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Hello 2017!

Hello everyone and please welcome my late “I wish you a happy new year!” wish!

As you noticed there wasn’t any post in the last weeks and the reason: I’ve got sick… again… the same damn “stay in bed or you go to the hospital” illness what I had before Christmas… Damn…
But now I’m here again and ready to face the new year: 2017! New year, new ideas, new people to meet, new people to work with and a lot’s of things what are waiting to be done!

The next week is gonna be interesting with some new stuff from the Patreon and some great shorties! I’m also working on the new Premium comics!

What can you expect from this year?

  • Well, I would like to put my focus on more work in other jobs as well. I want to try new things to make more money.
  • Probably this year’s focus is gonna be two thing: Earn money for the future plans, and from that: moving. Both in Hungary and both in the UK, so I’m gonna find new homes in this year in both country. I’m both happy and terrified!
  • I want to release some new interesting comics here on AgeArts and for that, I want to learn more about the 3D! I’m searching for the best course what I can take to learn more and develop!
  • I would like to reorganize a few things around both AgeArts and the Patreon page. There will be a lot more content on the Patreon page this year but I want to make sure that all those content are coming to AgeArts as well in a later date.

I also would like to change the site in design as you can see from the header for a start! I hope you all like it and you can expect more small changes as well in the future! But that’s just me, I want to make sure that at the start of AgeArt’s new year that YOU and ALL OF YOU are very important! YOU are my voice here and almost everything is creating for you folks! Boys & Girls , all I ask from you to be a little bit more active wherever you can on the site! If you have a suggestion just hit me! Use the forum or my e-mail address, ideas, request, commissions or any good idea how to improve the site? Just shoot me and we can surly work this out! This is just as your home as mine!

So let make 2017 our year both in the site and in Personal success as well! To start the update, here is a small “Change in the Park” !




  1. BLZBub

    I suppose I can contribute a few ideas and suggestions. I’m a little reluctant with adding new stories unless they’re part of a contest. It doesn’t necessary have to be a captions contest, but something that can motivate people to write would be nice.

    And one minor thing you can do with the the site is that when you post about new comics, you add links to the comics in the posts.

    • bela04

      I’m eagerly waiting for any new ideas and I know you have many great ideas! There will be contest of course in the future but the theme of them is the question!

      There were links in the first times in the blog post but due some technical problems it is not possible at the moment.

  2. ARWander1600

    This sounds wonderful to me! I think I may want to put the two stories that I put on my Facebook here, maybe you might like them and they could inspire some of your future stories!

    • bela04

      I’m amazed!! I realy liked this new story and I’m very proud that you decided to share this story with us! I love that you go so deep in everything that I could really imagine every little part of it! It surly needs a few pics and the very inspirational! Well done!

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