Gallery update & some old comics

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Hello Boys & Girls!

It’s been a while again since the last post but here I am again. Life is pretty busy already and it looks like it just keep getting busier. Not that I’m complaining! But what’s going on? Well let’s see!

As many of you know there were a constant problem with the view in the Gallery and many of the older comics were still based on the old site’s version. Thanks to that most of them were unable to view or it showed the pictures in a wrong form. Well… I’m happy to say that after more than half day, I manage to fix all of them! All the galleries were updated to the new version, with cover pictures so you should be able to browse them now.
The galleries with only 2 pictures were turned into sliders! With a new and easy plugin the slider pictures were also got a final Before/After slider! Feel free to re-read all the comics and comment as much as you would like to! 🙂 I always welcome them! Also if you see any trouble with the comics, please comment under it or here to let me know! I’ll fix the mistakes.

BLZBub reported a bug, that he can’t reply to other’s comments so if you are experiencing the same problem, please report that also, so I can see if it is a user-wide problem or not!

Other things… While I redone all the comics, I had a great opportunity to re-read all my comics back from the time when I made this site… Have to say, it was an interesting experience. Seeing where I came from… even if it is years after I published my first works on DeviantArt, gave me some nostalgic feeling. All the mistakes, the errors, the glitched faces. Some of them gave me a really awkward smile since I always tried to do my best with my every tale and still… they are so… lame… Many times I just focused on the quantity over quality.
But many of them gave me the feeling that how many times I could touch something new or interesting. Those were the loved the ones what gaves me a proud feeling that, yes it was a good one. Interesting how much I developed during the years… For example:

These few pics are from my second comics I made back in 2013. I wouldn’t even dare to call this as a comic. It is more like a new thing, a plaything what I just find not even knowing what is the thing called “render”. As you could see, all these pics were made without any final modification. I just simple used the “PrintScreen” button, put it into paint and thats it. I made these for my own fun as you could see, I did everything in paint and write it in Hungarian. Full with errors, missing props, bad posing… Agh… Really just a regular guy who find something amazing.
I think I made around, 15 comics like this most of them are unfinised but it helped me to master the basics of the program.

You probably remember the very first one, the Elevator which wasn’t uploaded by this name, but were my very first comic uploaded to DeviantArt back in 2013! Damn, that was a long time ago! After that comics I don’t remember what and how followed but I mastered the basic rendering skills what established the upcoming comics final form. “The PhotoBooth”, “The Experiment” and “Are you Big Enough” were the most loved works just one year after I uploaded “Elevator”! Aaaand my very first ban from Deviantart! Many of my work from that era is gone for good, I don’t even know if they can be found anywhere on the net… But of course, there were the ones, what were never released….

After slowly, I had my very first laptop and tried to play with the new render engine called iRay. That gave a huge speedup and differences in making new comics. I still remember, that pictures what can made so easily today, how hard it was back with my old PC! Remember Birthday Party?
These two pictures was made for days! Damn! I had to made two character at a time and than cut them together to make it look like this! Whuuu! Wasn’t easy! Anyway, with that we slowly reach to the point where we are today. I hope you enjoyed this little, nostalgic trip with me.

To make it better, I’ll  release some of the older tales what were not available here on AgeArts before the next days. Go and check out the Gallery, I’ve already uploaded some in the gallery! And who knows… Maybe I’ll make some remake… some older comics of mine are really shouting for a 2019 version! 😉

See you soon!




  • Nice to hear from you again and then such good news!
    The changes in the gallery are awesome, after reading your thoughts i saw some of the first posted comics in the gallery again and you´re 100% right in saying that there are nostalgica.
    But i also found some stuff, that never has been continoued after your PC broke down (or something similar, i guess?) and your works in progress got deledet, so i don´t want to pressure you or make up any expectations, i just want to ask if a continuation of “the bet” and “witch wish” might ever have a chance of existence? If not than i totally undestand and wouldn´t bother, but i thought about it, when i ws stumbeling over them 🙂
    Anyway, thank you for the work and the time you out into this website and the comics, it is very much appreciated and i look forward to some new and old comics from you 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment! 🙂 Trying to work and give as much as I can to all of you guys, but I know you all wish to see more and more! I thought this little nostalgic post could give you guys something new.

      Yes, many comic were lost around 2017 I think, when my whole SSD died! What a shame! As for continue those comics, I don’t think so. The feedback was mixed and I mostly stopped those comics since I didn’t have the idea or mood to finish them. And since the technical what I used than I’m not using anymore, the difference would be huge. Maybe I’ll do something similiar next time! 😉 But I can tell that, there are already two short remake is goin in the background! 😛

  • Nice to see that you’re uploading old comic. I understand that maybe some of the old comic dont live up to the newer content but I think that it always nice to see the journey and progress it took to reach the present. Beside visual flaws wont affect good stories . 😀

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