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Irresponsible Test by Planet

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Irresponsible Test

by Planet

Caleb was fine with people calling him a mad genius. Yes, he admitted he was a bit eccentric, but his prodigious brain was unparalleled in the world of science. He could easily come to figure among names like Newton’s or Einstein’s, yet he was so disliked among his peers that he remained a relative unknown outside the scientific community.

But all of that was about to change. He was working on a project that defied the very laws of physics, or at least his colleagues’ understanding of them. His invention would make him into the most famous scientist of all time, all of that before even turning 30.

Then there was a setback. His idiot of an older brother had to get himself killed in a sporting accident. Since his brother’s wife had already died a few years earlier, his 11-years-old niece, Audrey, was left alone in the world, with Caleb as his only living relative.

But he had no time to take care of a brat. His invention was much more important. He was decided to refuse her custody when he realized that he could take some advantage from the situation. After all, he would need a test subject once his machine was ready.

The day came only five months later. Caleb’s device was theoretically ready, and had already been tested on animals. He was fairly sure it would go without a cinch on human subjects, and when he was sure of something, it was always true.

Audrey was called by her uncle into his lab. It was an unprecedented occurrence, for she had been forbidden entrance into it. She stepped into the place with some apprehension, looking around at all the unfamiliar equipment.

“I’ve just made an invention that will forever change the world as we know it,” he said without even looking at her.

He walked in front of an elaborate contraption with a few cables sticking out of it.

“This is the first Chronal Exchanger,” he announced proudly. “It allows for all the Chronal energy on a living being to pass into another.”

Audrey looked at him, confused.

“It swaps the ages of two subjects,” he explained dismissively. “It works on animals, but I need to try it on humans. After that, we’ll have an interspecies test. If that works… Well, aging humans can just give their years to some simple lifeform while regaining their youth. We’ll be practically immortal! And all thanks to ME!”

He laughed, basking on the glory that he was about to achieve.

“But my colleagues wouldn’t let me test it for years. I need to prove it already works. So I’m about to test it on myself. And I need you to exchange my Chronal energy.”

Audrey was speechless. Was this safe? She knew her father always said that Uncle Caleb was a bit deranged.

“But… Then I’ll be as old as you?”

“Yes, you’ll be 27,” Caleb said. “And I’ll be 11. Just for a few hours. Then we’ll prove it works and we’ll change back, and I’ll announce my discovery to the world!”

He powered the device, and a few of its lights turned on. Audrey was very nervous. This could be really dangerous, but would Uncle Caleb test it on himself if he wasn’t absolutely certain it was harmless? No, he loved himself too much for that. Also, being a young woman for a while sounded pretty cool.

“Okay…” she said. Not that he was waiting for her consent.

“Now, my brain will devolve, since at 11 it won’t be fully developed,” Caleb said. “That means it won’t have the capacity to store my considerable genius. My knowledge and IQ will instead have to be downloaded into your matured brain for a while.”

Audrey looked at him, even more surprised.

“So, I won’t be able to understand any of this after the exchange. You’ll need to prepare the machine and change us back yourself. With my genius, you will know exactly what to do, but if you have any trouble grasping the situation quickly, I have left you my detailed notes.”


“Sit over here.”

Audrey sat on the small leather armchair and tried to breathe calmly while her uncle put a couple of electrodes on her temples and three below her neck. He did the same to himself and sat on another chair.

“Here it goes,” he said, and pressed a button without further delay.

Audrey thought she would receive a show, but if she did, it was too weak. It felt more as if the electrodes were vibrating. Meanwhile, Caleb was watching some readings on the machine’s screen.

“Yes! It’s working perfectly! My Chronal energy is passing into your cells!”

Yet again, he laughed maniacally, all while his niece waited tensely for something else to happen.

“Ah!” she yelled as she looked down.

For Audrey’s bare feet were enlarging in front of her very eyes. Caleb, meanwhile, untied his own shoes. His feet didn’t seem to get any smaller yet, but the girl could see that they were losing hair.

“Oh, look” her uncle said casually. “Your forced puberty is starting.”

She looked down at herself eagerly. Sure enough, she was rapidly gaining height, growing larger in every direction.

“Ow! My legs!”

Audrey’s short tightened progressively as her lower limbs elongated and gained tone. Her hips and buttocks followed as they rounded too. Caleb, meanwhile, was looking scrawnier, but his changes weren’t as radical yet.

Just before he started losing height, Audrey had already gotten as tall as he was. She was wearing nothing but a thin denim top and it was constricting her upper body painfully, her slim waist fully on display.

Caleb was shrinking fast by now, and his face looked more youthful. Even his maniacal laugh sounded different.

“I— I think I have to get out of these clothes,” said Audrey. Her voice, in opposition, was deeper.

She had to look down to meet her uncle’s eyes, but he wasn’t paying her much attention. He was just touching his pimply face. Audrey did the same. She had grown a few spots of her own, but they were clearing fast. Her lips were plumping, though, and her nose was growing, and she could feel the changing profile of her cheekbones. Her dark hair was also growing a bit longer.

Audrey started to breath with more difficulty. Her top was painfully tight by now. She tried to remove it, but it just snapped, and her longer arms covered her chest in mortification, though Caleb’s attention was elsewhere, luckily.

Then, there was an abrupt explosion of breast tissue on her chest, endowing Audrey with a very large bosom in just a second. Blushing hard, she covered herself even more, marveling at the amount of cleavage that had formed between her arms.

She could feel other changes happening very fast, both outside and inside her body. Then, an intense, baffling surge of images and information were swiftly downloaded into her brain, as it expanded its capacity radically.

“My mind is going… I… I’m losing my knowledge…” said a scared Caleb.

The new 27-years-old woman looked at him and was surprised to see a small kid of 11, engulfed by his large clothes.

The machine had run its course. Carefully, Audrey removed her electrodes and covered herself with a red scarf that she had left on a table when she had entered the lab. She examined her image in one of the many reflective surfaces on the lab.

“Wow,” was all she could say, looking at the stunning adult she had become. She barely glanced at Caleb when she said. “We should get dressed.” And she left for her room.

Of course, Audrey didn’t own a bra, but at least she had a two piece swimsuit. It was way too small for her now, but it had to do for now.

She walked out of her room to find Caleb, dressed in simple t-shirt and shorts.

“Did you bought some larger clothes for me to wear while I’m like this?” she asked.

“No, I didn’t think to do that.”

“Yeah, why would you?” said Audrey crossly. “Well, then, you’ll have to wait for me to get something, because you can’t expect me to stay in this state of undress for the rest of the day.”

Audrey had way too much fun purchasing stuff for her adult body. She bought much more than she needed, but a plan was starting to form on her head.

Why stay like this for only a day? Surely, a test needed time before it could be considered successful. She decided to extend their swap for at least a week. After all, there was nothing Caleb could do to stop her now.

Audrey was so engrossed about her transformation, that she spent the next three days just exploring the advantages of her adulthood. It was only then, despite Caleb’s protests, that she decided to look at the machine.

In the previous days, she had realized just how much her mind had changed. She had become incredibly smart. She only had to give a glance to her uncle’s notes and she immediately understood the workings of the device… Which meant that he couldn’t any more.

“Uhm… It seems it’s busted,” lied Audrey.

“Really?” asked a worried Caleb.

“Oh, yeah. This will take me a while to repair.”

Of course, she did just the opposite. The machine was still in perfect condition, but she disabled it. She was only willing to fix it after a long while.

But as time passed, she was enjoying her adult life more and more and she wasn’t too big on the idea of going back.

So she hatched a plan.

Audrey called the authorities and told them everything. How her irresponsible uncle had made an unauthorized human test using her as a guinea pig. And how the machine was “damaged beyond repair” despite her genius. Obviously, she had burnt Caleb’s notes so that nobody could recreate it.

Her uncle was furious, but he couldn’t defend himself. He was convicted to prison for his illegal deed, and he would serve at a minor’s jail until his body got older again.

Meanwhile, Audrey joined the scientific community, which welcomed her with much more enthusiasm than they had ever done with Caleb.

Since she had his intellect and knowledge, her contributions were enormous. What she was sure of, was that she would never invent anything that would change her back to her actual age.[/vc_column_text][/mk_custom_box][/vc_column][/vc_row]



  1. BLZBub

    Caleb really should have seen this coming, but that is one of the faults of a mad scientist. Well, Audrey will be putting that intelligence to better use than he ever did.

    • bela04

      Yeah, though she’s no saint herself. I rarely write villainous main characters, but she’s on the verge. Of course, he deserved it.

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