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Holiday’s over, back to work!

Hey, Hey, boys & girls! Papa bela04 is back again!


Wow, what a ride this was! 2 weeks with fun, seeing new things, learing new techniques and visiting so many beautiful insiring palces! I can surely say, I want to spend more time in the USA! Maybe I’m gonna live there for a couple of months! So many things in my mind right now, but I know I have things to do. So…


What can I say? I’m very proud of all of you! I’m glad that my leave doesn’t stop the site from it’s growing and that the mood was outstanding here! I checked the site almost every second day while I was off and I have to say, I’m impressed! I’m happy to see how active you guys were, especially on the “The AgeArts App”  what was a little suprise from TGTrinity ! He told me something that he is about to do some interesting project this… I would never thought! What a talented author and artist is he! I owe him a big THANKS!!! Without him this site would be the same. 😉 If you enjoyed Trinity’s work, I’m sure you are happy to hear, that he will post in the future as well!


But it wasn’t just TGTinity , who cared about the site, it was also you! You boys & girls show a big interest about our work and we can just only say THANK YOU! All of you for the interest, comments and feedbacks what we got! We spend a lot of work in the last month to produce free works for AgeArts so we are happy to see that you were more than interest and respected our work! So, what happens now? We all try to stand back to some system from now on. We had a lot to catch up and a lot of work in the background to keep he site updated.


What I can say is there will be captions more often on the site – at least that is the plan – so as you were already told, feel free to give us ideas, or more in the right Forum section here!
I’m also planning some Premium content in the future, the year is almost over so my focus is now on this fully! We have some great ideas what we want to make it happen so you can expect some fine new things!
Also I’m thinking about releasing some old stuff with in an updated form. Things what was back on DA in the good old days. The question, would you be interested in it? It would be something like a collection something like, the “How Does It Started”  Project was with side notes, some redone work, bigger resolution (HD), more photorealistic etc. It would be open for all the Patreon members while you could buy it for a few bucks here. (2$-3$)

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Finally about the chat: I saw that you liked it and some of you used it very often. However the main chat was very empty! So, the reason is why you haven’t seen the chat for a while because, the Free Trial is over now. This is antoher question: would you like to use it again? It requires your answer, it is a monthly fee what it needs to be paid, but I don’t want to pay for it if nobody use it, I hope you undrstand my point! So, AgeArt users, there are more than 2,000 little boys & girls here, who are waiting to grow up or become a baby! Use that “Vote” buttons! With a good amount of voters I will get back the chat in no time!

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Thank you for everybody! Thank you for beeing here!



  1. I like your Idea for basically remastering your old work. Adding captions, higher resolution, more photorealism, etc. The only thing I would really like to add/suggest is that you just pad the remasters out a little bit, especially some of the more “risque” parts. Not too much of course, I’m not asking for you drastically increase the size of the projects, just a little extra fan service where it’ll fit. Does that make any sense? Anyway thanks. Whatever you choose to do, I and the rest of the fans/patrons will be here to support you.

  2. BLZBub

    Hey, you’ve been back for a week and we haven’t had any real posts or updates. While I am in favor of you remastering your old work, I’m wondering when we’ll be seeing any work posted. Also, I believe there are some contest prizes you haven’t delivered yet, though one of them is probably under TGTrinity’s jurisdiction. I’m just wondering when we’re going to see some new stuff.

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