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Looking for Advice (2)

Hello, it is Beatrice again.

I wanted to let everyone know that I have decided to participate in the program. I am typing this as I sit in the clinic waiting room.Before the procedure, it is required that I receive a physical examination and several vitamin injections. Then I will be taken to a special temporary clinic where the procedure will be performed.

I think I decided to do this because it is a once in a life time opportunity and letting it pass me by I might always wonder about these days. So I thought it would be better not to have any regrets about what I did not do.

I would now like to answer a comment I saw today as I typed my update.

BLZBub – “I’ve read about programs like this before. I think you’re in good hands. As long as you’ve got friends who are in the program as well, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself.”

Beatrice – Really? Nobody in my family has had any experience with this sort of program. The Doctor’s of my country are very proud that they developed it themselves. Although maybe they were inspired by programs in another country?

As for my friends, after my parents dropped me off had a really weird encounter. An incredibly beautiful tall and dark skinned woman was leaving the clinic when I arrived. She wore a simple white dress that showed off her lush and curvy figure and was followed by a group of nurses who had to run to keep up with her long legged stride.

She seemed to be completely annoyed and was ignoring them, but when she saw me, she stopped dead and called me by name!

“Beatrice?!” The stranger said. She approached so quickly that I actually got scared and hid behind the nurse. “Beatrice don’t you recognize me?” The woman sounded surprised and then started laughing warmly. “It’s me. Alleya!” She declared as she struck a very sexy and confident pose.

Alleya? I thought. But it seemed impossible!

Alleya is the youngest girl in my class and also the youngest person to be selected for the program. I would not say that we are close friends exactly, but her family is fairly wealthy and all the girls in class are always invited to her birthday party.

In fact, I realized, the party should happen around the middle of the inter-semester break. In other words, right in the middle of the test program!

I could not believe that the tall and luscious woman standing confidently in front of my was really just shy mousy little Alleya!

But then she proved it to me by talking all about things that only the girls who attended her last birthday party would know. I had no choice but to accept that this really was Alleya for now. She explained to me that she had just undergone the procedure that morning and that her mother was waiting to take her shopping for new clothes.

I was little envious. Not only is Alleya wealthy, but she’s so beautiful now that she doesn’t even need expensive clothing.

We talked for a bit, but before I could ask her much about how the procedure went, a nurse told her that it was time to go. Then Alleya did something a little strange, she gave the stocky middle aged woman a haughty look that I would never expect coming from my classmate. Even though the nurse seemed very kind, it was like she was annoyed to be told what to do.

“Excuse me, I am speaking to a good friend.” Alleya said coldly before turning back to me, and like a switch was flipped, warming back up.

It was very strange. Alleya has always been a little spoiled and wanted things her own way but also very shy. But even I cannot deny that with her beautiful new body she is suddenly bursting with confidence. Although, I wonder if you can have too much of a good thing, I am also very happy that her procedure went well.

Before we parted ways, she hugged me and let me take a couple of pictures which I have attached.

The nurse at the desk just called my name, so I have to go now. I’ll try to post again after my procedure!



  1. Harpy

    Hmm. I know I included photo attachments when I sent this. But they don’t seem to have been included.

    I wonder if these is a technical problem or if I don’t have permission to include photos?

  2. BLZBub

    Well, I’m glad you’re not alone among your friends who is going through this program. And if Alleya is any indication, you’ll be looking quite beautiful yourself after the procedure. You’ll have to be sure to check on your other friends who are in the program.

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