Halloween Sale, Stories & Comic

Helloooo Everyone!

It’s a new week and we have lot’s of stuff going on! First of all, it’s Halloween’s week so we have some nice things to share with you!

First of all, there is a short SALE this week from today till the 1st of November, so you can get some of my best comics for half price! Check it out and if you haven’t red your favorite, now here is your chance!

We also coming up with a short Halloween comic what is arriving this week, Tomorrow or on the 1st of November! As you could see, we already have a nice story/tale for Halloween by Planet  with the name of Swappin’ Time!  If you haven’t red it check that out too! It’s worth every word!

But if it wasn’t enough, Planet  got another tale for this special holiday what will be also shared with you guys this week! Uhhh… but we are not done here, we could say, this week will be the STORIES week for AgeArts! But we gonna twist this a little bit! What you gonna see this week are 6 – six idea from the AgeArts Writer Group! You will have the chance to read all the ideas what we will be post day-by-day and after the stories has been published, you will have the chance to VOTE for your favorite story! The winner idea will be made into a Premium Comic in the future!

You can vote for 5 stories of the 6 – later about that – on the end of the week! We will give one week time to vote on the Poll for everyone so nobody will miss the chance to tell his/her opinion about the story ideas!

The first idea will be posted Tomorrow morning!

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