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Gamer Girl Update

EDIT: OOPSS! Looks like I forge to post out this yesterday! I just only uploaded the picture! Sorry!

Okay, so for today I bring you a shor one called the “Gamer Girl” . It is a quick change between the babysitter and the “baby”. Check it out yourself, and tell me: Do you know what happend with the guy on the other side of the phone? If your answer is yes, comment below your suggestions and I will make it! 😉



OTher great news is that all of my big project is taking steps ahead so the next few weeks will be definitely interesting! There are 3 premium project is under development and one of them is really exciting! In a short note: It will be one of my big project but it will be more alive now! 😉 Some of you may know what is it!


See you tomorrow with a new series!


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