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GevousArte: New Artist!

Hello everyone!

In the last month, a new AR/AP artist showed up on the horizon! I got a message from GevousArte in April first and now the time is finally here to make an introduction. So please welcome, GevousArte!

Hi! GevousArte here! I’ve just started making artsy stuff as a hobby and decided that it’s time to share it with the world. Big thanks goes to Bela, for letting me publish my work here in this amazing community. Hope you guys are doing okay and that you will enjoy the work.
Please, do share your feedback and thoughts on them! 🙂 It’ll help me more in the future.

Also, if you really like my work, you can always support me on my Patreon page here!
Or follow me on my official DeviantArt page!

So please welcome his first comic on AgeArts: Bonding! You can find it now in the Gallery section! More of his comics will come to AgeArts in the coming weeks!

And as always, don’t forget to share your feedback! Comment so you can help him and me as well in future works!

See you soon!

Side Note: The comic is in PDF form! You might need to wait a little for it to load! 


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