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Halloween Contest 2016

Okay, so here we are! Halloween Contest is here for AgeArts, it is just as easy as it used to be with our Contests! The Change in this one is that we only give you ONE week to submit your ideas. This time we would like to favor for those submitter who felt that 100 words is not enough to show us their creativity.

So as I said, you’ve got one week time to submit your ideas under the PICTURE in the GALLERY! Your story idea needs to be between 500-1000 words long! It can be anything what comes up to your mind: AR/AP/TG Mind swap, Reality change whatever! Be creative, but seeing the contest before, I’m sure you will all give us your best! 😉


As for the Pizes. We have a little switch in that too, but only for the good! 😉 This time:

  • The 1st winner can ask for a 20 page long Comic from TGTrinity! With his very good story writing skills and his new very good DAZ skills you can expect the best!
  • The 2nd winner can ask a 6 page long Comic from bela04! Just as the usual time, I’m open for almost everything!
  • The 3rd winner will be richer with one of our Premium Comic what he/she can choose freely!

I think we are looking ahead a very interesting and fun contest this time and the short period for the submitting will be an extra to it!! So let the Game begin, CLICK HERE to jump to the picture and submit your idea! Whohoooo!!!


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  1. bela04

    I really liked that you expanded the word-limit. I’ve got EXACTLY 1000 words in my entry, which goes to show one always wishes to have more space. But anyway, I think this is a really good number. Neither too short, nor too long.

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