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Fitness Mom

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8 year old Max woke up in the one Saturday morning as he happily hopped downstairs, expecting to be greeted by his mom and dad. But to his surprise, they were no where to be found.

“Mom? Dad?” he called out, but no response. He went into the kitchen and found a note on the fridge.

“Max, Dad and I have gone to store,
be back later”   – Mom.

This made Max kinda happy. His parents never left him alone before, they must of thought he was responsible enough to do it now.The boy made himself breakfast and went to the living room to watch Saturday Morning Cartoons.
As he sat down, he noticed his Parent’s exercise bike sitting in it’s usual spot.

His mom and dad told him to never use it, telling him he wasn’t old enough to touch it.
Max had usually obeyed them. Then again, they weren’t home.

It’s not as though he wouldn’t be able to hear the garage door open when they came home so he could get off before they noticed. And his mother was always telling him to stay healthy so that he would live for a very long time.
So what could the harm be if he tried it out?

Max got up and walked over to the bike. He hopped up onto the seat and located the on button. The machine hummed to life, letting out a small vibration that rumbled through Max’s body.
“Woah!” he said.

He looked around for a lever to raise the seat up but couldn’t find one, so he had to lean upwards to see the screen.

The word Welcome flickered onto the screen. Then “Please Select User” popped up.
And his Mom and Dad’s names appeared. Jane and Luke.

“Hmmmm, Dad works out pretty hard…I don’t want to hurt myself.” Max said. “Better use mom’s then.”
He selected his mom’s workout. All of a sudden the seat underneath him began to adjust, and so did the handles.

“Cool!” said Max. He reached and grabbed the handles tightly as another noise came from the bike. Then he leaned forward.

“Start Peddling” flashed on the screen. Max firmly planted his bare feet on the pedals. He slowly began to pedal as the number of steps appeared on a small screen. The second he did a spark came out of the bike and shocked him. Placing his body in a sort of trance state.

His pajama’s suddenly disintegrated off of his body as he started to pedal a bit more faster.
His blue eyes turned to his mother’s brown. And his whole body began to slowly bubble.

“Woooaahhh!” Max softly moaned as a pleasant feeling washed through his whole body. His privates quickly slurped up into him, rearranging into something entirely new.

Max’s peddling steadily became faster as his whole body started to grow. His arms, legs and torso steadily stretched out, making him taller. The bike adjusted to his new height, his sitting position changed as well.

Her legs moved faster as they began to pump and pulse, becoming thicker and stronger, her feet on the pedals grew bigger and smoother as her toenails became shinier. Her thighs thickened becoming stronger as they moved quicker as she sped up some more.

Small cracks could be heard from her hips as they struggled for a second before widening to child bearing proportions. Max let out a small moan as her butt slowly ballooned out on the bike seat, causing her back to arch and her position on the bike to change once again. It pushed out to a familiar heart shape.

As that change ended, a pair of soft white panties, formed onto her nether regions, followed by a pair of dark grew sweat pants that went down to her calves.

Max was really into the work out now, she felt so much stronger and confident.
Her breathing sounded different to as her voice began to change into someone else’s, the same woman who gave birth to her.

“Ah!Haaaaaa!” she softly moaned as her hands grew bigger as they gripped the handles. Her fingers grew slimmer and dainty and more womanly while her fingernails grew longer and polished.
Her arms began to throb as muscles began to grow on them all the way up to her shoulders which also broadened and widened.

She was really going now as her whole torso pulsed as it grew fuller. Her back and spine grew stronger as her core began to change. Her waist curved inwards giving her an hourglass figure.

“OOOH I feel real good!” Max said in breathes as her core began to harden. A few soft pops could be heard as a six pack developed, making her feel way better and stronger. By now her body was covered in sweat.

Her nipples tingled as they enlarged twice their size, then two small puffs pushed out from behind them. Then they began to grow, Max let out a soft moan as they did.

They jiggled as she moved while they continued to push out, growing large and firm, from A-Cup to B-Cup to C-cup to small D-Cup.

Their bouncing was contained some as a blue sports bra formed onto them tightly. Followed by a maroon workout top that covered her up. One that was very similar to her mother’s.

Max’s neck grew longer as she felt pressure in her face. She arched her head back and closed her eyes as her whole face began to bubble and contort.

Her cheek bones rose as her eyes grew bigger. Her nose grew some as all of her features grow more soft and womanly, older as well. “Uhhahh!” she grunted as her face was becoming that of her mom’s. While that was happening, her hair began to grow longer down her back, as it did so it was wrapped up into a bun, tightly behind her head.

Max relaxed her face as it’s changes finished up. She leaned forward again as her face elongated into a more adult oval shape. She let out a soft moan as her lips grew fuller.

By now her transformation into her mom had pretty much wrapped up but she still continued with her work out.

“Only a few more minutes left!” she said now in her mom’s voice as she gazed at the timer.
She went faster then she was ever able to before.
Then a few minutes later, Time!
The machine slowed down as it shut off as did Max now Maxine. A perfect twin of Jane.Maxine panted heavily as she came to a stop. She was sweating but felt amazing.
She looked down at her new body with a shock. “Oh…so that’s why they didn’t want me using it.” she said.

“I probably should of used dad’s in that case.” But she also didn’t mind this body either. Her mom was a very pretty woman and kept her body in good shape. It could of been worse.

Just then Maxine heard the garage door opening. “Oh NO!” she cried as her parents arrived.

She sighed still somewhat out of breathe. “Well, there’s no hiding this.” she said.
“Better get this over with.”

She reached over to grab a towel and dried herself off, then she got off the bike that changed her life.




  1. lostandwhatever

    I just got an exercise bike recently. After reading this, I feel somewhat cheated. The only thing it has made me is sweaty. (Thanks for the post!)

  2. I’ve other people’s exercise bike and this has never happened to me either, so I’m feeling a little cheated as well 🙂

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