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Evolved Puberty: Lucy

[vc_row][vc_column][mk_custom_box bg_color=”#ffffff” drop_shadow=”true” bg_stretch=”true”][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1549289487906{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]Lucy was escorted to the School Nurse’s office after getting dizzy and nearly fainting in class. She was feeling better once she got there but the nurse still examined her thoroughly.

“And how long have you had these symptoms?” asked the nurse.
“Uh..since I woke up this morning.” replied Lucy.

The nurse gave her an assuring smile. “Well, I have good news Lucy. You’re not dying, but you Puberty is about to begin.” she explained.

Lucy’s eyes widened. “R..really?” she said getting kinda excited yet kinda nervous.
The nurse nodded. “Yep, I’d imagine in the next few hours, you’ll be a beautiful young woman.”

“Lucy was a teen now. That meant puberty for her, and for the nearly 100 years, that meant something entirely different on Earth.

Once you hit the right age you’d go through a rapid transformation into a young adult. Close to half of Lucy’s class had gone through this puberty already, including all her friends.

There were three times in a person’s life they’d go through this.
The first was when they reached 8 years old and would gain the body of a preteen. Lucy could well remember how unpleasant that one was, she was tossing and turning all night, her body was on fire, but she pulled through it with her mother by her side.

The second was as a teenager which Lucy was about to go through.

And the final was reached somewhere between 35 and 40 , which gave you a more mature appearance. Both Lucy’s parents told her that one wasn’t too pleasant either.

Lucy’s parents picked her up early from school once they heard the news.

“Oh! I can’t believe my little baby is about to become a woman!” said Lucy’s mom. “It seems only like yesterday you became a pre teen.”

“Yeah, Time goes by fast. “Her dad said.

They were sitting in the living room with her, Lucy’s older brother Ike and older sister Beth were there as well, both of whom had quiet good pubertys.

“Wonder if she’ll get boobs like mine?” said Beth.

Lucy had yet to go through her Pre Teen change when Beth had her Puberty. One night she said good night to this short skinny cute girl, then she woke up the next morning to find her parents talking to this tall, busty hot young adult woman. Beth became instantly popular in school after that.

After her first change, Lucy became instantly jealous of her sister and hoped she’d turn out like her.

“We promise we won’t walk in on you or anything, unlike some people.” Ike commented.

He was talking about when Lucy walked in on him two years ago. Ike excused himself from the dinner table as he wasn’t feeling too good. His puberty had begun.
Lucy, not realizing this, went into his room to check on him.

She was shocked to see part of his transformation. He was on his knees on the floor with his shirt off. He was hunched over with his arms around his waist. He was taller and Lucy watched as muscles pumped onto his skinny body.

“Ahh! Go away!” he grunted at her in a changing voice, he looked to her, his face looking deformed as it was changing.

“Sorry!” Lucy cried as she shut the door and ran to her room. It freaked her out a little bit seeing that and she knew that’d be happening to her in a few hours.

“Don’t worry I’m only kidding.” said Ike. He’d forgiven her and had never really been that mad in the first place.

Lucy was partially annoyed with her brother. Her best friend had her puberty a week ago and her and Ike started dating. It was a hard thing for Lucy to get used to.

Soon dinner was ready and they all ate, Lucy’s parents advised her to eat only a little as it could upset her stomach. Beth remembered nearly throwing up during her change.

“Does it really hurt that bad?” asked Lucy.
“I’m afraid so kiddo.” said Dad. “But it’s not unbearable.”
“No, It’s as if you’ve got the flu.” said Mom.

“Some parts can feel a little pleasant.” said Beth.
“Yeah, like when I started growing in my..”began Ike. But Mom gutted him before he could finish. He let out a low groan.

After dinner, Lucy excused herself to her room, her mom giving her one more good luck hug.
“Don’t worry sweetie. You’re about to turn into a beautiful young woman, trust me.” she said. Then Lucy went to her room.

By the time dinner had ended and she made her way upstairs to her room, Lucy was feeling rather sickly, she was glad she took her families advice to not eat much.
She shut her door and sat on her bed, just going through her phone, feeling worse each passing moment.

Just then their was a knock on her door. “Come in.” she said weakly.
Beth came in and closed the door.

“How are you feeling?” Beth asked.
“Not good.” replied Lucy.

“Well, that’s to be expected.” said Beth. “Anyway’s I wanted to ask, since mom stayed with you during you last one, if you wanted me or someone to stay with you for this one.”

Lucy was about to tell her no and ask to be left alone, but she thought about it for another moment and thought it would actually be nice to have someone here to walk her through it.

“Uh..sure… okay.” Lucy said.

Beth nodded and pulled up the desk chair next to her bed.
“Wait, so chubby little Josh?” asked asked Beth.

“Yep, he’s a hunk now, puberty did him well.” replied Lucy.
“Doesn’t he have a crush on you?” asked Beth.
“Well, he did before puberty but I’m not sure now.” Lucy said weakly.

An hour passed as the sun began to set. Lucy wasn’t looking too good, she was pale and drenched in sweat. Sure enough, it felt like the flu. She was still in her pink splotch tank tip and jeans. Her jeans were stretchable so she kept them on, too weak to pull them off.  She was laying on the bed with the ceiling fan going at max speed.

“Well you ought to find out when you go back to school in a few days.” said Beth.
“Duuhh…yeah..huuuh..” Lucy nodded at her. Her breathes were becoming more labored as her inevitable change grew closer.

Beth looked at her sister up and down. She had goosebumps all over her arms, with hairs sticking up. Her finger nails looked slightly longer. It reminded her of her own Puberty.

She could notice her sister’s skin crawling, with little bubbles pushing out in very spaced out spots. Her hair looked a little longer too. But the big thing Beth noticed, were the two bumps that were pressing out on Lucy’s chest from under the tank top.

“I..I think I’m dying.” Lucy half joked.
That was when her face began to gently bubble. She clearly felt it as she reached up with one had and felt it as a shiver went down her spine.

“You’ll do just fine sis! Trust me!” said Beth reassuringly.

Lucy’s body suddenly jerked up as she groaned. Ever so steadily, she started growing. Her legs slowly grew longer out of her jeans as they quickly shrunk on her. At the same time, her torso and arms steadily grew longer as well. Her tank top seemingly shrinking on her, tightening as her shoulders steadily widened.

It wasn’t long before she looked like a stretched out version of herself. She groaned the whole time she stretched.

“Okay, that was part one.” said Beth. “Doing good so far.”
Lucy’s feet ached as they both cracked loudly, they grew larger by several sizes, followed by her toes as they each popped, growing bigger one by one along with each nail.

Lucy gained the straighten to weakly sit herself up against the head board, she wanted a better look at her changes.

She watched her legs throb as they grew fuller with a gentle pumping motion. She could hear a rumbling as her thighs slowly thickened. Her jean shorts tightened some more as some rips could be heard at the sides.

As she gripped the sheets, her hands grew, her fingers stretched along, becoming more slender and womanly as her nails grew longer. Her arms started throbbing just like her legs as they began to develop some good muscle to them.

Inside of her, her reproductive organs came to life, she’d have her first period tomorrow. Beth remembered her’s. It wasn’t a pleasant thing. As that happened, pubic hair began to form around her neither regions.

Lucy let out several grunts and moans as her whole torso thickened up next, giving her much needed mass that a healthy woman should have.
Her whole back arched and Beth could hear a cracking noise coming from her spine.

“Sorry sis, but this part kinda sucks.” warned Beth.

“Ahhhaahhoowww!” Lucy groaned, her voice sounding older. Her back twitched several times as her spine snapped, giving her a more womanly curve.

She plopped back down and looked over at Beth.
“You’re doing just fine Lucy! Just relax, it’ll be over soon.” assured her big sister.

She gave her a weak grin.
“Ahh!” she suddenly groaned as her eyes shut tight and she gritted her teeth.
All of a sudden, her face made a loud stretching *eeerrrrkkk* noise as it became a womanly oval shape. Her face pulsed and bubbled fiercely now as she deformed.

Beth watched in shock. She remembered what that felt like but had never seen what it looked like.

As her face changed, her hair had been steadily growing longer, it became fuller and fluffier as it spread across her pillow.

She had a hard time breathing for a moment as her waist struggled and pulsed, it curved it’s way into an hourglass figure.
Beth jealously watched her core tone out with abs she could only wish to have.

Lucy gripped the sheets tighter as she felt some pain in her hips. With several loud cracking noises, her hips widened in several loud cracks. *CRACK!* *CRACK!* *CRACK!* *CRACK!*

Pressure built up in her butt as it began to fill out. Her jeans were pushed to their limits as it grew, and grew. Beth’s jealousy came again as her sister’s butt grew bigger than hers.

Lucy’s collar bone popped out loudly and Beth knew there was one more major change left, unless of course she was going to be very small chested.

The two cones on her chest had grown a bit more since her changes started and her nipples had grown twice their size.

Then came a much more pleasant sensation as her breast began growing, they stretched as more breast tissue developed. Ballooning into B-cups, C-cups, then into large D-cups. Leaving behind deep cleavage as they stopped swelling.

Beth was still bigger than her, but Lucy was still quiet big in that department.

By now her facial features had fully reconstructed, the last change was she let out a small moan as her lips became fuller and kissable. Leaving behind the face of a young woman.

A few more snaps and pops here and there and her puberty seemed to be over.

Just as her mother had said, Lucy had turned into a beautiful young woman.

Her flu like symptoms died down as she passed out. Beth gave a soft smile as she tucked her not so little sis into bed and let her get some rest.

Beth woke up the next morning and went back to Lucy’s room to find her sister already awake and examine herself in the mirror. She’d taken all her clothes off and was feeling herself up.

“How do you feel?” asked Beth.
“Bigger, and prettier!” said Lucy proudly. Beth wasn’t used to hearing a more sultry womanly voice coming from her.

“Yeah, you’re defiantly going to be one of the popular girls in school now!” commented Beth.
“You show mom and dad yet?”

“Nah, I wanted to wear something good for them without making them uncomfortable, me as well.
And also, I need a bra.” Lucy replied cupping her new boobs.

“Yeah, and then some.” replied Beth. “They feel heavy don’t they?”
“Yes, but also, nice.” replied Lucy. “I guess I should of expected them to get this big with our family history.”

“Well, come on to my room and I’ll help you pick something nice to wear.” suggested Beth.
“Sure thing sis!” replied Lucy.

Her family had been right, It was a rough change but she welcomed it. She was glad to of turned out beautiful. Her confidence boosted after that day and she made even more friends than she already had.

They magic of puberty was truly something special.




  1. If you ask me, I believe that Josh going through evolved puberty should make for an interesting story.

      • OK then. I loved your Adam and Eve Drug story, you know.

  2. Remembers Asian Aging Meme . . .

    So what happens when they hit 60? :/

  3. Aw, come on, Bubba. I wasn’t trying to be actively rude that time when I pitched that story concept to you. At least I complimented your Adam and Eve drug story. If you really insist on keeping me blocked on Deviantart, I won’t try to try to change your mind.

    • bela04

      Seriously, this is getting ridiculous! This is at least the fifth time when I see your comment on “apologizing” for Bubba…. This is not a thing what you have to do here over and over again! You’ve been blocked, banned or whatever for a reason I belive. And this site is not a platform where you can harass anyone with continuously bring up the same topic.

      I’m sure Bubba is not uploading his work here to see your comment about the same topic. Please, in the future only comment if you have a constructive critic for the uploaded comics/stories! If I see a comment about another apologize or anyting like that under, any forum post or comic I’ll delete it immediately!

      This applies for this comment as well, I don’t want any reply just understand and accept what I said!

      • Acknowledged. If you must know, I never intend to be actually rude to anyone. It’s just that I’m not the most sociable person and I usually end up saying the wrong things to the wrong person, which usually results in me getting blocked in the process. I just want to take back all of those mean things I said.

        • I know, I know, I’m being punished for my impulsiveness, my insensitivity, and my inability to properly communicate the absolute truth. When am I going to learn to stop offending people by mistake?

          • Bubba1995

            You probably need to see a doctor or get some kinda help.

  4. A sincere thanks for your advice, Bubba.

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