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Leto: The Mother Goddess

The final story from the Writers group! See it, read it and than vote! 😉

By ARWander1600 aka ARColt67
(Based on an idea by Bela04)


Picture 1:
Michael: I can’t believe we’re actually going to do this! If we can actually steal these jewels we’ll be set for life! Also why isn’t this big sack making any noise when I shake it, it’s really heavy but nothing is rattling in here!
Alexia: That’s because everything we need in there is padded and meant to make no noise, I wish I could say the same thing about you. Could you please unzip it for me though?


Picture 2:
Alexia: (whispers) Okay, the security has been disarmed and I cut a hole in the glass big enough for both of us to slide down.
Michael: Are you sure these small ropes can hold us, am I’m carrying this big bag as well down there?
Alexia: Yes you are carrying it and if these ropes can hold up a bus, then they should be able to hold us up dumbass!
Michael: Just asking, you don’t have to be so serious…
Alexia: Shh! (Whisper) We’re robbing a museum, this is very serious.

Picture 3:
Michael: Alexia, we made it down, that was actually pretty exciting!
Alexia: (Whisper) Shh!! Lower your voice. I may have shut down the security but the guards might still be here.
Michael: Well, you won’t have to worry about that with me here and remember we’ve got these sneaking suits. They won’t hear us coming, especially if I need to “take care” of one.
Alexia: (Whisper) Well, the sneaking suit won’t do you any good if you can’t be quitter! It’s like talking to a child…

Picture 4:
Michael: (Whisper)Do you think we should take these ones too? They look pretty valuable.
Alexia: (Whisper) No, we were hired to get one big gemstone, the Crest of Leto! We don’t have enough tools or time to get any other treasures, so don’t touch anything else!
Michael: Okay cool, so…who’s Leto? Is he like the guy who played the Joker?
Alexia: Wow… just…wow… I think that is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard someone say! So dumbass, since you obviously didn’t read either the research we were given or any history books growing up, Leto is a goddess.
Michael: So Leto’s not a guy?
Alexia: No, Leto is the goddess of motherhood and womanly demure, she was perceived as being gentle and “maternal” and she is the mother of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis. The Crest of Leto is said to have mystic powers and our client said that the crest would be easy to spot once we find the statue with Leto and her two infant sons. They are said to be—are you even listening to me?!

Picture 5:
Michael: Wow, all of these statues and things look amazing…
Alexia: As I said don’t touch anything, we need to find the crest and that’s it…
Michael: But what are all of these cool—
Alexia: Don’t touch them. And to answer your question, these are Japanese Bunraku puppets and Chinese Dragon Jade statues, both very valuable but not what we are looking for.

Picture 6:
Alexia: (Whisper) Michael, I think we found it! Now give me the bag, it has everything we need to steal the crest from that glass case!

Picture 7:
Michael: Alexia, I don’t know why everyone thinks she’s so pretty, haha your tits are way bigger than hers! See her own kids aren’t even paying attention to them!
Alexia: You’re good at killing people quietly, but you’re dumb and you have no couth. Besides their not paying attention to her because their sleeping, dumbass.

Picture 8:
Michael: I bet you secretly like me, when we’re done with this little heist, I think I’d like to see what you look like under that mask. Maybe, I can treat you to a five star restaurant with all the money we’ll have and I bet you work out so, we can show each other how “toned” we are.
Alexia: Will you just shut up? I have to do most of the actual stealing you fucking prick! I know your job is to protect me, but I think what you’re mostly doing is pissing me off you fucking ass-wipe!

Picture 9:
Michael: Wow, you’ve got a mouth on you babe!
Alexia: Don’t call me babe… alright I’ve almost got the glass cut…there!

Picture 10
Michael: Whoa! Is the glass supposed to explode when you touch it?! What did you do?!
Alexia: How the fuck should I know! I’ve studied every part of the security of this place for months and they did not mention anything about exploding glass or…

Picture 11:
Michael: Umm… is it supposed to be floating?
Alexia: Fascinating… It’s pulsing with light as well, how is this possible…And the crest…it’s heading to the statue of Leto…

Picture 12:
Michael: Alexia…did that statue just move and become…real…
Alexia: This is impossible! T-t-this can’t be happening!!
Leto: Who dare disturb me and my children!

Picture 13:
Michael: Whoa, she’s alive!
Alexia: She’s real… and her children are real…
Leto: Good, my babes are still asleep… But I see two mortals who are responsible for waking me, two mortals who have attempted to steal my crest.

Picture 14:
Leto: Now mortals, your act of thievery is rather childish, thus I will address you as children. Hmm, I find your black robes amusing, however, there’s no need to hide yourselves from me, and I know you came here for my necklace. Reveal yourselves to me, children!

Picture 15:
Leto: Much better, now you have nothing to hide from me!
Alexia: Our sneaking suits disappeared, this cannot be fucking happening!
Michael: Damn Girl! You’ve got a great taste in lingerie! You’ve got double D’s in the front and the back! And look at all my muscles babe, don’t you just want t—
Alexia: Don’t finish that sentence you fucking asshole! You’re supposed to protect me not ogle me and make a stupid pun! Now kill that fucking bitch!

Picture 16:
Michael: I’m usually a gentleman, but you’re not going to hurt Alexia!
Leto: You may attempt to strike me down if you must, but have you ever faced a goddess before?
Michael: Just shut up and fight me!

Picture 17:
Leto: You are very agile my child, and I can tell that you have been trained well for fighting mortals. However you cannot even dream to strike down a god with blows such as yours. It is highly amusing though to watch you try to catch me, although I believe it will be even more amusing if I do this!

Picture 18:
Michael: Wait what’s happening, why are you getting bigger?
Leto: My child, are you liking your new prospective?
Alexia: Oh my god…

Picture 19:
Leto: Now that you are but a boy, do you still wish to fight me?
Michael: I’m not afraid of you, even if I’m wearing this weird diaper.
Leto: Well, what you are wearing is known as a subligaculum, it’s an ancient undergarment worn during battle. However, I will turn it into a diaper if you continue to confront me, boy!
Alexia: Don’t do it, you don’t know what she will do!
Michael: … Alexia, I will do my best to protect you!

Picture 20:
Leto: I have you now young one!
Michael: Let me go!
Leto: That was quite the noble act you did there, young one, you still chose to fight me to try to protect your lover!
Alexia: He is not my lover, I’ve never even met him before this mission!
Leto: Well, your actions were still an act of bravery and thus, I will spare both of you from death. However you must both still be punished for your transgressions and the wonderment of babes never cease to amaze me!

Picture 21:
Leto: Relax young one, I do not wish to harm you… Just think back to a simpler time when your mother did everything for you. Think of her holding you and rocking you back and forth just as I am doing now.
Alexia: Michael, whatever she is saying don’t listen to her!

Picture 22:
Leto: Feel your subligaculum form into a comforting diaper for you to wear…Yes, that’s it…let the goddess of motherhood take all of your years away…
Alexia: No, this can’t be happening…

Picture 23:
Leto: Now you are but a babe in my arms! I will give you another opportunity to grow up again and change your ways but first you must be fed!

Picture 24:
Alexia: Fed?!
Leto: Yes, for his regression to be made complete, he must feast upon my bosom’s sweet nectar. Ah, my breasts are barely contained within my gown now, it has been ages since I have had milk within my bosom. I know he will love it, you both will!

Picture 25:
Leto: I heard you say when you came in that your friend’s bosom was fairer than mine, well I feel that is no longer so! Now drink your fill little one… I know that you hunger for my sweet milk…

Picture 26:
Alexia: There is no fucking way, I’m going to let you turn me into a baby and breastfeeding Michael is fucking disgusting!
Leto: Your meal will have to wait, little one, I have another babe who shall partake in this feast. I shall set you in a cradle while you wait.

Picture 27:
Alexia: I don’t know how but I will beat you, you ancient bitch!
Leto: I am not ancient, I am eternal and you are but a thief who invaded my temple. You have also insulted me by saying my secrete duty is a vile act!
Alexia: This is not a temple you dumb cunt, this is a museum, and all you are is a dusty old relic who is keeping me from my fucking prize!

Picture 28:
Leto: Language such as that is not becoming of a lady, which means that you were obviously not raised correctly. But fear not my child, Leto will make everything all better! I will give you the nurturing you need, Alexia.
Alexia: No don’t come near me!

Picture 29:
Alexia: No my bra and panties, I’m shrinking out of them! How did you do that, you didn’t even touch me!
Leto: My mere presence is enough to regress a mortal if I chose to regress them and a strophium is a garment meant for women, so you shall no longer need it!

Picture 30:
Alexia: My beautiful boobs are gone! I don’t want to be a little girl!
Leto: But as a little girl you will no longer need to resort to thievery…
Alexia: But, I’m not a … Whoa, everything looks so much bigger…I’m scared!

Picture 31:
Leto: Do not fear my child, your goddess will give you an undergarment much more appropriate for you. Also your consciousness should start to adjust to your new body at any moment…
Alexia: Godbess, wha es comseeusnes?
Leto: Something you will learn about when you are older little one…
Alexia: Godbess me naky!
Leto: I know young one, let me bring forth your undergarment!

Picture 32:
Alexia: Godbess es big!
Leto: I know little one, now just lift up your legs for Mother Leto.
Alexia: Otay mama!

Picture 33:
Leto: Aw, you are so precious, little one!
Alexia: (giggles) Uppie Mama!
Leto: Of course little one! What a silly little babe you are!

Picture 34:
Leto: Do my eyes deceive me? Are you patting my bosom?
Alexia: Bah bah!
Leto: Would little Alexia like Mother Leto to feed her with my divine breasts or is my act still displeasing to you?
Alexia: Bah bah!

Picture 35:
Leto: There we go little one, feast upon my breasts…

Picture 36:
Leto: My you are a hungry little babe and I know that dear Michael would wish to join as well!

Picture 37:
Leto: There you go little hero, I’m sorry that your meal was interrupted but now you may both feast on my delicious sweet milk. And no need to quarrel, I have more than enough for both of you!

Picture 38:
Leto: Both of your mouths upon my nipples feels incredible, but since my time is short in this world I cannot care for you’re the way you need me to. The crest created a barrier around this place, thus I can only care for my own children. Fear not young babes, I know I will find a suitable—
Security Guard: Put those children down on the ground now, you witch!
Leto: Ah, I require your services guard!

Picture 39:
Security Guard: I saw what happened on the only camera that was still works, I know that those are really thieves you turned into babies! Do what I say or I’ll shoot!
Leto: Your mortal weapons would have little effect on but I know how you can be of great use to me!

Picture 40:
Security Guard: Wait what are you—

Picture 41:
Security Guard: Thank you so much for watching my kids, I’ll make sure to take them home now!
Leto: It was no problem sweet maiden, I even fed them for you so that they may rest easily tonight!

Picture 42:
Security Guard: Oh for Goddess Sakes, you didn’t have to do that but you did save me the trouble of feeding them tonight! I’ll just feed them when they get up in the morning!
Leto: Farewell children, I must return to my slumber and care for my young boys before the crest’s power wears off. I hope you will become respectable people when you grow up this time around!

The End

Bonus Picture 1:
Leto: If any of you thieves wish to disturb me and my children, the same fate will fall upon you! However, I am of the thought that many of you may actually enjoy this fate.

Bonus Picture 2:
Leto: Would any of you want to be pampered and fed by the mother goddess?! I love caring for young babes, I have thousands of years of experience and my boys don’t mind sharing my bosoms…And I promise to find you all loving homes after I’ve taken care of you!

Bonus Picture 3:
Leto: So come thieves, attempt to steal my crest! Your mother goddess knows you wish to be held like the babes you secretly are, to be diapered and fed by her large bosoms!


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