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Evolved Pubery: Sophie

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13 year old Sophie was coming home late tonight. She had been at the Library all afternoon studying for an upcoming test.

She was a small girl. With dirt blonde hair she kept up in a ponytail, dark green eyes and freckles all over her face. Here eyes were covered with thick round black rimmed glasses. Her body was small and skinny, her legs practically sticks.

In comparison to her older sister Jill who had become quiet attractive after puberty, she had a body Sophie felt very jealous of.
“Hopefully, it wouldn’t be much longer now.” she thought to herself.

All day long, Sophie had a minor stomach ache. She told her mother when she woke up. Mom simply told her it was probably her time soon.
That meant that puberty would began on Sophie before she knew it. The same way it had on Earth for the past 80 years.

Sophie cold see her house in the distance, by now the sky was black, her parents went to work early so they were probably already asleep.

As she continued walking down the sidewalk, her stomach ache suddenly grew more intense. Sophie hunched over and grunted as and intense wave of pressure and pain flooded her body.

“Oh no!” she cried. “It must be time…uhhg…gotta get home!” She forced herself to walk and waddle to her front door. She stumbled weakly as she got her keys out and clumsy opened the door. She shut it and leaned against it, hearing her insides rumbling.
She held on to the railing on the stairs for support as she made her way downstairs to her room, nearly falling down them.

Her breathing was getting heavier, it was just as Jill and her parents told her it would be, and that she should try to relax as it happened. Inside her body, her internal organs were changing, she felt a pain in her abdomen as her reproductive system began to come alive.

She leaned against her bedroom door as she began to sweat. Before opening it, going inside and closing it.
Sophie undid the black vest she was wearing and tossed it aside. It wouldn’t fit her anymore after tonight. She quickly shucked off the rest of her clothing and put on her pajamas. Long light blue bottoms and her mother’s blue tank top that was much to long on her.

She went over to her bathroom, flicked on the light, and went over to the sink and mirror, she tripped but caught herself against the sink. She looked at her reflection, at her childish round face. She looked closely and noticed her skin on her face was bubbling in random spots each time. She weakly touched a finger to her cheek and felt her skin moving around.

She was right, it was time. Puberty had begun on Sophie.
“I..hope…I…don’t..turn into…a freak!” she cried getting a little scared.

All of a sudden a shiver went down her spine and all the way down to her feet. She felt a great pressure in her feet. She looked down at them and saw huge bubbles on her feet. With several loud cracks they slowly began to grow larger, growing several sizes bigger, she was going to need new shoes and socks.
The pressure went to her toes. One by one they *POP!* *POP!* POPPED! Bigger to match her larger feet, her toenails followed behind growing much longer and bigger, she’d have to clip them later.

All of a sudden her legs began to wobble. She let out a brief scream as she fell over onto the ground.
“oof!” she groaned as she hit the floor. She sat up and looked at her legs. Her little twigs were pumping rapidly. She felt a tugging sensation as they began to extend, her butt moved against the floor as she grew taller, she watched her feet move further away as they pressed against the cabinet under the sink. Her pajama bottoms were shrinking on her, soon they looked more like shorts on her.  The pumping on her legs went faster as they began to grow fuller and womanly. This made her happy for Jill’s legs were some of her best features, now she had competition.

Sophie felt an itching feeling in her legs as hair began to grow, not an insane amount, but enough that she would have to learn to shave her legs from now on. That was going to suck.
She felt pressure in her thighs as with a rumbling noise, they began to become thicker, stretching her shorts out. Thankfully, they were very stretchy.

Sophie decided to make her way back to her bed, she did her best to stand up but it was rather difficult, she did however manage to make it to her bed, but stumbled and fell onto the bed as she felt a painful pressure in her hips.

She grabbed them and groaned as they cracked loudly while they widened in spurts. *CRACK!* *CRACK!* *CRACK!* Her hips widened to child bearing proportions.
Under her shorts, little yellow hairs began to grow around her crotch area, yet another thing she’d have to shave.

She felt a pressure in her butt which made her want to rollover. Her bony butt began to pulse as it began to grow, her shorts stretched out more to keep up with it. This was one of the more pleasurable feelings of her change. To her luck, it was growing larger then bother her mom’s and Jill’s. It ballooned out to a large heartshape.

Sophie rolled over again. Her lower half was now much more mature and womanly. Her whole torso began to gain a massive pressure. Her spine ached as her torso suddenly began to elongate, stretching her mother’s top out, making it fit her better. Her body moved along the bed as she grew even bigger.
While her torso stretched, her arms grew longer, stretching along the sheets while her shoulders cracked, widening and keeping the straps on her top tight.

She felt a sharp pain as her spine cracked and her back arched, giving her a more womanly curve.

She couldn’t see it, but the freckles all over her face slowly began to disappear all while the bubbling grew more intense, slowly she was losing her childish features. Her round fave was slowly beginning to oval out while her lips began to grow and her nose shrink.

All while that was going on, her arms began throbbing as they began to develop some muscle to them. Her mom was well built and that began to take true for her as well. She held her hand up to her face and watched it bubble, hearing some pops come from it as it grew, her fingers followed with each digit growing longer while each nail extended with every finger, nice and evenly.

“Huuuuh!” she gasped as she felt pressure in her stomach. Her waste trembled as it sucked in at the sides as she developed an hourglass figure. Her top practically sucked to her after that. She felt another feeling on her stomach. She couldn’t see it, but it was toning out. She heard some muffled pops as a six pack popped into place. She ran a slim finger their, indeed, it was much harder there.

Sophie felt an itch on her chest as her nipples doubled in size. She looked at them through the inside of her tank top, she saw the skin around them throb rapidly and then two buds slowly pushed out under them. They stopped for a second at small cones, slightly jiggling. And then they began to grow.

“OOOOH GOD!” she moaned in delight. This felt amazing! Fat built up in her new boobs, making them larger and larger, pushing her tank top out as more and more cleavage began to appear.
She tilted her changing head back and placed her hands on her chest, feeling her breast fill up in them.
“AAHHH! AHHH!” she moaned as they grew, nearly stretching her top to its limits. Her mother and sister were well endowed, but she had to figure they were larger then both by now, or at least as big as mom.

Slowly they slowed down, stopping at large D-Cups. These were sure to get the attention of every boy at school.

Sophie looked down at them, smiling as they heaved while she breathed.

Her hair slowly grew as the whole transformation took place. Becoming fuller and thicker, yet staying up in her ponytail.
By now, the bubbling in her face had died down, leaving behind the face not of a young girl, but of that of a young woman. A beautiful woman at that.

By now Sophie guesses her changes had died down. But then she felt the most intense feeling in her nether regions. It quickly built up more and more and then:
“AAAAHHHH!” she cried as she had her first orgasm as a woman. Her whole body shivered in pleasure.
This was very common of all teens who went through Evolved Puberty.

And then it was all over. Sophie’s Puberty was complete.
She laid on her bed for several minutes, breathing fast, recovering from her bodily changes.
As she stood up, she noticed that her glasses had fallen off when she fell over earlier. But she no longer needed them, the puberty had corrected her legal blindness. One of the benefits of puberty it would seem.

Sophie took her time standing up, getting used to her new proportions. She felt much heavier, and was much taller then before. The new assets on her chest bounced with every step, she’d need to borrow some bras form Jill until she could buy her own.

She made her way back to the bathroom. Seeing herself in the mirror nearly gave her a heart attack.
She was hot! Her worries about becoming a freak were gone. Her legs, butt, breast, body, face, were all amazing.

She touched her face, all her freckles and blemishes were gone and her bushy eyebrows were thinner, and… teeth…that’s weird…. she moved her tongue against them.
She was then distracted by her big boobs. Taking a brief moment to cup them, they were heavy!
She lifted up her top and admired her six pack, running her fingers through it. If someone punched it, their hand would break.

Her hands moved down to her ass and she gave it a quick squeeze before moving to her legs.
Needless to say, she was pleased with how she turned out.

“I’ve got to show some one!” she said in a more mature sounding voice. She grabbed her phone and took a selfie, sending it to several of her friends. Some who have already changed themselves.

“Like the new me?” she said in the text.

The change had made Sophie very tired, so she decided to get some sleep, looking forward to showing her family in the morning. And looking forward to the rest of her life as well.




  1. BLZBub

    Nice story. Thanks for putting something on the site while we’re waiting for new comics.

  2. bela04

    I just wanted to post something myself, when I noticed this! I thought this fits well here, thanks again, Bubba!

  3. this should be turned into a Comic!!

  4. Yes, well, I distinctly remember Bubba1995 having written a different Evolved Puberty story that features both male and female age progression. Not that I’m mocking this story, by the way.

  5. I like this story but is it possible to add a photo before the transformation? Thank you for taking my message into consideration

  6. Seriously, Bubba? I compliment your work on DeviantArt and you repay it by blocking me? Look, if it’s about my “attempt” to help you out with a botched deal, I’m sorry, okay?

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