactly say I predicted it. The women in my family are not unattractive, but it is very unlikely I would grow into this naturally. I have to thank Hyper Puberty for my superior looks and physique.

So it is a little strange to be complimented when the woman you see before you is a product of science!

“Just try not to rub it in your sister’s face, envy can be an ugly thing. As for how to use your energy, adults usually work out. So if your parents have some exercise equipment, you can use those until you can get some gym clothes and go to the gym.” – BLZBub

The thing is, it has always been difficult being Valerie’s sister. But I was so hungry for her approval that I didn’t understand that until I came back from the clinic today. How to put it? When I came home in this form, all of her mean words and deeds suddenly felt so petty and small.

Don’t misunderstand, I don’t resent Valerie as I am now, I just . . . don’t want her melodrama to interfere with my time as a woman.

I am a little worried however. My sister holds grudges. I’m sure she will bide her time until my hyper puberty fades and I return to my natural form. Which could be trouble for my normal self later.

I did decide to take your advice about exercise. Luckily my dad bought some exercise equipment a few years ago that he keeps out in the garage, and my mom has some workout stretchy workout clothes that I don’t she’d mind if I borrow. Honestly, they only ever seem to use them for a couple of months after Christmas each year, so I don’t think they’ll mind.

The Program Guidelines list many benefits to vigorous physical activity. Although my fitness is a product of science, exercise will help my brain to acclimate to its new form and prolong my Hyper Puberty by stressing my adult body to maintain heightened hormone levels.

And of course it just feels good.

In fact working out felt incredible. Testing my body was eye-opening to say the least and incredibly satisfying compared to my formerly puny self. My newly enlarged and densified muscles purred beneath my mom’s lycra workout clothes and it wasn’t long before I was soaked in my own sweat.

My ass especially turned out to be amazing. A huge amount of my muscle mass is concentrated there and I could feel it work and clench powerfully as I followed the exercises in the Program handbook. I quickly grew soaked with perspiration and could feel little rivulets of sweat slithering down my pillowed cheeks. The sensation was rather thrilling!

But most astonishing was my almost limitless stamina. I really had to work hard to exhaust myself. Each time I felt like I was about to reach my limit, gasping for breath and shaking, I would break through with another surge of energy and feel compelled to keep going. My shaking would cease, my breath would deepen, and I would push myself further again.

My adult cells felt like they were on fire, but it hurt so good. My body loved every moment of pushing until I found its limits. I just couldn’t stop until finally I felt my body reaching a contended state of exhaustion. I was totally drained yet totally satisfied with myself.

After working out, I was soaked in my own sweat. My adult body reeks much more intensely when dirty. Or maybe womanhood had enhanced my sense of smell. But in any case, I peeled off the workout clothes without delay and took another shower to wash away the filth.

But this time, showering too was different. The sensations were much heightened after working out. There was a warning in the hand book that exercise could create a heightened state arousal, but I didn’t really understand what that meant. What it mean was that the water hitting me, and my hands touching myself as I washed, caused waves of tingles to spark all across my skin.

I get really worm while I washing, much warmer than the water alone could explain and so I . . . well . . . I was curious about something and decided to experiment. I noticed that my nipples had swollen up and become a little sensitive. So I adjusted the water jets so that they would hit hardest on my breasts and after I sense of build up . . . I felt the surging feeling again!

Not as strong as when I changed, but enough to make me cry out and throw my hands against the show wall of balance. I really wanted to make it happen again, but I decided it was best to wait for now until I understand my body better.

My parents were home by the time I emerged from my shower and had brought takeout for dinner, so I dried off and put on my mom’s bathrobe.

I didn’t see Valerie, but I’m sure she’s skulking somewhere and I have to imagine she’ll be furious if she catches a glimpse of me.

So here I am now, laying in bed like a guest in my own home. The luxurious guest sheets caressing my equally luxurious skin. I think I’m going to sign for now. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

XOXO – Bea.



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