Late Halloween Comic & Updates

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Hellooooo Boys & Girls!

It’s bela04 here! Glad to write this update to you! I had very busy and ill weeks behind me as some of you may know through on our discord server. Got a pretty nasty virus and it put me down pretty serious for weeks and I’m still suffering from it’s long term effect but I can say that I’ll live… Hopefully 🙂

This little “trip” slowed most of my projects since I wasn’t able to work for a long time but during the last couple of days I had some time to finish the Halloween comic and it’s finally here! I know… I know… it’s almost a month since Halloween – and many of you know it’s not really my thing – but I wanted to create something this year before it’s date for you. I know many of you live in a place where you have this day but thanks to the problems I mentioned above I had to stop making it before I could finish it… Well, it’s here now, I hope at least it will give you the feeling or a little vibe.

A short tale with a classic AR/AP scenario with the use of a “haunted house”! 😉

As for the rest of the year: I’m going to post Observation’s second part this week, and also another one or two short tales in the coming weeks so keep lurking! I’m sure, Lost also have some stories and ideas what he would like to share if his time will let him. I’m not sure about a christmas comic, but I’ll do my best to bring you something if my time let’s it! If you have any short sweet ideas feel free to share on our Discord server or comment below here!

The next Premium comics – I know I’m promising it for a time now – still needs some time it’s around 70-80% ready and my focus is on this mainly to finish and publish it this year. Wish me luck to make that happen! Here’s a little sneak peak:

See you this week! 😉




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