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Halloween Contest result!

Hi everybody! Sorry for the late with the result, things come together, only a few days before my US Trip and have to finish everything before it.

So, what you were all waiting for… the result for the Halloween Contest:

  1. BLZbub  = a 20 page long Comic from TGTrinity! With his very good story writing skills and his always developing DAZ skills you can expect the best!
  2. Tr8c12  = a 6 page long Comic from bela04! Just as the usual time, I’m open for almost everything!
  3. Planet  = choose free ONE from our Premium Comics!


I would like to thank to all the submitters, I know it was a short time for bring out with your ideas and I know that the longer story idea stopped a few from you but I hope all the ppl who decided to try out their skills with this contest, enjoyed the process of creation! All the ideas was great and unique, and I’m happy that I have to privilage to read these short stories! IF you think you could continue your ideas I would recommend to submit it as a story for AA to get more attention! 🙂

This week will continue with the patreon updates and when it’s done, the new stuff will start to flowed to AgeArts! I hope you gonna enjoy the next few weeks, there will be many things post here!



  1. I won? I won! Thank you so much! As per the comic, do I just make the request here?

  2. BLZBub

    Thank you so much for this honor. The competition may have been few with this contest, but it was tough. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get into the top three, let alone win this thing. I’m gonna need to think long and hard about what I’ll want for my prize.

    • TGTrinity

      Feel free to email me with any questions you might have about what content I can provide for the comic, and I look forward to bringing your idea to life 🙂

  3. Dracoknight545

    I wanted to enter the Halloween contest but I had alot of things going on with my life so it caused me to missed this one, hopefully got the Thanksgiving or Christmas contest, I’ll have a better shot

  4. I’m so grateful. Thanks, Bela and TGTrinity!

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