Holiday break!

Hi there AgeArts fans!

I just wanted to say a quick goodbye to all of you personally. As you can know, I’m going on a trip for the next two week in the USA for doing some business and spending some free-time at the “land of opportunity”… Yeah it is a cliche but I could let this one away! 😀

Anyway, from now on until the 20th of November, TGTrinity  is in charge of the blog and the gallery! You can expect many new material while I’m away, that is why I worked so hard in the last few weeks to give you somehting more while I’m away! As it was told by Trinity , if you need me you can still find me around here sometimes, and definitly catch me by email: if you have any problem with the site, or with your purchase!

With that saying, I’m leaving you with Trinity , so be a good little boys and girls! I’m watching!!!

Hypno Preview


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