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Finally Friday!

Wohooo! Weekend is here, I hope all of you had a great week so far and the weekend gonna put the Crown on it! Today, I brought you one of my old-timer work what I made back in the day to expand a great universe what was born thanks to a admirable writer: Planet ! I don’t know if any of you know her work, but if not, I reccomend you to check her blog here!


She is a very talented author who started with caption stories – and still doing some really good ones – but now she is making very complex and serious stories what she illustrate with beauiful pictures! I really reccomend her stories for those who like long AR stories and beautiful women!
So back in the day she made an amazing story what is called “The Reversion” and because of that we had a collab where I made a few picture for him. I really loved it and it was one of my first collab ever! After a few month later an idea poped up in my head and I quickly made it and sent it to her. She was happy to see my work and agreed to publish it on my DeviantArt page! So this is how “The Reversion -Radio Change”  was born! A short story in the same universe what she made. I hope the old riders will happy to see it up on AgeArts and the new comers will enjoy it!



  1. bela04

    Oh, Bela, thanks for the mention 🙂

    Just one thing, though. I’m a “she” 😛

    • bela04

      Oh, god! I was living my life in a lie! 😀 Sorry, I corrected my mistake! 😉

      • bela04

        Don’t worry! It has happened before. I guess most of the writers who are into these stuff are guys. But now you know 😛

          • bela04

            I love that we can have profile images now, by the way. The site keeps improving!

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