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Getting in Shape

“And now raise your hands above your head.”

Tiffany followed the instructions of the work out instructor on the TV screen. She grumbled as she felt the loose skin on her arms jiggle around. After realizing she had broken the 220 pound marker earlier this week, she was now determined to lose some weight. Hopefully with enough dedication she could bring herself down back underneath the 200 mark. It would make her small 5’ 2” frame look less pudgy.

She followed the movement of the toned female instructor as the video continued playing. Tiffany wished she could look like that. A 18 year old girl with that body and all the guys who be hitting on her. She glanced down at her current body, her large floppy breasts hidden underneath her sweatshirt, her thick thighs and wide hips straining in her sweatpants, and her fat butt jiggling with her every movement.

“Guys like curves and all,” she thought to herself, her eyes tracing her buldgy body, “but sadly not this many.”

The sound of tiny footsteps alerted Tiffany to turn around to see her 9 year old sister, Lily, scamper into the room. She flew to the couch behind Tiffany with her light blue dress and long brown hair flowing behind her. She hoisted herself up, leveraging her frail 4’ 4” frame upon the comfy sofa. She glanced curiously at her older sister and the TV show that she was watching.

“Watcha doin’ sis?” Lily asked in a soft voice. “Never seen this TV show before…”

Tiffany sighed as she reached over to the remote to pause it. “It’s really nothing Lily,” she replied nonchalantly as she brushed her own sweaty blonde hair out of her eyes. “You would have no interest in it.”

“Why are you standing up instead of sitting?” Lily continued to press as her white sneakers dainty bobbed off the edge of the couch. “And why are you sweaty? And why are you-”

“Fine! I’ll tell you!” Tiffany huffed as she gave in to her little sister’s persistence. “This is called a ‘workout video’, where you follow the instructions of the person on screen. They go through a workout that requires standing, to answer your previous question.”

“Why?” Lily questioned once again, along with annoying Tiffany again as well. Tiffany unpaused the video, hoping that ignoring her sister’s repeating “Why?”s would push her younger sister away. When it didn’t, she whipped her back around to face her.

“Because,” Tiffany snapped, “I want to lose weight!”

A weird feeling overtook Tiffany as the words escaped her lips. Her body shook for a moment, almost knocking her over. As she gathered herself again, bits and pieces of fat slowly deteriorated. Her arms became slightly slimmed, her legs and thighs slightly thinner, and her face slightly less puggy. Fat dimensioned from her chest as well, dropping her nearly a full cup size.

Weight wasn’t the only aspect of her that changed though. Her pants rolled up to above her ankles, changing into capris. On the flipside, her sweatshirt thinned slightly and acquired a zipper in the middle. The zipper was pulled down a bit to give her breasts some room to show. Her hips contracted a bit, narrowing her stance. Her nose and eyes shrunk slightly, hinting at a more youthful appearance. She shifted her attention, and her 175 pound body, towards the couch.

On the couch, Lily also experienced a slight twitch as a strange feeling overtook her. Her dangling legs stretched towards the floor, pulling her overall height four inches taller. Her dress grew in length as well, along with the new existence of a decorative belt pinching her dress at her waist. Her face lost some of its roundness as signs of baby fat dissipated. Youthful freckles began to disappear around her growing nose and eyes. Lastly, the neckline of her dress dipped slightly as a newly worn training bra materialized underneath.

“Why do you want to lose weight?” Lily questioned once again, ignoring the fact that her free flowing brown hair tried to organize itself with parted bangs. “I think you look just fine.”

Tiffany chuckled a bit at Lily’s supportive comment. “I appreciate you thinking that sis,” she replied with a warm smile. “When you get a little bit older, however, I think you’ll understand. When you’re 16 like me, and weigh as much as most of the guys, you get…criticized for it. Kids your age, at 11 or 12, don’t necessary think like that.”

“I’m not sure about that,” Lily answered slowly. “I think there’s a lot of mean kids in my class who call each other names. I guess I’ll understand more when I’m older…”

The words “that’s right” got caught in Tiffany’s throat as another wave of strange sensations overpowered her. Excess fat wringed itself off her arms and legs as they thinned even more. Tiffany could hear her stomach gurgling as it shrunk, receding inwards. She looked down to see her two large breasts dwindling to a large B cup, allowing her to finally see her feet once again. She took off her sweatshirt to reveal a yellow tanktop underneath. She felt lighter than she had in years.

A sudden twitch in her legs caused her to almost fall again. When she regained her posture, her height was now 4’ 10, roughly 4 inches shorter than she was before. The feet she had been celebrating finally being able to see waned in size as well. Her hips retracted even more, causing her capris to almost fall off, before they tightened into a kid’s size of jeans. Freckles and pimples sprouted out on her face as it and its features diminished in size. She now looked like a 13 year old at roughly 125 pounds, debating about following this exercise video or not.

During the time that Tiffany was collapsing downwards, Lily was shooting upwards. Her arms and legs stretched outwards, allowing Lily to finally touch the ground while sitting. Her 5’ 2” frame grew some muscle and even less fat. Some fat grew on her chest to bring two small bumps that peaked out into the world. They were still mostly covered by her free flowing top, which had torn itself away from the skirt that was created from the remains of her dress. Underneath her skirt, slight expansion began in her hips and rear, forcing her to adjust her sitting position. The last of her freckles exchanged themselves for pimples and blemishes on her narrowing face. Her lips puffed up and now hid the sight of her braces from the world.

“I mean, I’ve learned so much about myself in this past year alone.” Lily’s eyes widen while they kept eye contact with Tiffany. “I bet you’ll understand yourself way more when you’re in high school like me.”

Tiffany groaned at her older sister’s comment. “That’s only one year away Lily,” she replied dryly. “You’re only one year older than me. You’re not that much more experienced than I am.”

“Well, I do have more experience than you do, even if it is only one year,” Lily replied plainly. “And, as you know, I’m always here to share my advice and to guide you.”

Tiffany rolled her eyes and her sister’s words before one final wave of quivers struck her. All over her body, parts of her contracted inwards. Her feet dwindled in size, almost slipping out of her shoes, before they changed into a pair of bright pink sneakers. Her legs weaken and reduced in stature, bringing her height downwards even further, This, along with signs of maturity leaving from her hips and thighs, forced her jeans to shrink once more.

Upwards, her breasts, the signature piece of a mature women, disappeared from sight, bringing her bra along with it. The tank top she was wearing, in order gain a more youthful appearance, grew pink stripes and hearts. Her arms compressed some more, although bits of baby fat still remained. Most of her baby fat was located now upon her face, making her cheeks round and chubby. Her blonde, shoulder length hair snarled up became unorganized. She was told to brush it daily, but she didn’t listen. Even when her Lily advised her to do it.

Speaking of Lily, her body bloomed as she reached the end years of puberty. Her body maintained relatively lanky though, as her slim legs pushed her height a couple inches past the five and a half foot mark. In contrast to her thin proportions, her hips and butt grew outwards and became curvier. The fashionable pleated skirt, which sat upon her narrow waist, kept most of this covered. Her top, however, dropped off her slender shoulders to display them to the world, perched itself upon the two moderate sized breasts that had expanded from their petite proportions before.

Lily’s growing eyes glanced down at her younger sister. Tiffany was smiling, showing off the variety of adult and baby teeth in her mouth. This, in return, made Lily smile, showing off her flawless smile that she had gotten after slaving through years of braces. Her lips swelled a bit more and darken in color, due to the new brand of lipstick she was wearing. Hints of makeup spread to her eyelashes and cheeks as well. Finally, her long brown hair styled itself into a wavy pattern, something that she had been training her hair to do for years.

“And remember,” Lily advised as she reached over to the remote to turn off the TV, “if you ever feel self-conscious about how you look now, just look at me. I looked like you when I was your age.”

Tiffany gasped. “You looked like me?!” she exclaimed, looking between herself and Lily. Lily looked glorious and beautiful though, while Tiffany looked like plain and a little fat at around 80 pounds. There was no way they could have ever looked the same.

Lily smiled at her 10 year old sister’s reaction. “Yes I did,” she confirmed. “All I did was remember to take care of my body, and I looked like this in no time. It’s been 7 years since I was your age. I bet you’ll look just like me when you grow up as well. For now, however, let’s go eat some lunch. I bet you’re hungry!”

Tiffany nodded as she followed her older sister into the kitchen. Her face was beaming as she thought about looking like her older sister in some 7 years. If she maintained a healthy lifestyle, she knew that her future would be as beautiful as hers.


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